Sunday, February 26, 2012

BABY LISA IRWIN!! Search happening NOW- 2/26/2012 By: Stephanie Almaguer


Hey sweetie I am with the baby baby lisa search fun now we're down by the railroad tracks where do we go from there we are he as 35 highway by the shoto elevator right at the railroad tracks can you help me out girly girl

Friday, February 24, 2012

Stephanie Almaguer, Can you find a missing animal?

Below is a very good example of how this psychic / medium thing works.....It goes to show, you just never know when "someone will show up"!!!!!

    •                 Do you ever look for missing dogs? My nephew who is 13 had a            
                      little dog and he jumped out the car on 2/21/2012 in a town
                      called Rocky Mount, VA. My nephew's mother was murdered in
                      june 2010 and the dog "Ollie" is special to him. If u could help
                      any at all, that would be great. A little boy would be very

    • I actually found my sister's missing dog.....dead  It got out of her yard and was gone for a couple of days...My sister was freaking out - I "saw" the dog - she and I took off walking behind her house (woods) and I walked straight to the dog after she and her husband had looked the entire morning...It was horrible! I will see what I can pick up - I'm going to cheat though to make it faster and easier and look at a map to see if anything "jumps" out at me automatically - Do you know the street/intersection, etc...where the dog jumped out of the car and what kind of dog, age, temperament, color, etc...?

  • 20 hours ago
    Denise Bryant
    • his pic is on my facebook page. they were at little caesars.
      address: 918 Tanyard Rd
      Rocky Mount, VA 24151
      Ollie is a chihauana?? (spelling) probably 8 mos to 1 year old. don't know too much about his temperament.
      skylar is heartbroken. he said he would rather know that its dead then not know where its at. bless his heart. thank you for helping us.

    • Sorry it took a bit...I pulled the map....and then I smelt dinner burning!!! So, I had to take care of cooking/kids, etc...and I'm just now getting to look at the map....The 1st thing that popped out to me was the High School....I see a teen picking the dog up - Like, the dog running around the school..."after school"....I then heard grandma....Leading me to the thought that a female took the dog home - and either was told she couldn't keep it and gave it to her grandmother, who was recently widowed....or took it to her grandmother's period.....I see a REDish looking collar on Ollie, whether it's new or one your nephew had on him, I don't know. I also believe this person &/or her grandmother lives near the school....Maybe he could put up some missing poster's? I am hearing "Diamond" maybe the collar has bling??? Lol...or maybe there's a diamond street - ????? Not sure how the name Ollie is connected to his mom?? (my assumption since you said his mother was murdered?? in 6-2010, and the dog "ollie" was special) But- am thinking this dog came from a an older dog (like the older dog had puppies & one was given to your nephew) and maybe the women who gave him the dog had a special connection to his mom??? Not sure? I can actually see his mom, I think - She actually kind of reminds me of a female "wild and crazy" actor/singer?? named Courtney Love who was married to a rock star in the band Nirvana - Kurt Cobain - who supposidly shot himself (i think) - suicide....I feel this surrounding Skyler's mom - But since you said she was "murdered".....I'm getting a man murdered her by shooting her and then killed himself - and that's where my "suicide" is coming from...I think he didn't like some of the things she was doing...she was very outspoken and beat to the rythym of her own drum, so to speak....I think maybe she was "flirty"....not sure if she was actually "seeing someone else" or just flirty in general and her partner didn't like this....angry man - mental issues. Was she killed where she worked? I feel the work she did had something to do in the medical field....maybe a LVN, or lab tech of somekind? She was educated in this field anyway. He confronted her, unexpectently - or perhaps, she was leaving to go to work??? and he followed her. I think maybe she didn't come home the previous night or came home late and they were fighting....and he showed at her place of business? maybe? It's all a bit sketchy - She's saying that the true love of her life was her 1st husband.....she screwed that relationship up she says.....but she doesn't regret it, because children were born from the "new man"....but this man isn't who shot her....She liked the men! Bored easily. good hearted person though and loved her kids, but didn't always do things in their best interest.....had a tendency to seek out those who were on the "bad boy" side..... Anyway, back to the dog - I don't see the dog dead - I will see if I can get an address, but that's gonna be a bit harder.....Sorry, don't think I was very helpful about the dog... I keep seeing a flower?? Don't know why- but it has to do with skyler's mom....Look up the lady, courtney love and tell me if I'm actually seeing skyler's mom, or if I'm crazy! Thanks - let me know.

  • 8 hours ago
    Denise Bryant
    • STEPHANIE! You hit his mom on the head dead center. She did love her first husband very much. her new profession was a phelobmist. Her boyfriend did have some serious isssues and killed her then himself. Her name was Diamond. she was married twice and had 2 boys by the first husband and 2 girls by the 2nd. she did love the men and loved to party. actually all the children she had given rights to the dad.
      Her name is Diamond Underwood and if you want you can google it. Her pic will pop up as it was in the Roanoke times.
      Again all i can say is OH WOW.

  • about an hour ago
    Stephanie Cagle Almaguer
    •  I wasn't trying to read his mom though! Lol....she just "showed" up.... I will google her. That explains the "diamond" I got.... About the dog......was any of that correct?

  • about an hour ago
    Denise Bryant
    • I asked sky's dad and he wasn't sure if the person that they got the dog from knew Diamond or not. There is a Diamond Avenue several miles from the school. Ollie didn't have a collar and loved to ride.

  • about an hour ago
    Stephanie Cagle Almaguer
    • Curious then....Why is...or rather~What is Ollie's connection to your nephew's Mom? And I have another question....Have you ever seen the movie White Oleander? For the life of me....the entire time I was trying to "find" the dog, "Diamond" and "White Oleander" wouldn't leave my thoughts!!! I now know why Diamond wouldn't....but what about the other? I'm going crazy because I still can't get it out of my head. Also, was the Mom killed near her job, early (like on her way to work, maybe??)

  • 58 minutes ago
    Denise Bryant
    • I have never seen that movie. Diamond was Skylar's mother and Ollie belonged to skylar. Diamond had went to her boyfriend's house to stay the night. Evidently, they got into a disagreement. She was carrying her things and walking to 220 which is the major highway that connects to the Interstate 581. It was in a doctors office parking lot/yard. He shot her in the back of the head. Then, killed himself. He was a convicted felon so we don't know who's gun it was. The police released very little about her death and wouldn't even release her cellphone to her parents. She had not spoke to her parents in over 6 months.
      Now, I am curious about the move White Oleander. I will send you a pic of Diamond and Skylar. She does resemble Courtney Love.

  • 52 minutes ago
    Denise Bryant

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  • 45 minutes ago
    Denise Bryant
    • I checked out the summary of the movie. Diamond wrote some beautiful poetry but the boyfriend (kenny whitt) who murdered her, his mother ran over her boyfriend and killed him for his life insurance $$.
      Again all I can say is WOW

    • First, your picture/attachment didn't go through??? BUT- OMG....I just finally got the chance to google his mom & to me, she does look very much like Courtney Love!!!!!!! Wow....Also, I guess me seeing his mom in a white Lab (medical) looking jacket & then seeing the medical office is what made me think maybe she was going to work - since he shot her at a medical office....very sad. AND Are you serious? His mother killed her husband for life insurance? NOW, I know that "Diamond" was giving me insight to her killer (boyfriend) and his own Mom....See below:

    • White Oleander (2002): A teenager journeys through a series of foster homes after her mother goes to prison for committing a crime of passion. AND look at the resemblance between Diamond and Courtney........

    • Would you mind if I posted this on my Blog?

      • about a minute ago
        Denise Bryant
        • no i wouldn't mind at all. please do post. yep she had just finished her training for phelobotomy and was looking for a job. Then, she was gone. if you want to see what sky looks like. He is Skyler "Flash" Mullins". not sure why my pic didn't post. The flower that you see?? The doctors office made a flower garden where she was killed. Her mom also has a small garden in her yard. she had tattoos but not sure if any were flowers. We all really miss her but she seemed to get on a path of self destruction. I suppose God was ready for her to come home.

      • a few seconds ago
        Stephanie Cagle Almaguer
        • God is ready for us all to "come home"....Some just get to go quicker than others  She's not on a destructive path any longer -

          • 19 minutes ago
            Denise Bryant
            • No you are right, she is finally at peace.  Someone rumored My ex knew Kenny had a gun....He didn't know anything about the gun, did he?  I think NO- I am still close to my inlaws. They found out about it from someone on the streets.

            • OK- so your ex was friends with Diamonds boyfriend, Kenny?
            • OR was your ex Kenny's brother?
            • OR your ex is Diamonds sister
            • Is your ex named David...Daniel....something like that?

          • 10 minutes ago
            Denise Bryant
            • yes i am sure my exhusband was friends with Kenny. my ex (Bryan) is diamond's brother.  David was Diamond's dad's name plus her first born son is David (Davey). WOW again!

            • Also, who's Olivia....Diamond (I think) is showing me a little girl....and say's "She looks just like me!" - Actually, in the "image" I see, she does!

          • 8 minutes ago
            Denise Bryant
            • That would be Lucianna who is the spitting image of her mother. There is another little girl Arianna. Lydia is Diamond's adopted sister.

            • unless the name is easy, like DAVID - I have a hard time...But I can see "olivia" sounding like "lucianna"....Either way, there is a daughter of Diamonds, with blond hair, BIG blue eyes, and looks like Diamond?

          • 5 minutes ago
            Denise Bryant
            • Yep Lu is what we call her. Arianna has dark hair with big blue eyes

            • about a minute ago
              Stephanie Cagle Almaguer
              • The gun was stolen - But not by Bryan  - they called him "psycho", I think, because I keep hearing that...Or guess it could be someone with the name Norman or Bates - LMAO I'm sorry, it's not funny.... It's just hard to figure out this stuff you hear, see, etc...sometimes! Anyway, The gun, I "feel" was stolen by "psycho" & this is how Kenny got it - or stolen by someone?? from someone else called "psycho"...Norman? etc... I don't see Bryan in the formula.- LE has it, still.... They know where it came from (where the gun originated from) (was Kenny "psycho"?  and FYI- the gun has been used (linked to) other/another crime.... 

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