Friday, July 24, 2015

MISSING 2 year old: Deorr Kunz, (while camping) Leadore, Idaho, at Timber Creek.

July 10, 2015

 I'm not sure HOW a 2 year old goes missing while camping with his parent's..... The truth, IMO, they don't, unless they are left unattended.... I think it's known what may have happened and being covered up out of fear and public scrutiny.

This child was not abducted by a stranger.   If the child wandered away and drowned or fell from a ledge or cliff - He is no longer there or he'd have been found during search efforts.  

There's a secretive type of women involved...Hidden knowledge....She knows what happened/where Deorr is.   Deorr is "lost" because of a lack of good judgement.  Possible mental issues.... Focuses more on the material aspects of life rather than the emotional..... May over-indulge in pleasures....
Feelings of being chained to a situation she feels is negative / binding....

I'm still working this case...More info to come

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