Monday, February 17, 2014

BABY LISA IRWIN: New area needs to be searched

This area and which ever dump/landfill this area and dumpsters are disposed in need to be searched.
ALSO:  Where is baby Lisa's PLAYPEN... I believe something is inside of it which was overlooked.

FEB 28, 2014 - DEBORAH BRADLEY - I had a VERY vivid dream, again last night, but this time it was all about you.   I saw you clearly having an extra-marital affair on the night your beautiful, only daughter vanished forever.   I saw what happened.   I saw WHO this affair was with and I heard his name. "D"  I saw a red SUV and who drove it "J" and other people around "M", "M", "D" and I think, "C"  etc... and in this very moment, you know that what I saw is correct.   I do not know any of you and a few of the names I heard and faces I saw have not (from what I know) ever been associated with your daughter's disappearance..... Not "publicly" anyway, and I'm not going to put their names out there either.  That's not my place or my concern at this point.... I'm reaching out to you hoping that for once since this entire nightmare took place, you will push everything else aside and put your daughter...your babies interest ahead of your own.....    I also saw that you've come close to wanting to tell the truth on more than one occasion, but you are afraid.

Have you ever thought about how afraid your daughter was?    She depended on YOU...No one else, just you.   Her Mom.     I can promise you this, Deborah:    Everything.....EVERYTHING which is hidden comes to the surface and becomes exposed, eventually.    It's the circle of life....Karmic forces....Our universes way of balancing.     The truth always reveals itself and/or  Karma's returned 10 fold, good and bad.    When this happens, it will be completely out of your control and it's consequences will be devastating. YOU have control now, and you can lessen the devastation of what's soon to come your way,  by doing the right thing, now, on your own, and making things right within yourself, your family, and most of all - YOUR daughter.      After everything, doesn't your daughter at least deserve this much from you Deborah?     There comes a time when you quit protecting yourself / other's and do what's right and protect your daughter and "free her".     And I guarantee you will set in motion a much lesser consequence, with circumstances more to your advantage with the ability to negotiate the outcome of yourself - Whereas if this comes out on it's own, and it will, you will be powerless.  

It's not my intent to see you or anyone I "saw" pay for what's happened to your daughter - My only concern is finding your daughter.  But whether she's found due to my insight, police investigation, by accident, another's confession due to guilt, or by her MOM, she will be found.    Wouldn't you like for her to know, without a doubt, that she meant more to you than what she got and you really do love her, more than you love you self?   Well, you can still show her this.    You can have control of what and how this ends before it happens on it's own.    I'VE SEEN THE OUTCOME - It's truly in your advantage to do the right thing, your self.     You can't control this situation and people forever - You can only control your self and your own destiny by preparing now and doing what's right.

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