Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Anonymous said...
A boy went missing in Houston, Texas on Christmas Eve. There are questions over who saw him last...his step-father or his babysitter. The family has no previous reports of family violence or CPS investigations. Just wondering if you were able to pick up incredibly sad. 12 year old white male Jonathon Foster last seen in near his home in Houston, Texas ------------------------------------------------------------------ 
  BY STEPHANIE:  JONATHON FOSTER When I received this request, I picked up on a few things instantly.......I am going to jot them down NOW, and will do a more thorough Reading as soon as I can....... FIRST - *I see an Apartment Complex......I believed this is where he lived. (A smaller looking Complex, Tan/Brown in color) *I see him with a mental disability, but nothing major....something like ADD / ADHD, and a hard, very active, un-attentive child......Very Trusting and immature......Naive *Small framed / little for his age - with a Blondish color hair.....Sandy / Reddish? Blond maybe *A feel a dark haired man AND a women's involvement - With the woman as the aggressor, I think......? *I DO NOT feel this child was abducted off the street, I feel he was taken from his home. *I feel like, he had secret knowledge, saw something, etc....and was beaten, I am sorry to say- killed - it almost appears to be of vengeance of sorts? *I feel as though the murder(s) tried destroying evidence, but this case will not go unsolved and will not continue for a long time. I think Investigator's will be able to solve this crime quickly *I see a couple of vehicles.....A white or light colored, older model? car (maybe sedan type?) An older model Pick up also *I feel 3, maybe 4 locations of interest - search dumpsters - there is some evidence that will link the crime to the murder(s) - (sheet, blanket, etc....?) either still with the boy, or discarded, or somewhere concealed *I feel this little boy will be found no more than 3 miles from his home in a park of some sort....OR There will be a park near by.....I get the feeling though the actual crime scene is elsewhere.....maybe two locations, a primary and secondary, but not sure why I keep picking up on so many spots? Maybe because there was so much debate over where to leave him. *OMG- I am getting a HORRIBLE SMELL........... It smells rotten, but not sure why? THAT'S ALL FOR NOW.....I AM GOING TO KEEP MY NOSE OUT OF THE ONLINE MEDIA, IN ORDER TO NOT PICK UP ON OR RECEIVE ANY PRE-CONCEIVED THOUGHTS ON THIS CASE, IN ORDER TO KEEP MY MIND OPEN AND UN-JADED...... THEREFORE, IF HIS REMAINS ARE FOUND, PLEASE POST HERE...... ALSO, CONTINUE TO LOOK HERE FOR ANYTHING I MAY UPDATE OR PICK UP ON. I PRAY JONATHAN IS FOUND SOON ~ MAY HE REST IN PEACE AND MAY THE INDIVIDUALS RESPONSIBLE PAY SOON AND DEARLY. I MAY SEND THIS TO THE HOUSTON PD....NOT SURE ON THAT ONE YET? I AM SICK OF THESE CASES! (FAMILY ABUSE / MURDERING OF CHILDREN) Stephanie Almaguer "It isn't what you have, who you are, where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy, it is what you think about.” 

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