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Still searching for Justice.....Missing since 1993-- Pennie Wristen

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    Jessica Clements
    • Hi Stephanie.
      I love reading your blog, you have an amazing gift. I am curious if you could help a friend of mine. She is in her 30's now but when she was 11 her mother went missing and has still not been found. I am from a small city in Peterborough Ontario Canada. I really don't know how to word this but my friends step father was charged, convicted and even sentenced to jail time for my friends mothers murder which is almost impossible to prove without an actual body. He has done his jail time and is out now and will not give the satisfaction to the family of knowing where she is. any insight on this would be wonderful. Thank you


      OK.... Well,  I realize that someone was already convicted of murder in re: to Pennie's disappearance, but I had to make sure he was in fact our "guy" and if in fact, she was murdered.....

      So, first things first....The one responsible saw everyday as gloomy.... Felt as though their life stayed in gloom due to obstacles in their way.....

      A BIG issue in this thinking was this:   There's a women who is pregnant..... this is a women who is believed to be the 'perfect women'  a soul mate, the ultimate mom, a fresh beginning.

      So, I'm thinking someone in this situation was cheating and a pregnancy resulted.... At this point, I could lean either way; Husband cheating, miserable home life, girlfriend becomes pregnant, thinks his life would be great if he weren't married--However divorces are expensive and then he'd be stuck with child support.... So, why not just eliminate all of this from the beginning (hence murder) And begin a new life with a new women and his new child....
      Pennie cheating, becomes preg., which gave her the strength to finally leave...Out of fear, quietly and then as time went on, the guilt and shame of leaving her children kept her silent and gone.

      Next, I picked up on a very jealous women who had (has) knowledge of these event's, but not a participant.... SO- this tells me that the pregnant women I'm picking up on is more than likely the girlfriend of the Husband and she was possibly behind or at least knowledgeable in re: to Pennie's disappearance.... She has "secret" knowledge (a silent knower) and it may be worth the Polices time to talk to this women.... But, I'm sure that they won't... This case is probably "closed" as far as the Police is concerned.

      When one lies, there is usually truth behind those lies.... So think back to things the Husband may have said back then.... To people?  Rumor's contain some truths, usually as well... did he ever make threats or was there rumor of threats? Perhaps he made remarks like "I should kill her and throw her in xxx?  lake" (just an example) He may not have gone to that particular lake, but lake would probably be significant...

      I picked up on a near or at the water.  At 1st I believed her to be buried in this cemetery, but then felt as though this man would be way too lazy to dig and bury someone and would prefer water.
      HERE ARE A FEW AREA'S OF "INTEREST" FOR ME   (It was late when I posted this, well, late for me...I have to be up early in the morning.)   But, I will add a few more locations of interest to me soon)

      MAP 1

      MAP 2

      MAP 3


      Im not sure that your friends mom can still be found... So much time has passed and there is nothing more to find other than bones, if even those are intact... I'm sorry...
      I feel as though she was placed into the water (weighed down) and with flow, rain, current's, etc. over a period of so much time, she's probably no where near the original spot she was originally placed.... ESPECIALLY not searching on your own accord... I mean, maybe cadaver k-9s could still locate her, since they're trained to sniff out not only human remains, but bones as well...regardless of age and they can also detect these smells when they're under water....  I pray that your friend receives some answers and peace as to where her mom's remains are....You never know. But, it's important for her to know that regardless of where her bones rest, her mom is not there.  ;)  

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Where is Malaysian Flight 370? Land or Water?

These are the coordinates received from "spirit".... Thing is, of all the numbers / coordinates I could have received, of all the places in the world, the fact that they ended up being in the location near the current search for this plane and passenger's are presumed to be, is amazing.... Believe in this or not, It's pretty incredible.

AND, below are words received from spirit.... whether they make sense to anyone and what they decide.... (they're in "SETS" and order how they were received)

Something some may find interesting is my 2014 annual predictions which I posted in Dec 2013.....Check them out.... Thanks for visiting my Blog.

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MISSING 3/3/2010: 30 yr old, South African, Donavan Van Lill, from Chippenham./ Wiltshire

  1. hi x just wonder if you could help us to find what happened to our friends and where his body is x thank you x
    Image will appear as a link

I believe we have at least 2 people involved, one a female the other a male.  It's possible Donavan was with this female and the male could be her boyfriend?    I believe she may have been more "into" Donavan than he was her, and when he didn't return those feelings, it's possible she betrayed him.....If she didn't, then she has knowledge of the males activities....

This seem's to be some kind of Karmic lesson brought upon Donavan involving his lack of moderation in things he pleasured.....
So, perhaps this truly is someones boyfriend of a female he was with...or even both?  As a matter of fact, this female may be someone who Donavan has 'been with' on more than one occasion....
HOWEVER, this male is quiet the conman and there's a hint of a scam or theft involved.  Donavan absolutely knew this person and I believe has had past conflict as well?
This male is very assertive, desires respect but rarely gives known to be violent at times and dominates all relationships.   This male  has unrealistic expectations and ambitions that are most often unfulfilled, making him overly critical of others.  When making decisions, he is often indecisive and petty.  This man shows his hypocrisy by giving little but expecting much in return.  He lacks self discipline and control.... 
I believe this is someone who Donavon is around often??  

This definitely appears to be some kind of consequence from something Donavon had done.... This involves immoral actions between men and women and in a sexual content.

As a matter of fact, I'm quiet confident we've got a female who was wanting the best of both of a steady relationship and another of fun, freedom and sexual fantasy.... I just think she may have gotten caught or something happened which upset her and perhaps she was aimed at revenge?  I say this because I strongly pick up that Donavon was a source behind a betrayal of trust for this female.   

So, begin by thinking of a female who had a reason to hold a grudge against Donavon.......Is she already in a committed relationship therefore, a male boyfriend is around who may fit the description given above?  COULD ALSO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX AND PERHAPS WE COULD HAVE A FATHER OR EVEN GRANDFATHER TO ONE OF THESE GIRLS WHO LOST THEIR COOL WITH DONAVON...

I see machinery equipment being push....wondering if he was perhaps under some type of machine or heavy equipment, maybe weights?  and caught off guard and these were pushed onto of him...
IF SO, then perhaps these individuals need to have a talk with the police, separately.....  

I hope this helps out some.... Please let me know if there is any breaks in this case by commenting below.   I pray for justice for your friend, soon.

PS)  I'm currently working on pin pointing a location of interest to me and will post this ASAP

Stephanie ~

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

20 Year Ellis County Double Homicide - Remains Unsolved....

I was reading the Waxahachie Daily Light, online and saw this article about two Ellis County Resident's who were found deceased and due to lack of evidence, the only suspects had are free and the case still remains unsolved.   Robbie Jean Biggar was reported missing on March 19, 1994.  A day later, her grandson (Kasey Robers) was found deceased inside of a car in front of an Apt Complex in Red Oak...Three days later, Robbie was found deceased due to blunt force head trauma, on the side of the Road in Waxahachie near the Super Collider Project.   These death's were ruled a double homicide.

Maybe I can lend some insight on something close to home?  Never done this before!   Can't hurt to give it my best shot anyway ;)
The original Sheriff on the case has since passed away... Maybe he'll lend me some insight?  To help close this case once and for all!

So-----Here's what I've picked up and believe......
I believe two are involved... A primary and then secondary...This is a payback of sorts, seems.... "As you sow, so you shall reap" was the outlook had.   The primary person it seems may be rather intelligent and quiet sensitive when it comes to feelings of rejection or some type of betrayal.... So basically I believe were looking at one who feels as though they've been done an unjust perhaps by Robbie and decided that they must "sow what they reap" -

So, logically the next question would be WHAT is it that caused this extreme emotion within another to cause another's death....two deaths.....?   We've got some financial issues with feelings of insecurity, discomfort, hardship, loss, poverty, depression, mental illness possible as well.... Worst part of this, is we've got one who's is/was suicidal or had contemplated this .... May have sought professional help at some point for this, not sure?  Money seems to be key here though....
I think maybe Robbie was not satisfied within a personal relationship and may have cut ties, or was trying to....  She may have even done something which felt like betrayal to one and this led to a confrontation, turned deadly....  I feel as if Robbie, with her grandson, agreed to meet this person(s) and with no intentions of staying but a few minutes, Robbie left her grandson in the safety of her vehicle....(so she thought)

BUT, I'm quite confident that within this somewhere we're dealing with someone who has suicidal thoughts and/or tendencies.....

Obviously - There's a question as to WHY all of this happened and ended the lives of a grandmother and her grandson.....

Again, I see some mental illness tendencies with periods of very dark moments - and other times great creativity... We've got one who has a sense of a false reality, perhaps with irrational fears, turmoil, deception etc. Who had become delusional.... and false friend, deceptions
We may be looking at a hormonal imbalance, causing frustration and an inability to really focus.    I see one trying to express  to another and perhaps this heart to heart between two, was met with anger and hostility and again, I think money played a role, again.... But this time, Robbie was killed.  I think this was pre-meditated.
I'm sure that whatever suspects were originally arrested-- to later be released due to a lack of evidence, had their homes, vehicles, etc. thoroughly searched.... So, I think she was tricked, perhaps and taken to the place where she was found deceased...and killed there... I think this is when her killer(s) saw her Grandson, I think they quickly disposed of Robbie and then as the reports indicated, dropped the car off at some apartments, I believe near by where he was heading, leaving the child in the car....And we know what happened then.....

Robbie knew she was in a bad relationship and had many warnings..... He was a user.....She was a nurturer...
She had a bad feeling, but unfortunately, didn't follow her gut feelings this particular day.   I think she was too trusting and gave people the benefit of doubt too often and this is how it was so easy to manipulate her... I think maybe the boyfriend could have been a beneficiary to insurance...but I don't think it was legitimate....

I'm not sure how much of this is already known by police or if I've provided anything new?  I hope that I have.... If not, hopefully something will break in this case which will allow the police to finally prosecute and bring justice to Robbie and her grandson, Kasey.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Kendrick Johnson - "KJ" - Georgia Teen Found Suffocated Inside School Gym - Accident or Foul Play?

A Georgia teen was found in his school gym, deceased, having somehow suffocating within one of the wrestling mats... Apparently there are some who are not accepting this as an accidental death and have asked me to see if I can pick up on anything which would prove or dis-prove their beliefs.

The very 1st thing I focused on was WHO may have caused KJ's suffocation, or was it truly accidental? 
I believe we're looking at at least 3 individuals involved here.....this already suggest other's play a role in his death.....HOWEVER, IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT THEY'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS DEATH... Thus far, I am just picking up 3.... It could mean that somehow they saw or know what happened, but have said nothing because perhaps they were goofing around and someone threw his shoe inside mat, KJ went  to retrieve it, squeezing his upper body inside the opening, trying to reach for the shoe, lost balance, slid further inside & got stuck.....The one(s) who through the shoe could have already left the gym or saw him & may have thought it was funny, never realizing he couldn't get out on his own??  I can't conclude either way yet...........

There is a "feminine" energy involved somehow....

KJ was having some issue's/problems with some individuals which he was keeping secret due to the possible reason(s) for this conflict.  (Does that make sense?)  In other words, something happened which caused conflict, but he'd decided to handle it himself rather than seek any outside assistance.....
If my thoughts are in the right direction, I believe these individuals were generally insecure and possibly believed KJ lead a life of hardship and/or poverty.... They may of been a bit jealous even of the ambitions KJ had for himself, but had previously, for some time, let go of while he was hanging out with these particular individuals.  I think this caused disruptions in both KJs personal and home life and even his finances...hence, spending money on things he shouldn't....   But I believe the "center" of WHO'S involved [somehow] is a female......... She's possessive and can be very bitter and vindictive....One who will spin a tale to get her way, when needed.    There could even be a pregnancy, fake pregnancy, or miscarriage/abortion involved, but not sure...... This girl loves possessively and hates obsessively.....HOWEVER, I must also say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.... Even if this situation doesn't involve a female vengeance, this female is still involved at some level.....even if she was used as a lure, if this was a homicide situation or if she was the one who through the shoe....?

WHAT happened?

From what I can pick up on, seems as if someone may have been obtaining their own "Justice"..... Trying to dish out their own Karmic payback to another.....  One of these individuals has ties to a female person who I feel has a part in this, but perhaps behind the scenes..... Perhaps this one particular boy is a greater interest than the other's in seeking Justice for this female?  I'm not certain, but whatever caused this horrible death, it seems to be due to FALSE accusations made upon KJ.    This was a situation which KJ was out numbered and the playing field was not equal.

KJ was aware of the trouble and was handling things the best way he thought he could, without involving anyone else.   It seems as if KJ may have been behaving or doing things excessively lately and these actions are what led to what happened.   Although he may have been behaving or done something(s) which were not "right", I do believe that he was being blamed for more than he deserved or did....or he knew something or someone who could have been involved with him in his previous actions? and there was fear of other's finding out.... And somehow, still, I feel like a female may be the real center of it all, as in, she lit the flame, and the other's followed her lead...OR she was simply the reason for the flame to begin with?

Whether KJ's passing was a direct result of these individuals purposely harming him, or if these are the individuals who were simply "messing" with him, throwing his shoe inside the mat, I don't know... What I do believe for sure is this:  There ARE witnesses, 3 I believe, one being a female, to what really happened to KJ and how he got inside of the mat.   IT'S EVEN POSSIBLE HE WAS TRULY RETRIEVING HIS SHOE, ON HIS OWN, BECAUSE HE'D LEFT IT THERE..... EITHER WAY, THERE ARE OTHER'S WHO SAW HIM GO INTO THE MAT AND DID NOTHING.

I have a sense of other's "wrapping up" old business in order to begin new....fresh starts...... "Taking care of past / old business"  "wrapping up lose ends"  in order to move forward..... WHY?   Seems as if someones personal plans / goal didn't coincide with reality..... There's feelings of loss, loneliness, disagreements, arrogance, false appearances and ultimately failure involved here.... Hence, this paints a picture of the WHAT HAPPENED a bit more clearly.....OR it is to me.... I feel as though KJ may have broken off a relationship with a girl for reason's which were out of his control in which he found himself behaving in ways he wouldn't have didn't line up with his goals and/or the direction he wanted his life to head..... Perhaps this relationship was more grief than good for him?  By doing this, not only did he bruise this girls ego, but made some additional enemies in the process (or just increased anger already present?) I believe there are family ties....and between this female, one of the other's may be a cousin or brother? However, I don't believe it is for this reason alone KJ would of been attacked, but due to an extreme exaggeration or even complete lie - told by or about this female to her brother / cousin? and friends which could of set into motion the need for Justice / Revenge, etc..... I WISH I COULD SAY WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT THESE INDIVIDUALS DID OR DIDN'T DO SOMETHING DIRECTLY TO KJ WHICH CAUSED HIS PASSING......But the truth is, they could have simply walked away after seeing him slip into the mat, and by doing nothing....that felt like revenge.....

And this is my personal belief based upon information I "received" of what happened, who may be involved and why KJ's life ended on January 10, 2013.    Did he suffocate?  Yes - I believe it's possible... Did he suffocate accidentally?  Again, Yes - I think it's possible....  Was he harmed and placed into the mat, which eventually caused his death?  Yes, that's possible as well......What I 'see' for sure is this:  Regardless of how KJ ended up inside of the mat, Other's were present and/or know that KJ went into that mat..... And did nothing and told no one at the school.   I'm not sure if the intent was to actually kill KJ as much as to teach him a lesson... So, it's very possible he passed away exactly as the Police Department said.....being upside down in the mats unable to free himself caused his suffocation :(    What isn't clear is the exact way he actually got into the mats.... I'm sorry.....  BUT, I don't think that through this new Investigation, the family will get answers....maybe not the one they're expecting, but something....Because I firmly feel other's involved in some way....and they know something about that day.

That being said.....Is there [or was there] a cover up of any kind.... Again , I think it's very likely.... Whether what happened was intention or accidental, those present, but did nothing, could be being protected.... I pick up on organizations....groups....etc. "sticking together"  Kinda makes me wonder if someone in the PD or Examiner's office knows something we don't....or has some relation to one of the individuals who share a part in this..... BUT, I wouldn't discard that the school itself is hiding something.... I've learned one thing while working for the ISD.... It's 100% politically driven, and those with connections or 'money' always get their way and say within the district.... I'm not saying this school is hiding anything, but it's possible.

I realize this is just my view / thoughts on this matter and although I truly believe in the way I obtain and recv insight into each case, missing or criminal, which I attempt to help out on, unfortunately, my insight- right or wrong- is just insight and will more than likely never help to advance or proceed this unjust tragedy into the light, revealing what truly happened.   I really believe that if this female was questioned, thoroughly, she'd be the one to crack.....

To the family, I wish you luck and peace and I pray that somehow you are able to at least find peace if not justice.
KJ is doing fine and says that Justice will be served and to be patient.  ;)   I hope this helps.

Always-  Steph

I realize there are some who believe it to be impossible for KJ to have fallen into the mat accidentally, but here is another blog which I found interesting.....(but either way it happened, I still believe in the 3 who know)
HOWEVER - If there's nothing to hide and KJ indeed die due to an accidental suffocation and no one was there to witness or no one saw anything or more importantly, no harm came to KJ by any other's, then why was video missing?  And not just any video is missing, but video of the most crucial time period of this entire investigation....."The time period AFTER KJ enter's the Gym up until the next class period begins" A full hour, missing.....VERY KEY HOURS   SEE THIS VIDEO

UPDATE  3.29.2014
I googled KJ to see if there were any updates and am amazed at the information most recently released and how it is almost exact as the reading I posted a while back.   I believe the email is a true confession and can't believe the police are not taking it seriously..... Unbelievable!    SEE THE EMAIL / VIDEO HERE

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American adventurer Harry Devert missing in Mexico!!

Blogger Contact Form

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to me
I'm not affiliated with this family, but I think they could really use your help.

His name is harry devert, he is an American adventurer who blogs about his trips, he is currently missing in Mexico, he seems to have done a lot of good in this world. Check it out, he might be being held hostage.


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Thanks for contacting me.... I will see what I can figure out on this and post it ASAP.  I will do all I can but make no promises.

One thing I can say about this situation, from my own 'personal' experience with my missing family in Mexico and my husband who's lived in the USA for almost 20 years, but from Mexico, is this:  They hold American's Hostage for only ONE reason:  To extort money from the families.... Once they capture an American, they quickly contact Family and demand a ransom for their safe return.... Once that ransom is paid, more often than not, they actual let the American go....sometimes they don't... Has the family recvd any ransom demands?  If not, then holding him hostage doesn't make sense.   Unless he's being held hostage by some type of law enforcement, etc... Either way, give me a day or two and I will post any information I can pick-up on re: his whereabouts...


OK- First thing I keep feeling is that those who took Harry away from where he was in Michoacan, were not real Police / Military, but disguised as such.... I think they drove him in the direction Harry was intending on heading towards in order to cause no suspicion....allowed him to eat, and he was then handed over to member of a Cartel, who then took control and took him elsewhere.  I think they may have believed he was Police....maybe undercover and took him to one of their camps, or such in order to find out his true identity.  I would begin searching along a road with a name containing Colorado, I believe......there's a dirt road leading from a main road which will take you to this area.  BY NO MEANS ATTEMPT TO TRAVEL THESE ROADS AND FIND JUSTICE YOURSELF AND DO NOT TRUST THE POLICE THERE....  YOU MUST CONVINCE THE US AUTHORITIES TO TAKE CONTROL OF THIS AND THAT IS NOT AN EASY TASK IN ITSELF.... I'M SORRY.

Unfortunately, due to the amount of time which has passed, I do not feel as though they spared his life, for in their minds he was probably a cop, DEA, or such (Especially since the recent arrest of one of the most powerful Cartel leaders in Mexico where the DEA was involved) And Harry served no purpose for them... If he is alive, it's not under good conditions, so time is essential.     

I feel as though he will be found in the summer sometime very near his desired destination of Zihuatanejo...within 15 miles +/- in a remote location, probably near the beach....I'm sorry

I wish I had more to share at this time and if I pick up anything else, I will be sure to let you know.   I will pray for the family and his safety.... 

UPDATE = July 2014

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