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Adam Lanza- "The Enemy Within" By: Stephanie Almaguer

When I hear of this horror which occurred in Newton, Connecticut, it literally makes me sick.  20 yr old, Adam Lanza obviously had issues- What I'm trying to understand....."wrap my mind around" is this:  He killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, in her home, where he too lived.  BUT- WHY did he then feel the need to storm off in his deceased mothers vehicle and into Sandy Hook Elementary at approximately 9:30 am, where his mother was reported to only may have worked as a substitute teacher, and open fire in a Kindergarten classroom, after first stopping in at the front office and killing the Principal...?
Approximately 28 families lost a child/loved one because Adam had 'issues'.  Had he of not been a coward to boot, we might have some immediate insight into the complete destruction & ruin of lives and families he brought about- However, after he slain his own mother & then coldly took the lives of the innocent, he took the easy way out himself - Apparently, the last report I heard before posting this were stating that Adam's girlfriend is now missing?   If she's found, perhaps more answers will be brought to light...IF the reports are accurate.   In the same report, it stated Police mistaking arrested Adam's brother, Ryan Lanza for the massacre....possibly something along the lines of Adam having his brothers ID on him?  I'm sure they were given much more insight into the circumstances that unfolded- but are withholding that information for now....So we're left to wait and wonder....where did Adam get the guns?  And most of all- WHY?  I'm not that patient- 

As a parent who has children in school, this is absolutely terrifying. As an Officer (ex) for the ISD, this is one of many "episodes" we train for, but never expect to happen.  As a "Psychic" I must attempt to find some understanding-  Which is what the reading below is attempting to help me do.........AND THEN IT HIT ME-  I'm no different than any of you.....

As humans- whether your rich, poor- kind or greedy- when unexplained, senseless events transpire where a individual(s) take aim within a school ~ or any public facility for that matter ~ and begin taking away innocent lives, we want answers and feel an immediate need to place blame.  THERE IS NO LAW THAT COULD EVER BE PUT INTO PLACE TO STOP ACTIONS LIKE Adam Lanza's, Jacob Tyler Roberts, or  Seung-Hui Cho.    So long as we tolerate and allow other's to bully another, this will continue.  Bullying?  Yes....And it's worse than ever.   Oh, and it's not just kids.  Where do you think the bullying kids have picked up their behavior?   

Our children have become so materialistic, opinionated and downright disrespectful.  No one is free to be them self without ridicule from someone.  The schools also participate in this behavior.  YES, they do.  I worked there as an Officer & saw teacher's and even principals profile students based solely on their appearance & treat them differently than they did the student who appeared wealthy or "popular".  It's hard enough to not be picked on by the bullying kids, much less the adults.   I think a very good start would be tougher penalties on those who bully- You may think your school has a great "no bully" tolerance program in place, but until you see it first hand or have a child who's bullied, you will ever know.    

For example, even my own daughter suffer's this everyday.  I've went to the school repeatedly re: students who were bullying my daughter.  The principal talked to the bully's, once- and has never done anything further.  It's gotten to where my daughter simply begs not to go to school....goes to the nurse sick.....and the school still has done nothing further.  I've tried going to the parent's, but unfortunately they're just as big of a bully.  Imagine that.   You see, bullying isn't just limited to physical attacks.  It's more of the non-stop whisper's behind someone's back, the name calling, laughing, and having no friends...becoming isolated and un-trusting of everyone.    

Generally (sadly) these  picked on, "damaged" kids, grow into adults who manage to lead fairly normal, productive lives....some become adult bully's themselves, and some tragically end up masking the pain they still carry with drugs and alcohol.  More and more, we're hearing about those who are committing suicide because of the intense bullying.   Then, rarely we have those who become so consumed with how they are or were treated, they simply can't let go of the negative feelings experienced....They fail to develop into an adult who can live independently and usually live with their parent's well into their adulthood.  Their overwhelming self loathing eventually turns outwardly, (usually due to another "blow" of some kind) and they become hell bent on revenge...of some kind.  Normally we will hear of this in the form of parent's being killed, or one or two individuals.....And then there's the mass revenge.  Those who commit this are more than likely suffering from severe mental disorder's, which were amplified as a result of their ongoing, life long struggle to just fit in, somewhere....To be important, noticed..."normal".   THAT'S WHO DOES THESE TYPE OF CRIMES.    Not psychopaths...Psychopaths usually don't need a reason to commit a crime of a heinous nature, and will do so in private- they're more fantasy driven, I believe.

Additionally, school has become so competitive  I don't get it.  It's as if we're trying to grow super genius kids.  My grandparent's learned how to read, write, and do arithmetic  and live wonderful lives.   Today, I can't even help my children with their math homework because I do not understand even the basics!  And the mandatory, must pass TAKS /STARR testing?  The pressure and stress these kids endure is sometimes overwhelming   School should be the basics again.....  Get back to simplicity and leave the Physics, Chemistry, and the like to those who decide to pursue that type of education, IN COLLEGE-  I promise, it will not make anyone's life less satisfying or important if they don't struggle through ALG 2 - than if  they did.   Life made Simple....

This makes me incredibly sad and on guard.  For, I know as sure as I know my daughter is going to beg me in the morning to stay home from school, this Newtown tragedy will happen again.    Until adults (parent's) raise children with a conscious, who are loving and accepting, this will continue.  Until the school takes responsibility for the bullying on their campus, this will continue.  Until people realize that everyone is different, has opinions and/or beliefs that may be different than their own, but that it's "ok", this will continue.  Until society as a whole learns that they don't have to always be right or the winner, this will continue.     Until then, the innocent will pay  for all of our karmic deeds.   It doesn't mean anyone deserves to be the victim of anthers revenge, period.... But the real issue is, why does anyone feel the need to obtain such revenge?    Until humanity learns this- humanity will endure this type of tragedy. 

You want someone, the government step in?  Take charge?  Then, I say- mandate hours that internet services will be available.....since parent's can't control their children's online usage 24/7, just put into place hours it's "available"......Quit making phones smarter than people.....And this is just a start.

(PS)  Right before I was gong to hit the "Publish" button to post this story, both of my daughters entered the room and said, "Mom, we have an idea....since this is the 1st yr. that we're not in the same school together, maybe you could just home-school us for the rest of this year, and we can return to public school next year when we'll be in the same school together, again- And at least we'll have each other to have the other's back"   All I could do was look at them both and cry.

(sigh)  Well, below is the reading- Please know, I have such empathy for all of the victim in Newtown-

WHO was responsible - Adam Lanza's "enemy"? was the enemy.  He struggled in his own mind much of his life- so it seems with the 10 of Swords....  He had the mentality of "Adam Vs. the World" And couldn't "think" of any other solutions than what he did.  It's a You can't get me....I will get you first....My best guess here is that Adam was a ticking time bomb...Still, who exactly was he out to get??  , , , , ,

WHAT was Adam's reasoning?
It seem's that in his twisted thinking, he was eliminating, all in and "within"  his life which no longer served a purpose, to him.....Sacrificing for the greater good say's the Hangman.....Almost as if, he felt he no longer had purpose and by eliminating his mother, he was sparing her further grief- and even himself ...which she would obviously face had she of been spared and of experienced his latter "sacrifices" which in his mind, perhaps, no longer served a purpose for his mother, and then ultimately, his own life- seen by him as a self-sacrifice.....?  (He sacrificed his mom to put her out of her own hidden misery?)  In addition, feeling out of control most of his life, this is one time he felt ultimate control....this was not by any means spur of the moment, but rather very methodically planned and rehearsed.    One thought, going with "sacrifice" - Is, perhaps the children were used as a sacrifice for someone else.  Perhaps Adam himself had no real connection with the school as much as whoever his intent was toward....Does that make sense?

There was much impatience, self doubt and recklessness- immaturity, frustration, irritation, feelings of needing to be in control- enforceable, and 'simulated enjoyment', coupled with a complete loss of will power at this point....Very much alone and socially unstable.  Ability to "mask" the intensity within his mind-  All of this is in response to a preoccupation with a "previous event or situation"  So- Did something happen which involved Adam directly at the school?  What that is, only he knows...But something within the school itself, which could have or may not have involved his mom, effected him and this was just another step in his plan?   I don't think so-  I see that Adam felt that in order to finally succeed in life - "win" - there would have to be some losers.   I think Adam had a beef with his mom for years- blamed her for something- Don't be surprised if it becomes apparent that she was at the least, mentally abusive = non caring = mental instability herself, but functioning....She was just a starting point.    Adam had a complete lack of logical reasoning and probably at this point, felt as though his action were rational. He didn't have a job, or lost a job...Did he apply for work at the school and rejected?  I don't know    But whatever it was, the was resentment he couldn't get past and I believe that the classroom of 1st grader's, he "chose to enter was not random either....but had meaning behind it for Adam-whether this resentment was tied to his mother as well, I don't know.  I believe that he also had an identity disorder....Such as maybe schizophrenia   Perhaps Adam couldn't handle the multiple factor's life dished out, nor was Adam strong enough to carry out anything "viable" to a solution....but his brother, Ryan could- hence explaining why Adam had his brother's ID on him?  He had to be someone else, who he saw as a stronger person, to get through his ordeal.....?   What if the girlfriend has something to do with his brother, Ryan? And perhaps the school in someway is connected in this way?  I don't know..... I wish the cards were more direct....But they do lend some possibilities....

WHEN did this plan...thoughts enter and become plan in Adams mind? 

Here, we see a time period when someone is seeking compromises but not following through....This is a situation which has ran it's course and compromise and reconciliation is not a viable option any longer.  Just one more thing out of the control of Adam. This only leads Adam into more irrational thoughts and out of control emotions....his thoughts are leaning more and more towards revenge and how can he gain some kind of control.  He seems to have always dealt with un-trusting / savory people and got what he should have expected...cheated.  In addition, he was more than likely dealing and / or caught his girlfriend cheating on him....and this was the final act of betrayal and when someone who's mentally unstable finally reaches this's like the point of no return....Plans began being developed and they were to destroy and show everyone who's cheated him, rejected him , looked down on him to see his face one last time a the one who finally had control and to see them beg Adam.  There really was no longer rational thought involved...only illusions with out any true intelligence...Instant gratification.  I do believe perhaps the "ultimate betrayal" was the point for Adam in which this entire thing was set into motion....

WHERE or WHAT about the girlfriend?....Is she missing, hiding, or worse?
Feelings of jealousy, deceit, a turned/two faced friend, interference, other's thinking they're above him and narrow-mindedness all played roles here....and these feelings seemed to stem from a women.....
This women was a strict, manipulative liar -  domineering- using people to her own advantage.  She has very little patience with anyone who appears weaker than herself and is a control freak....At some point, .Adam came to resent her and every thing she represented to him. ..... For a moment, my mind went straight to Adam's mother- His girlfriend began to resemble his mother?.....Again, I believe this was a cheating women....I think she's just "out of site right now" & will surface eventually.  She will claim fear and abuse from Adam, but I do not think this is the case.   However,,,,,if truly missing.....perhaps the infidelity I spoke of was the straw that broke the camels back??  Perhaps the children somehow were the sacrifice for the girlfriend and missing "friend"....If this is even true.  But, still- there must be a connection to someone involved here, to those children / teacher?   So. so sad and senseless.....

How did he come to this as his only option / resolution?  Again, we have the past as a means to how he got to where he did today.....Basically, all I see repeatedly within the mind set of Adam Lanza is "victim" from the past- He  was not stable enough to live productively nor did he have the support system needed for someone who's mentally ill, leading him to associate with t hose who were shady and would take advantage of him at every chance.  I'm by no means suggesting his mother is at fault..... I'm sure she dealt the very best way she could- But in the heat of her daily battle, she lashed out in word to Adam, which Adam saw as more put downs / rejections.....He felt he couldn't be seen as an equal with anyone.  He needed help, beyond the capability of his mother- No excuse for his behavior, but it's just another case of those who see loved ones sick, mental and suffering and just turn a blind eye - OR believe they can handle their own child.  It's possible he may have had a physical illness also, but not sure.  Basically I think multiple factors built and built within Adam.  Adam had no social or coping skills and this was the unfortunate, sad and for Adam, logical solution he devised, in advance.  
I could be way off??.....Just trying to read the cards  and find anything.....anything that can not justify his actions, but explain to me why?   He was not seen or diagnosed properly, I don't believe or not taking medication properly?.... I truly believe that he got the guns  from his own home.  I believe he was very sick and never treated properly.  I believe he was put down often and used by many.  I do not justify his actions, period.  This is a horrible tragedy brought on by responsible adults who, IMO ignored the illness of one he needed help. If I'm wrong, then I will admit so....Time will surely reveal what really took place and why.  To the victims, it will provide no comfort- but hopefully it will prompt other's to get help for their friends, children, brother, sister, etc.. when the signs are present.  But, I don't know... My heart aches for all who lost out on this tragic day.  

Click video below to see Obama's heartfelt response to this tragedy.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

MISSING- Amber Skye Mickelson from Bedford, TX By: Stephanie Almaguer

This young girl is missing & was asked by A FB friend on my missing FB page who shared her info/photo with me.  She went missing just about 45 mins from my home.....& I was just asked to see if I could "get" or "pick up" anything on her.....I believe this young girl is ok and was NOT kidnapped.  I do believe she'll be home very soon & that she left because of issues at home.  There may be a boy involved and other issue's.  I pray I'm correct and she returns home safely, very soon.   If anyone hears any updates, please update this posting.  Thank you-

Friday, November 9, 2012

MISSING: Tony McGinnis - Anderson,SC By: Stephanie Almaguer

Lamar McGinnis
An Anderson County man has not been seen by his family in months and the family is working with the Anderson County Sheriff's Office to locate him.
Tony Lamar McGinnis, 53, was reported missing by a family member who said after the family had not been heard from him since mid-summer.
Sheriff's deputies spoke with McGinnis most recently in early September, which is the last time anyone is known to have talked with McGinnis, said Chad McBride, spokesman for the Anderson County Sheriff's Office.
Family members said McGinnis did not have a steady address but had stayed regularly on Hicks Drive in Starr.
McBride said investigators believe he moved between several locations and they are checking with possible friends and associates.
Investigators are asking anyone who may have information about McGinnis or his whereabouts to call the Anderson County Sheriff's Office at 864-260-4400 or leave an anonymous tip with Anderson Area Crimestoppers at or 1-888-CRIMESC (274-6372).

Immediately I picked up this man, unfortunately, is no longer with us- He has "been killed" - I believe.  Sorry- No other way to say it.  I'm not going to put all the details of what I "see" here, other than I believe it's been near a month +/-.......(mid Sept?)...And there was a lot of "force" - particularly to his head area.   Start by looking at where he lived / stayed- as in "who".  I keep hearing "young"  So, perhaps his killer was much younger than he was....not sure.  I see a secluded wood area not too far from place he stayed - I'm getting about 15-20 miles north...(I know, I know...."missing people are generally within 5 miles of their last location)  But, that's what I'm getting....But then I also see a bridge of sorts with water under/around it???   This is not far from the house the killer lives in!-   This involves drugs, paranoia, cheating/ back-stabbing and "thrill" killing, I think....OMG- I just picked up.....there are two- I don't know if this means 2 killers or two dead....but I see a women who looks much younger than the missing man....and I feel like she's also a victim here...OMG- I'm sorry- I don't know her name.... blondish/brown hair? maybe color?  White women....same thing, drugs involved- Is any women missing from the area also?   The killer's house is the connection between the victims I see.... Like, they've both been to this particular  house....It's almost as if they were "chosen"??  I don't know....Just saying what I get....If I pick up on anything more, I will post...... :(  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jessica Ridgeway Missing- Found Deceased By: Stephanie Almaguer

This is a sad ending to young girls disappearance.....I'm not even going to put on my blog what happened....But if you are not familiar with her story, You can click on her picture to read a story by "Gather"

I'm trying now to provide some clues / information, upon request- in re: to WHO did this horrible crime.

Below are words which describe the type of person associated with this.....

running away
shirking responsibility
sneaking off
avoiding obligations
being afraid to face the music
taking the easy way out   (suicide)?
hiding from the truth
lone wolf
feeling you don't need anyone else
wanting independence
(this person acted alone)
keeping something to yourself
preferring solitude
staying aloof
wanting to go it alone
holding people at arm's length
hidden dishonor
covering your tracks
maneuvering behind the scenes
being two-faced  (people may think this person is odd enough, but never a child killer)
seeing others take the rap
controlling without appearing to
avoiding a shameful secret
lying or stealing

This person is very immature....I see short strawberry blondish to reddish-brown hair....
He's fully aware of what he does and knows right from wrong- so there's no mental incapacity here.  He's very impulsive and was not planning to take Jessica that day.  This person has probably never been married- Like I said, very immature and possibly even young to boot- No control and has low self esteem.   He's smarter than he's given credit - He just doesn't have a lot of ambition. Probably lives with or near his mother, grandmother, or another older women.   They blame the world for their mistakes or "bad life" and thinks of himself as the victim........I bet he's been caught stealing - THEY MAY HAVE EVEN HAVE BEEN JUST FIRED (IF THEY WORK) OR CAUGHT FOR SUCH ACTS.......Or at least being watched as being suspect to such acts.
This person doesn't, however, feel remorseful....I don't feel this anyway.


SOMETHING.....Something happened in which caused this person to be judged poorly...this judgment set him off.....someone.....Something changed and this person was not happy about it.....IT'S POSSIBLE, THIS PERSON EVEN QUIT THEIR JOB / SCHOOL? SPONTANEOUSLY- THINKING THEY WERE BEING JUDGED, ETC....And he appeared to being very irrational re: his stability...Almost like someone who isn't happy unless there are problems - so they create them...........I also feel a hint of revenge on his part.  It doesn't have to be that Jessica was his true revenge, just represented his revenge - a way to release his revenge......
As odd as this sounds, I keep getting that Jessica represented some kind of "answer" this person was seeking.  I don't know how that fit's....yet....unless it was one way he created a "problem".....his own sick excitement?  However, I feel as though killing her didn't quiet fulfill the excitement or satisfaction he was after, which could be why she was dismembered?   But, I don't quiet know yet....In addition, this person actually found himself bored.....He actually finds ways to sabotage himself.

I see this person in a place with a women who he views as a negative, critical person.  This is probably where he lives.  She's dark headed/eyed.  I do believe he took Jessica to this place for sometime- or some point in time.  Evidence/clues of her can be found in his home.  This women is thought to be:   

A negative woman born under an Air sign...Aquarius, Gemini or Libra. Sorrow for the sake of sorrow. Makes bad/wrong choices as a reply to adverse circumstances. A deceitful, sly, intolerant and narrow minded woman, expert in the use of half truths and quiet slander. A formidable enemy due to her subtlety and sharp intellect.      Weak, dull witted, doesn't get it, dishonest, speaks poorly, bitter, malicious, unscrupulous, intolerant, unreliable, devious, gossip, narrow-minded, short sighted, unreasoning, can't face the truth, no respect for rules, ruthless, without pity, frigid, sarcastic, bitchy, bigoted, petty.

Back to the person who took Jessica, IMO he was satisfying a sickening need within - and did this even beyond his own "fantasy" - He's satisfied for now- But he will desire this type of satisfaction again - unless he's caught first....He's attempted attakcs before-   But I do not believe it will be anytime soon.....??  In addition, the heinous nature of the crime suggest to me that this was a long time coming and he just didn't know when to stop.....OR the initial kill wasn't all he's expected so he went "further". He's never done anything like this before and it wasn't the killing which he was seeking as much as it was the rape - more specifically, his desire for sex with young girl(s) - hIt wasn't until he snatched her that he decided he'd kill her first....I believe...?I'm not sure how graphic to be in what I see...She was strangled...I guess that's as far as I will go.  
He will be paying attention to the progress of the investigation, secretly-alone- and avoiding it all together if anyone else is around- As if he doesn't even have a clue what has happened.
I would look at anyone who was recently caught for stealing - or up and quit their job/school recently & hidden from society right now.....acting more odd than usual....Could have sold car and is driving something different....Got a hair cut - grew / shaved mustache.........Because of this persons immaturity/and/or age, they'll "talk" I believe and this will be how they may get caught.. And especially anyone fitting these descriptions who may have been described recently as attempting rape or an abduction......Several unsuccessful attempts could have lead to the out of control way he ..........
And last....I'm picking up that the location Jessica's body was found has significant / personal meaning for this person.....Could be the place of his last victim, or somewhere emotional for him.  I  honestly do not think he's killed before, although a profiler would more than likely suggest he's an experienced killer consider the nature of his crime.... this would seem logical....However, this is where the illogical / psychic mind comes in and says he was more out of control or simply pushing the envelope for sick satisfaction, rather than experienced in murdering humans.  He could be an experienced hunter hence his knowledge or ability to cut one in parts?  He's in his early 20's (or close)..........Lot's of anger in this person.  
Whether this man lives or lived near where Jessica's body was located or not, Idk..but the area has meaning......Oak Hill in particular, it seems.....?  But he's familiar with the area & has seen Jesicca, more than likely before- walking alone...sat....watched.....creepy..... I feel the name Reed? I aso here city names, like Dallas, Austin, etc....either where he's from, originally or could, I guess be an actual name?- again, Reddish / blond/brown (auburn?) hair- white.....male, scruffy- seems short?  Family criminal history....broken family....twisted mind.....but not "mental" - rather psychopathic- thrill kill/seek.  He lives near by, too

For now, that's what I've got.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

LISA IRWIN - Baby Lisa UPDATE 9/19/2012 By: Stephanie Almaguer

I began this journey October 4, 2011 - Here we are, One Year later, as we are seeing more and more - And Lisa Renee Irwin is still missing.  "I'm still looking for you baby Lisa" (Blog updated 10/4/2012)
CLICK HERE to see update.....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SHANNON BALDWIN (HOKANSON) Missing! By: Stephanie Almaguer


  Amber AveryTogether, We can Unite and find the Missing 


   Please continue to help find Shannon Baldwin (Hokanson).......We miss you so much and love you even more. Please anyone with any info on her  contact the police departme
  Please continue to help find Shannon Baldwin (Hokanson).......We miss you so much and love you even more. Please anyone with any info on her  contact the police department 580-242-7000

*I am posting this just to "get her in the public eye", but have not completely finished.  I will work on it more ASAP-  Thx and I will pray for her and her family / friends.  Stephanie

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Prayer For The Children (Stop Child Abuse) - Dear Mr.Jesus

MISSING 2002- Hope Danielle Boggs-Meek By: Stephanie Almaguer

  • 10 hours ago
    • Hi Stephanie , My name is Denise. In Feb. 2002 a young mother named Hope Meek disappeared leaving behind 3 small children , Her husband was arrested and charged with murder in August of this year 2012 , Finally , and court proceeding s are to begin in late November , They have never found her body but believe she is deceased as there has not been any activity on her SSN or DL since she disappeared , I wish that You would read about her and see if you can help her family find her body so that they might have closure , I have never been clossely associated with anyone who has disappeared , But i can only imagine what this family is going through , Below I will post a few links about her , I would more than willing to pay you to look at this case ... Please feel free to message me.

      , Hope Danielle Boggs-Meek - White - Age 25 (2002)

      Authorities stated that it is uncharacteristic of Hope to leave without warning. Her 1995 Chevrolet pickup truck, her car keys and her cellular phone were discovered inside of her home after she went missing. She has failed to contact her children since her disappearance. Hope's husband filed for divorce from her 15 days after her disappearance and received custody of their children.

      Hope worked as a jailer at the time of her disappearance; she was in charge of escorting prisoners from their cells to court appearances. Hope disappeared under suspicious circumstances and foul play is suspected.

      Hope Danielle Boggs-Meek - White - Age 25 (2002)

  • about a minute ago
    Stephanie Cagle AlmaguerStephanie Cagle Almaguer
    • Denise, Thank you for writing. I will see what I can do. Very sad.... When I've completed getting what, if any useful information re: her where-about's, I will let you know and also post it on my Blog. Thanks for having faith enough in me to ask.


Monday, September 17, 2012

AVERY WORKMAN~ Missing Colorado Teen By: Stephanie Almaguer

Here's the missing young girls Poster.  As soon as I can "work" her case, I will post it on here.  I just wanted to get her missing poster "out to the public".  I will say- My first "thought" when reading this was someone she worked with may be involved....But until I really work this case, I'm not sure..... :(

------------------9/17/2012 (late) or early 9/18/2012...However you see it :)
She's alive..YEA!.I just know it..zi think we're looking for a rebellious teen and older man - Look North/NW - she left willingly / secretly....Here's my written reading below.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

MISSING: Producer, Orwa Nyrabia disappeared in Syria By: Stephanie Almaguer

While doing my "daily" tweets advertising my Blog etc...I saw this tweet:

Please spread the word, Syrian film producer and founder of DoxBox, Orwa Nyrabia is missing
And again, Cups usually represent the west and autumn. If using an ordinary deck of playing cards, Cups are represented by the Suit of Hearts.
The reversed Eight of Cups suggests that you may be feeling confused about where your best options lie. Part of you wants to explore new horizons and possibilities but another part of your fears that in doing so, you will miss out on what your current circumstances have to offer.
The Eight of Cups reversed also represents knowing when to walk away from a situation that is ultimately not working for you. Even though there are some fundamental issues that have not been resolved, you know that no matter how hard you try these will probably never be resolved. It hurts you to have to walk away with this lack of closure but you know this is what is needed right now. Sometimes, however, there may be a lack of commitment to walking away, whereby one day you are ready to leave and by the next day you are having doubts and wanting to stay.
The reversed Eight of Cups can reflect hopeless, aimless drifting from one place to the next by someone who cannot stand to be confined to just one setting or someone who never quite fits in. You may fear intimacy and have difficulty making and keeping your commitments. When things become too difficult, you quickly escape and leave behind your troubles, rather than dealing with them head on.

In The News - Stay Informaed