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UPDATE: Baby Lisa Irwin~Items of interest found! By Stephanie Almaguer

Below is an email I got in re: to missing Baby Lisa (Lisa Irwin; Kansas City, Mo missing infant)
Mrs. Almaguer,

I created this email account so that I could communicate a few things to you...only because I believe you should know.  Doing what you've been doing in trying to help locate missing person's is not an easy job; Especially how you are doing it.  I've watched since the beginning of your "appearance" into the  Lisa Irwin disappearance with amazement.  I'm one of very few LE who believe in such abilities and think you deserve some validation, if only for your own piece of mind...If you choose to post this publicly on your blog, I ask, please, that you do so under your own name & make no reference to the email address in which my information came from.    (If it have made some non-believer's, semi-believer's)  Posting this on your blog will never change the opinions of those who don't believe in what you do & could cause you more grief.  That being said, if I were you, I too would want to post some type of validation into your foresight and ability on this or any case if given the opportunity.  I'm not telling you this because I have to, I'm telling you because you deserve it.  I've seen all of the other missing person cases you've posted on with great accuracy and have to say it's incredible.  Maybe one day society will change and at least consider the possibilities you could bring to the table in such cases, but until then, don't give up.  Many LE agencies DO read your blog.

The "well" the searchers found in the area you described in great detail is owned/operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers and not only will it not be drained, it can't be drained.  I will not go into detail regarding what KCPD did or didn't / is or isn't doing into an investigation regarding the well, but I will say that the area is of interest and items have been located in and/or surrounding the area(s) you "saw" and drew.  (and for the record, many of what you saw/drew and described can NOT be seen on Google maps or elsewhere online...believe me, we've checked)   We also know for fact that you have not ever traveled to the KC area. You also never stated that Lisa Irwin was "in a well"- Your words were, "She's in a hole of sorts, that carried water to another source of water".   The fact is, what the searches found is indeed what you stated and not really a "well" at all....but rather an overflow flood drainage system put into place which actually begins at different levee's elsewhere and ultimately connects to and drains into the Missouri River. There is miles of underground piping (culverts) which lead to this "overflow well" and flow into the river.  To drain the "well" would be to drain the river- It can't be done.

I am not saying that Lisa Irwin was placed inside of that particular hole....In fact, as you stated, she was probably placed in one the "leads" to the hole or so called "well" the searcher's stumbled across & that being said, KCPD and other local authorities are devising ways in which the underground system can be explored....but understand this is not an easy task and can not be done as quickly as the public wants.

I will end this with "good job" and hopefully one day you will receive the credit you rightly deserve on not just Lisa Irwin's case, but the many, many other's you have and will provide useful information on.

Best of luck to you always.

I tried replying to his email to say "thank you", but my email was returned to me saying email address not valid.  So, I will publicly say Thank you on my blog to whoever you are.  I know you will eventually solve this case and those responsible will pay!
To this day, I still do not have a clear picture of the exact spot the searcher's found the drainage/flood well, but I did google the area and try to find leeve's or culverts that looked like they may lead to this well/river...lots of areas with MANY culverts, etc....from the house to where the "well" was found....Lisa WAS placed in this area....We're "over thinking" everything...Simplify it...leave the house....walk a short distance with BL to meet someone in a car (10 mins)(hence the phone call) drive a short distance, hide BL, close off the road, but hidden- water - culvert that "flows" (15-20 mins).....get dropped off near where apt. trash fire was....burn / get rid of anything (clothing, etc...) you don't want found / smelled / etc...and walk back home -& (IMO) "go back to work"


  1. So....................The LAW knows the answers and as soon as they have what they're looking for, other than sweet BL....ALL involved will pay their dues! If it were me, I'd come clean - spill the beans before hand & not piss off le who's putting time, effort & money into what someone could tell them.....and I'd be the 0ne to make the "deal" before anyone else did....Im just sayin.....

  2. Thank you for posting this as it explains a great deal. I never have understood why they wouldn't drain that "well" that we found. And, no, there is NO WAY the "well" or even the "waterfall" could be seen on Google maps.

    I also want to thank the LE that emailed you for giving us some peace of mind! This case still haunts me and this eases my mind some. I believe this email to be from the LE because he or she was correct about who owns that well and only those of us who were there know that much detail about it. Yes, it was federal land but we were not fully aware of that at the time. It wasn't until later that we learned that and why it wasn't a good idea to go there anymore.

    I don't know if they will ever find her if what we believe is true. Another person commented that she could have been washed into the damnable river. Possibly. Though, we had a very mild winter and not a whole lot of rain. Makes me sick to think about it. I mean, this is a poor lost child that we're talking about! That is one reason I have a hard time letting this go. A baby is still missing. One who lived quite near me.

    Just remembered that the river would have been high at the time of her disappearance. Last summer, the US Army Corps of Engineers broke the levees in North Dakota which caused the Missouri to rise quite high. The entire city was scrambling to sandbag and everything else around that river system. The water was still high in October. That is my recollection at any rate. I could be mistaken.

    The officer we spoke to on the day of the search told us that the entire area was of interest to the LE and, yes, there were some that believed Steph! I know they can't be open about it. I felt like it was dropped after that and I was bitter about the whole thing. But now I know the truth and it helps to know this and that KCPD is still on this case. I suppose it is true that more happens behind the scenes that we don't have any clue about. It also gives me some sort of satisfaction to know that, just maybe, our search was not in vain.

    1. Nicole, ANYTIME......A N Y T I M E you take your free, personal time and search or a missing it a baby or adult, it's never in vein....You did what was right, and found an spot in the area that has turned out to be pretty key... I thank everyone who believed and searched....or didn't believe, but searched anyway! SLOWLY but surely, all the cases I've posted on are validating my "abilities", IMO...too bad more LE minds are not open to me rather than believe that anyone like myself who claims this ability is only out to scam.... Together, imagine what we could possibly accomplished.....

  3. Yay {{{{{{steph}}}}}}}

  4. Good job Steffy! I live in Wax also and just did a post or two on some trash blogs that were talking trash about you, your wonderful ability and if they only knew....Looks like you really don't care about what anyone else thinks any-hoo- Pretty soon they'll all "see", if you know what I mean. Thanks for being brave & doing what you do. Karma x's 1000 will be gifted in your favor when the time is right. You'll see... Can you imagine the Karma awaiting Nancy "farts so she can smell them" Grace? omg- Wonder if she was just born a bitch or if she just turned that way cause something bad happened and now she uses it as an excuse to be hateful, rude, and condescending to everyone except gay levi, profiler who can't get a job, pat and her twins....ok, Im done...feel much better too! :)

  5. lisa irwins parents on abc this morning

  6. That was really cool that someone in LE posted that.

    Stephanie, what can you say about someone having used the Irwins' credit card to purchase a baby's name change (or something to that effect) in Great Britain?

    1. it wasn't a baby naming change or anything to that effect. it was for office supplies or something to that effect!

  7. @Shelly- I posted on my Public FB re: this....
    In short....just more lies and diversion tactics, IMO (obviously, if email above is correct, right?)......Unbelievable

  8. I haven't checked in to your blog in awhile but was thinking of the Irwin case a few days ago and wondering if it was any closer to being solved. I came here because I just knew you would have all the latest info. I have to tell you I admire your strength and courage to stand up tall and NOT be bullied into a corner from all of the verbal attacks you have had to endure. You will be vindicated very soon but in the meantime always remember for all of the non-believer's the time will be coming very soon when they will have no choice but to believe.

  9. God bless this little angel were ever she may be. We probably will never know for positive but we all have our opinions and feelings and I believe she more then likely is with God and the angels in heaven.


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