Friday, July 26, 2013

CHAD ROGERS~ Young Liberty, MO Father / Husband --Missing

We're missing a young man named Chad Rogers. Any thoughts on what has happened to him? You tend to be accurate!
Hi Nicole. Is he still ? Let me see what I can come up with.

LIBERTY, Mo. (AP) - Police in northwest Missouri are using dogs in the search for a Liberty man who failed to return home from an evening run.
KSHB-TV reports 30-year-old Chad Rogers is an experienced marathon runner. He recently moved with his wife and young son from Jefferson City, where he was a youth church leader, to Liberty to be closer to family members.
Rogers remained missing Tuesday night after going for a run about 8:30 p.m. Monday. Police said K-9 units picked up his scent late Tuesday afternoon on a trail near Liberty Middle School.
Friends were organizing a search, but police asked them to put the effort on hold to avoid interfering with the dogs.
Rogers is 5-foot-10 with a shaved head and several tattoos. His father describes him as a stay-at-home dad.

Information from: KSHB-TV,

My very first thought here, is an accident....But then, I hear things like :
financial worry, sabotage, fear, anxiety, escape, etc...So, I'm not sure....
The obvious thought for most, nothing psychic, is that it's possible he was hit by a vehicle - like, a hit and run. Problem with this- he'd be easily found....This is why a thorough search needs to be done. Whether he was hit accidently or had an accident on his own, he's either been hidden away out of fear - or he's somewhere off the beaten track / trail....stranded.....

But, going with the other - financial worry, stress, fear, etc... I'm picking up a fear of poverty for his family...shameful feelings, discontent....Within this mind-frame, there's feelings of a spiritual loss as well...

In addition, there's a lack of decision making or even an inability to make decisions, feeling as though much has been sacrificed with little return....unable to move forward - frozen in a horrible situation with no way out, it seems.....a loss in faith and self.....

However, it seems as though his circumstances were actually created by his own doings....Not sure...But if so, I would venture to suggest he may have quit a job, (or lost his job) But, either way, he decided to make a move, and chose his current life situation with great hopes and dreams which required a great sacrifice...but unfortunately, has not gone as great as he may have thought causing much disappointment, etc.
Yet, I pick up, as well medical condition? It's possible this young man has felt ill, but ignored these signs and became ill/disabled somehow while out, which turned deadly? Organ failure?

I don't believe any of these feelings caused him to run away though, as some may suggest...I do believe it caused him to be a bit scattered and less focused, particular revolving his run the night he disappeared.

I believe Chad was simply experiencing some difficult times, as we all do....

Regardless of WHAT may have happened- I can't get the sight of a creek and like a park setting out of my an outdoor restroom maybe....I'm wondering if he may have been mugged / robbed? The Creek, could possibly be where Chad is....A park near a creek, a rest area, not sure...Near his running site / trail / area.... It isn't a great distance from a slightly off the road area.....

I will try to focus more on this area and it's surroundings. I may look at a map of the area and see if any of it stands out to me....If anyone get's news he's been found before hand, please let me know. Thanks.


I just had a thought...idk - is it even remotely possible that chad would have taken his own life?

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