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Tara Grinstead - Missing - Ocilla, GA 10-22-2005 By: Stephanie Almaguer

When asking the question, WHO is involved directly with Tara's disappearance, I pick up a women with traits of jealousy, bitter, narrow minded, deceit,false pride, snobbery, stupidity, interference, narrow-mindedness....She's a turned friend full of deceit and lies.
who's domineering and strict and manipulates people and situations to her own advantage.  
She's efficient and organized and is one who wants to be in control at all times.  This may be mistaken for arrogance by those who resent her domineering and interfering attitude.  She may believe that others cannot manage efficiently or effectively without her influence, supervision and direction.
I see infidelity associated with this women, however, because of the jealousy and her attitude, I believe that she's the one who was cheated on....Perhaps Tara was having an affair with a committed man and this women is whom he was committed to.
She enjoys the limelight and revels in being the center of attention.  This woman is not afraid of challenges, and has the spunk, intelligence and tenacity to compete - She refuses to lose........

There's cats/lions associated with her which means she could either have and love cats or she could be the astrological sign of Leo or Sagittarius.
This women very rarely trust anyone else to take the lead...

is all evolved in this situation?  Well, again, I see unfairness - but in business, bad debt, dissatisfaction, greed. ‘dirty deeds’, insecurity, jealousy, envy, non-recognition.  It's clear we' ve got at least a women who is very jealous, so it seems , of Tara and now it also appears that there's also some work/business connections here also....I believe that Tara felt this tension and was a bit fearful within her financial life...
In addition, we've got a relationship feeling here, again, that is very "unbalanced" However, Tara- for the most part wouldn't hear advise and preferred to remain in denial re: this situation.

The primary reasoning here is a determination to come out on top, win and succeed But at what? Well, I think our who and what, above, is pretty clear on the issues which were going on...We've got someone who's threatened by Tara not only at work or in business, but on a personal level as well, as far as relationships.

This all came to a head and there was two paths to choose from...choices to make and drastic changes to be made.....A crossroad....The need to start fresh and get rid of the old and what's not working and do what's needed to ensure a better tomorrow.   These are ego driven actions
in addition, I think Tara was very stressed and may have expressed so.  She's a bit rebellious and often trusted to easily.    She's been building a life based upon false beliefs and structures and the are not sound nor smart decisions.... It was only a matter of time before the next step in this disaster happened and the walls came crashing down to expose all the lies and deceit which was under the surface and this in itself caused much grief and anxiety among many....

This was a situation which exploded and all came tumbling down - but only one didn't make it out

might Tara be located, today? (16/7)
Although I have mixed feelings regarding this, I going to say there could of been a place where Tara was being held for sometime. like a prisoner... However, this does not indicate life.... What it does show me is this is how she was being kept briefly. Isolated and unknown.  HOWEVER, on a more negative note I've also picked up on self injury..... I don't know of the odds of this, but it must still be mentioned.....I feel like Tara had an imagine which she portrayed to the world which was very different than she really felt....In this, she felt the constraints of society’s demands, the strict requirement of these constraints, and the strict requirements of convention.  Sometimes we are so afraid to commit a wrong in society’s eyes that we commit a wrong to ourselves instead.  We are so ashamed of our shadow that we build a persona or labyrinth with to hide it.  We then find ourselves in the unhappy position of having to put more energy into the disguise than anything else.  Psychologically, we use more energy to keep secrets of which we are ashamed.

Tara had, it seems, self destructive patterns she had a hard time breaking.  She knew right from wrong and always tried being a good person and carried herself well in public, but under the surface, she struggled.

I think she may have tried getting things under control, such as her relationship and business affairs and other's didn't like her demands??  She may have even made threats and these may have jeopardized another's job, standing in the community, relationships, etc.

As far as telling where exactly I believe she can be found...I'm sorry, but I do not think there is anything left to find of Tara...I believe she is ashes, gone.  The card showing catastrophe  destruction, upheaval, in the where position leads me to believe that fire played a role.

My hopes are that maybe some of the other clues and suggestions within the post will help to narrow down who and what may have happened and lead to closure on this case for Tara and her family/friends and loved ones.

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