Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jessica Ridgeway Missing- Found Deceased By: Stephanie Almaguer

This is a sad ending to young girls disappearance.....I'm not even going to put on my blog what happened....But if you are not familiar with her story, You can click on her picture to read a story by "Gather"

I'm trying now to provide some clues / information, upon request- in re: to WHO did this horrible crime.

Below are words which describe the type of person associated with this.....

running away
shirking responsibility
sneaking off
avoiding obligations
being afraid to face the music
taking the easy way out   (suicide)?
hiding from the truth
lone wolf
feeling you don't need anyone else
wanting independence
(this person acted alone)
keeping something to yourself
preferring solitude
staying aloof
wanting to go it alone
holding people at arm's length
hidden dishonor
covering your tracks
maneuvering behind the scenes
being two-faced  (people may think this person is odd enough, but never a child killer)
seeing others take the rap
controlling without appearing to
avoiding a shameful secret
lying or stealing

This person is very immature....I see short strawberry blondish to reddish-brown hair....
He's fully aware of what he does and knows right from wrong- so there's no mental incapacity here.  He's very impulsive and was not planning to take Jessica that day.  This person has probably never been married- Like I said, very immature and possibly even young to boot- No control and has low self esteem.   He's smarter than he's given credit - He just doesn't have a lot of ambition. Probably lives with or near his mother, grandmother, or another older women.   They blame the world for their mistakes or "bad life" and thinks of himself as the victim........I bet he's been caught stealing - THEY MAY HAVE EVEN HAVE BEEN JUST FIRED (IF THEY WORK) OR CAUGHT FOR SUCH ACTS.......Or at least being watched as being suspect to such acts.
This person doesn't, however, feel remorseful....I don't feel this anyway.


SOMETHING.....Something happened in which caused this person to be judged poorly...this judgment set him off.....someone.....Something changed and this person was not happy about it.....IT'S POSSIBLE, THIS PERSON EVEN QUIT THEIR JOB / SCHOOL? SPONTANEOUSLY- THINKING THEY WERE BEING JUDGED, ETC....And he appeared to being very irrational re: his stability...Almost like someone who isn't happy unless there are problems - so they create them...........I also feel a hint of revenge on his part.  It doesn't have to be that Jessica was his true revenge, just represented his revenge - a way to release his revenge......
As odd as this sounds, I keep getting that Jessica represented some kind of "answer" this person was seeking.  I don't know how that fit's....yet....unless it was one way he created a "problem".....his own sick excitement?  However, I feel as though killing her didn't quiet fulfill the excitement or satisfaction he was after, which could be why she was dismembered?   But, I don't quiet know yet....In addition, this person actually found himself bored.....He actually finds ways to sabotage himself.

I see this person in a place with a women who he views as a negative, critical person.  This is probably where he lives.  She's dark headed/eyed.  I do believe he took Jessica to this place for sometime- or some point in time.  Evidence/clues of her can be found in his home.  This women is thought to be:   

A negative woman born under an Air sign...Aquarius, Gemini or Libra. Sorrow for the sake of sorrow. Makes bad/wrong choices as a reply to adverse circumstances. A deceitful, sly, intolerant and narrow minded woman, expert in the use of half truths and quiet slander. A formidable enemy due to her subtlety and sharp intellect.      Weak, dull witted, doesn't get it, dishonest, speaks poorly, bitter, malicious, unscrupulous, intolerant, unreliable, devious, gossip, narrow-minded, short sighted, unreasoning, can't face the truth, no respect for rules, ruthless, without pity, frigid, sarcastic, bitchy, bigoted, petty.

Back to the person who took Jessica, IMO he was satisfying a sickening need within - and did this even beyond his own "fantasy" - He's satisfied for now- But he will desire this type of satisfaction again - unless he's caught first....He's attempted attakcs before-   But I do not believe it will be anytime soon.....??  In addition, the heinous nature of the crime suggest to me that this was a long time coming and he just didn't know when to stop.....OR the initial kill wasn't all he's expected so he went "further". He's never done anything like this before and it wasn't the killing which he was seeking as much as it was the rape - more specifically, his desire for sex with young girl(s) - hIt wasn't until he snatched her that he decided he'd kill her first....I believe...?I'm not sure how graphic to be in what I see...She was strangled...I guess that's as far as I will go.  
He will be paying attention to the progress of the investigation, secretly-alone- and avoiding it all together if anyone else is around- As if he doesn't even have a clue what has happened.
I would look at anyone who was recently caught for stealing - or up and quit their job/school recently & hidden from society right now.....acting more odd than usual....Could have sold car and is driving something different....Got a hair cut - grew / shaved mustache.........Because of this persons immaturity/and/or age, they'll "talk" I believe and this will be how they may get caught.. And especially anyone fitting these descriptions who may have been described recently as attempting rape or an abduction......Several unsuccessful attempts could have lead to the out of control way he ..........
And last....I'm picking up that the location Jessica's body was found has significant / personal meaning for this person.....Could be the place of his last victim, or somewhere emotional for him.  I  honestly do not think he's killed before, although a profiler would more than likely suggest he's an experienced killer consider the nature of his crime.... this would seem logical....However, this is where the illogical / psychic mind comes in and says he was more out of control or simply pushing the envelope for sick satisfaction, rather than experienced in murdering humans.  He could be an experienced hunter hence his knowledge or ability to cut one in parts?  He's in his early 20's (or close)..........Lot's of anger in this person.  
Whether this man lives or lived near where Jessica's body was located or not, Idk..but the area has meaning......Oak Hill in particular, it seems.....?  But he's familiar with the area & has seen Jesicca, more than likely before- walking alone...sat....watched.....creepy..... I feel the name Reed? I aso here city names, like Dallas, Austin, etc....either where he's from, originally or could, I guess be an actual name?- again, Reddish / blond/brown (auburn?) hair- white.....male, scruffy- seems short?  Family criminal history....broken family....twisted mind.....but not "mental" - rather psychopathic- thrill kill/seek.  He lives near by, too

For now, that's what I've got.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

LISA IRWIN - Baby Lisa UPDATE 9/19/2012 By: Stephanie Almaguer

I began this journey October 4, 2011 - Here we are, One Year later, as we are seeing more and more - And Lisa Renee Irwin is still missing.  "I'm still looking for you baby Lisa" (Blog updated 10/4/2012)
CLICK HERE to see update.....

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