Wednesday, July 9, 2014

JOELLE ANN LOCKWOOD- Missing Evansville, IN

I've been requested by several to work this case....


FIRST, there's been some who've thought this case and Kristy Kelley's case were related and I in no way feel any relationship between these two young women's disappearance.

I get Joelle to have been somewhat troubled.....I think her circle of friends were shady to say the least and I don't feel as though her children were with her often?  Did her children live away from her?   I do not see them "living" with her.  Anyway, I feel she was a depressed person with many issue's.... I do believe she was an addict - both upper's and downers (speed / heroin?)  She may have been trying recently to clean up, but she was struggling.   There's a younger (I think--looks younger maybe?) (dark hair) male involved who I believe she trusted and she shouldn't have.    I think she was trying to leave on her own, going somewhere....maybe she got a ride somewhere and things went bad elsewhere, later on.    I'm not so sure she's in Evansville....

I think Joelle was trying to get somewhere to party....Spending money she didn't have.  I think she got in debt with someone for drugs (sorry....this is what I get)  And they wanted payment "somehow".... She may have rejected and things went bad..... I also feel as though something may have sent her over the edge... loss of job, relationship, kids, etc... and she was like "fuck it"..... Possible overdose / cover-up involved as well... What happened to Joelle I believe was accidental..... whether it was a OD or foul play, I don't think there was ever an intention to purposely inflict harm - In either situation, things got out of hand, I feel.  She didn't face the reality of situations often.....And she trusted the wrong people way too often.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND, I IN NO WAY AM BLAMING HER FOR HER DISAPPEARANCE.  I'M ONLY DESCRIBING CIRCUMSTANCES I SEE AND FEEL WHICH LED TO HER DISAPPEARANCE..... If I'm way off base in regards to Joelle and her life, I apologize in advance... But this is what I get....?

If in Evansville- I would start looking near places drugs would be purchased / near a party house / areas like this....Possibly even motels (Drury Inn?)  But prob. not... I'm thinking more like cheap, run down type....

I'm still working on this case and will continue to post sometime this evening... I just have to attend to personal issues, kids, my home, etc... Keep checking back for remainder of reading / maps, etc...
OK-- The more I think about it, the more I think she's not too far off from where she disappeared from.... I honestly think she just got in over her head somehow and couldn't reverse the situation.

I feel if I've been abandoned.... That leads my mind to buildings, but I simply don't know... If she was buried/"disposed of" (burned) I hate saying that...., then you'll be looking for someones private property.... If not and she was just abandoned, then it could be in a old drug house or nearby... Perhaps the creek I picked up on Kristy Kelley relates to Joelle?
I keep getting the name Jeff for some reason...Also Shawn, Dale or Dan... Could mean nothing.  I will keep tryng on this case....

If something happened and she was abandoned in a run down, abandoned place, these places are nearby and maybe some who live nearby would have a better idea.  THOUGHT..... If she was abandoned AND deceased as I feel, almost for certain, there would have been a strong odor (sorry) I'm not 100% she's deceased.....

Oh MY.... I just "saw" Joelle?? I believe in a abandoned vehicle ..... greyish/green? in color I think...hard to tell....older like a chevelle or something.... crushed / damaged...I don't know cars too well.....
and this entire area, linked below has interest for me..... a lot....?

and finally, this spot....lot's of water, hidden roads, creeks, trees, etc....

JOELLE LOCKWOOD Found! ALIVE and SAFE. Joelle was found earlier this evening, apparently inside of someones apartment. While finding her alive and well is GREAT news for her family-- who never gave up hope, one can't help but wonder what happened? Police have said this IS a Criminal Investigation....But here's what we know.... No one was arrested in this situation and Joelle was found alone in this apartment.... I would think since Police are calling this a Criminal Act with an ongoing Investigation, I'd assume she was being held against her will.... an "abduction". You'd also think police would have made this portion of her disappearance available, with a description of who to be on the look out for, since again, we know that she was found alone- hence no arrest.... But police nor the family have said anything more other than she was found and is safely at home with her family and they would like the public to respect their privacy at this time..... I'm so very happy for the family and friends who have their friend / daughter / sister / etc. back safely in their home, I truly hope Joelle now knows for sure, if she already didn't, how much her family and friends love her. I also hope that the Evansville Police Department will let the public know who's responsible for this and what they look like so it doesn't happen to anyone else.

ARREST MADE....TWO.....  This is amazing at how the events are unfolding according to my reading for Kristy... ??

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