Saturday, May 11, 2013

MISSING! Justin Gaines - & Skelton boys from Morenci, MI.

20 hours ago
Jaime Hricovec

Missing in Texas and Maryland! Let's Find them! By: Stephanie Almaguer

Tracey Reitterer

Stephanie, I just saw the article along with your prediction of the 3 missing Ohio teens (2 who were found in a ditch) and you were spot on. Is there anyway I could please get your input regarding 2 female disappearances? One is from Texas & the other is from Maryland. We sure could use your help, as these are long term cold cases. Please let me know & thank you much! Tracey in Baltimore, MD

Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 Missing Teens from Ottawa, OH By: Stephanie Almaguer

I saw on twitter this morning that 3 missing teenager's were missing and I immediately 'saw' my son and his friends... So, closed PC and did a quick read on this...... First.......I don't feel as though these boys were 'abducted' by anyone....It's a feeling of 2 against 2.....So, in other words, could mean that someone else showed up at the house that night / early morning...??  But, I feel as though within the original 3 - we've got 2 against 1, for some reason.......

A big disagreement - "pride" - turned violent..... Let me really think on this one......... I'll post more ASAP

FYI- This type of area seems to hold importance to me........I'm sure it fit's almost everywhere / anywhere in the State of Ohio......but still......Kind of isolated, but not too far from the side of the road, like a ditch or something like it......
Yes, I do believe we have 2 that are not with us anymore.... Sorry.... I hope this one is solved soon and doesn't linger on forever....

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