Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Austin Lingard and Jazmin Smallwood (Flores) WAXAHACHIE teens missing By: Stephanie Almaguer

Austin Lingard and Jazmin Smallwood (Flores) have both been missing for a couple of day's now and since they are dating, it's presumed they ran away together....  HERE'S WHAT I "GET".....

This is all about new beginnings, new ideas/plans, full-filling desires

We've got bold, passionate, excitement and spontaneous actions here.... However, I do see that this will end and one or both will return on their own... Boredom set's in quickly.  They left on highway...driving--An argument will lead the way for their return

I believe it was a determination of wills that brought this on, perhaps even anger.... One of these two often do things just to get a rise out of others.... There's financial issue's going on and life isn't going very smoothly right now... Indications of job loss by someone which has caused a lot of stress??

Basically, I see two who feel much passion...however, there's also a betrayal and secret's involved?? which caused embarrassment and hurt feelings...  We're dealing with selfish and shallow actions.

Is it possible?? that one of these two teens have a father who lives out of town and they could have gone there?  Could even be someone one of them see's as a father figure??  Just a thought

I think these two left together willingly, but there's a twist involved, perhaps some anger and betrayed feelings?? But will return safely, on their own, I believe....

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