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Jessica Heeringa - Norton Shore, Michigan - By: Stephanie Almaguer

UPDATE- October 27, 2013: I Did this reading shortly after Jessica went missing, but didn't post publicly because there wasn't a request.   October 26th, 2013, I received the request below, therefore, this post is now being publicized. I hope it helps.   Since so much time has passed, I will revisit the case to see if I can pick up any new information ASAP.

  • 7 hours ago
    Vickie Folk
    • Stephanie, could you please give me some insight on a missing person. Her name is Jessica Heeringa. she is believe to have been kidnapped 6 months ago. The local police are no longer looking into this case.. Please help me with this to help locate her.. I believe in you and believe you might be able to give some insight on this case..
      Thank you,
      Vickie Folk

First things I picked up re: Jessica and her disappearance was a bar- south I believe....This person was at this bar drinking, alone, prior to taking Jessica.... They had to "get up their nerve" - I think they've committed sexual crimes prior to Jessica and may be driving an SUV or VAN, light in color- maybe metallic blue, but not sure.  It may be borrowed or rented?   I also feel like this person had rented a hotel off the roadway close by.  I don't know if this means he wasn't from this area or not, but probably so.  Although I can see what may have happened, it's not something I care to post at this time out of respect for Jessica's family and friends.  I do, however believe at this time she IS still alive, but unless found quickly- I regret to say it will end differently.  I do believe she was chosen randomly because she appeared to be an easy target, which means he probably drove around upon leaving the bar and spotted Jessica and watched her for a little while.....
The type of person involved has feelings of Unfairness, intolerance, injustices, legal complications, bigotry, bias, excessive severity due to what he see's as things done to he's been treated unfairly....and "what comes around goes around" meaning he's dealing out justice or 'karma' himself, but in his mind, justifiably.    The trigger for this man was probably a great loss and were looking for someone who suffers from insecurities- especially when it comes to women.
We're dealing with Fear, despair, worry, hidden enemies, danger, deception, darkness, errors, mistakes, instabilities, inconsistency, silence, helplessness.

He has a coldness, and a destructive streak impeding relationships.  He's suffered rejection by women his entire life and he feels as though this is a long time coming- as if he's above another and has the authority to dish out karma to all women because they're teases in his mind.... I know I said Jessica was chosen randomly, but I also feel a hint of her rejection to this person....?  If he's a stranger to him, then i wonder if she was out at this bar I see at any point, recently and this man perhaps came on to her and she rejected him???  Something maybe for other's to think about who have personal knowledge or connections to this case or Jessica......

This man was in his 30's, and despite appearances, is a strong and capable man. I think and suffer's from several mental disorder's also... That being said, he's extremely smart.  For him, this is 'truth and justice'and in his warped thoughts, probably feels as this is a service to mankind.... The more I think about what may have happened, the more I'm feeling as though something happened between these two on a level which was personal to the abductor but not to Jessica....This man has dealt with morbid fantasies and has now found his self in utter despair....And this abduction and what followed was something thought about, but not carried out previously due to fear of not being able to follow through...until now, and was carried out with an extreme determination and will.
Was Jessica in any way or form involved in the Occult? Witchcraft?  Just a thought I had.....and could be how she met this person, but not sure?  Either way, this person suffered a break down and Jessica's abduction followed.
It's possible he was even seeing a psychiatrist.  
This was carried out through much contemplation as to how and done with patience and moderation, un-rushed, which could indicate locating her may be difficult....a lot of pre-planning, whether she was known to him personally or not...It's as if the completion of this act would bring about peace and perfect balance into his life....a healing process.....Sick, I know.....

I was trying to see WHY this happened to Jessica, specifically, and couldn't focus clearly in mind to make out what I was picking up on...So, decided to pull a Tarot card to gain some insight....I'm going to give you ALL possible meanings of this card and let those who know Jessica see if this makes any sense, because the card that appeared is very contradicting and personal, I believe, to Jessica????So, in regards to WHY, I pulled the Ten of Pentacles which deals with material things and emotions such as: Gain, riches, family matters, home, hearth, distribution of wealth, security, truth, responsibility, spiritual wisdom, domestic, love, home, inner-knowing, contentment, solid foundations, stability, prosperity, attainment, security, accomplishment, recognition.

NUMBERS: 10/1  78/15/6
15th to the 21st of September

The Ten of Pentacles indicates the result of all forces – both positive and negative, and tells of an old cycle coming to completion and a new cycle about to begin.  It also tells of transition and individuality with purpose.

The Ten of Pentacles relates to the number 78 / 15 / 6 , which is the number of ‘Spiritual Wisdom’, truth, responsibility, love, home, family and deep inner-knowing.  The number 78 /15 / 6 carries with it great wisdom from the past, and denotes someone who is wise beyond their years.
The 10 of Pentacles is the number 10/1  -  1’s in a reading indicates change and new beginnings.
The 10 of Pentacles tells of family support in both the emotional and financial realms.  Everyone is set to benefit if everyone involved plays an equal role of give and take.

Financial benefits and prosperity are indicated by the 10 of Pentacles, be it in the form of an inheritance or a sharing of family assets and business success.

The Ten of Pentacles suggests a family business which thrives and ensures that the family fortune or investments remain intact for future generations.

The 10 of Pentacles tells of all-round improvement in your life.  You are asked to recognize your talents and abilities as they will lead you to promotion and ultimately, financial gain.
The Ten of Pentacles signifies a time of comfort, security and material abundance and prosperity.  There is contentment in the achievement of something solid and permanent which can be handed down through future generations.

The X of Pentacles is suggestive of the family blessing which can be passed down through generations.

The Ten of Pentacles has connections with buying and acquiring property, which can be seen as the acquisition of solid foundations for the future.

The X of Pentacles indicates a gain and stabilization of finances.  It may also be alluding to a possible inheritance or monetary gift from family.  There are no financial concerns at this time.

The 10 of Pentacles may be referring to the attainment and/or recognition of a career advancement or promotion.  It may also be referring to a social-standing within a community or group/club.

The Ten of Pentacles appearing in a reading suggests that you may need to be involved in family and domestic situations, as you may be taking too much for granted at this time.

There is a focus on family matters when the 10 of Pentacles appears in a reading.  You will find that your home environment is the most powerful influence in your life at this time.  It may be that another member of your family is having a difficult time financially, and you may be in a position to assist. You now have the opportunity to repay your family for all their support and love.  You will be able to show your gratitude by showing your rewards and wealth.

The 10 of Pentacles, when it appears upright in a reading, tells of finances beginning to establish and grow, and prosperous times ahead.  It may also be telling of an advancement or promotion due to recognition of your talents and skills.

The X of Pentacles gives the feeling of prosperity, attainment, security, accomplishment and recognition.  It tells of prosperous business transactions, sound financial choices and the attainment of material gains.

The 10 of Pentacles tells of a period of ongoing contentment and security, and a sense that something permanent has been established (such as prosperity) which can be handed down or on to others. This may be in the form of a large win or inheritance.




Earth Spirit




Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn



The suit of Pentacles corresponds to the Earth elements, worldly affairs, business issues finances and the ‘material’ world.

Pentacles indicate a level of spirituality and wisdom and knowledge of the metaphysical realm.
In the playing card deck, Pentacles are represented by the suit of Diamonds.

Pentacles represent the months December, January and February in the Northern Hemisphere  -  and June, July and August in the Southern Hemisphere.

The herbs associated with the suit of Pentacles are those to do with the process of nourishment, digestion, assimilation and elimination.  These are associated with the Earth elements of Body and Mind.

A profusion of Pentacles in a spread generally indicates situations and issues to do with the financial aspects of life.

Pentacles are associated with the realization of goals, material well-being and rewards for hard work.

Pentacles indicate a prosperous time to come.

I guess my next question would be would anyone benefit from the death of Jessica?  Financially?  If not, this card could be telling that until this person completed this unfulfilled desire and injustice which he's faced repeatedly, he can't have a happy home life, hence behind the why???  As if everything will fall into place once this is carefully completed and carried out.....Not sure....

EVEN more-so, Jessica seems to be a test to me?  Like, if he can do what his desires are to her, fulfilling his morbid fantasies and simply being able to complete, successfully this "test"- He can then move on to his ultimate goal, which refers to the Ten of Pentacles.... Just a suggestion.... Wondering who, if anyone's wife may have gone missing or found murdered since Jessica's disappearance? maybe no one, but it's worth noting... I will see if I can find anything in that direction...

FINALLY- when trying to pick on a "where", I feel this place is very personal and may even involve a place of work?  But it's a new job or business with hopes of great achievements here and new it's a bit symbolic in this act representing not only their own personal healing and satisfaction but new beginning all around....A place of satisfaction and stability....material type achievements......Not sure why, but hear magnetic energy? odd....

I'm going to tr focusing in on Jessica's surroundings / environment.... This is the hardest part of m task....So many things represent so many areas and narrowing down this area is a task....

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