Monday, September 30, 2013

UPDATE 9-30-2013 Katherine Phillips BABY KATE

I've been asked repeatedly to please revisit Baby Kate's case to see if I can get any further insight...SEE HER CASE INFO HERE

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Is the Blond/Blue eyed child from Greece a Possible new clue into finding Baby Lisa Irwin? - By Stephanie Almaguer

I've posted some updated information and thought's into a possible location and clue into what may have happened to Baby Lisa Irwin on October 4, 2011  


Most Recently, it's been shown all over the news that the little girl discovered in Greece could possibly be the missing child, Lisa Irwin.   I do admit there are some similarities in the two.  Nothing would be better than for this to be baby Lisa... Earlier reports stated the little girl, known as Maria, was about 4 years old.  However, more recent reports indicate medical test and DNA have her to be between the age of 5 - 6.
Lisa would still only be 2, turning 3 in December....That's a big difference   :(     Here's the article

I don't think it's any big surprise to anyone that DNA test have revealed "Maria" isn't Baby Lisa...

GUILTY parent's or parent's with something to hide jump all over things like this....EVEN when it's unrealistic to suggest that a child who's approx 3 years older than what their child would be, they still proclaim hope it's their child and it's not only ridiculous, but it's such a disgrace to their missing child.

I did a search and here's what I found in the NCMEC International site...All of which the parent's could have claimed Maria possibly be their missing child....Yet, the ones who cried out, are the ones who Maria couldn't possibly of been a fit for.    Another pair crying wolf in Re: to Maria's possible connection to their daughter are the parent's of missing Poland child, Maddeline McCann.   If Maddie is alive today, she'll be approx. 9 years old!   Do the parent's have any idea how much more cold hearted and out right manipulative they appear everyday to the World who truly desires peace and resolution to their child's disappearance?     The guilty dog barks the loudest  

I've one thing to say to Deborah Bradley and crew.....The truth reveals itself in time, always.  And when it does, and it will, the ramifications will be 1000 times worse than had you of come clean to begin with.  People are willing to one day see past mistakes and accident's, even if you were drunk, when you do the right thing and honor your baby with dignity instead of continuing to protect yourself and even attempt to seek sympathy and donations for those who've blindly believed and trusted you.   When the truth comes to light, you will be persecuted because you simply cared more about yourself than you did your baby.   justice will seek and eye for an eye and properly so.   You've had chance after chance to come clean , and there's still time.   I hope Lisa Renee Irwin's memory haunts you until the day she receives "her day".    You deserve nothing less.   
The difference between you and me and other parent's who love their children more than life, is even if I made a horrible judgment call which caused the death of one of my children, I would be so devastated that life wouldn't even matter to me..... Yes, I have other children and would have to still be their mom.... But if I were hiding my deceased child's body in order to avoid prosecution, what kind of mom would I be?    I would never be at ease or peace knowing that my child was alone, out in the cold, where I (or someone else who helped me) dumped her.   I'd rather have her properly buried, take my punishment, and pray that in time my kids and family forgave me.  By doing this, it's the only chance I'd have to receive any forgiveness    Any other choice would only instill more hate and angry from my loved ones once the truth finally did come out.   I've been called some horrible names due to the entire psychic thing and missing children and I know why I do this and my true intent; which is to only help these kids.... And then I look at some of these parent's and it makes all the name calling and hate I get worth it...because whether I lead to one of these children or not isn't the issue- It's simply that I care and try....Much more than their own parent's , in most cases can say.    Shame on you all - and you all know who you are I speak of.


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