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MISSING - Lyric Cook & her cousin Elizabeth Collins By: Stephanie Almaguer

I was asked on  my missing person’s FB PAGE  to do SEVERAL readings on some missing person’s…..this is one of them.

When they were reported missing, a search team found both of the girls bikes about a mile from their home, at the shores of a small lake; Meyers Lake.  However, a search by police diver’s found no sign of the girls anywhere in the lake.   Later, police watched surveillance video from a business near the lake which clearly showed the girls on their bikes, but heading AWAY from the lake, back towards their home…..Indicating the girls WERE not in the lake, and perhaps the bikes placed there by another…….later????
 ** REMEMBER….WHAT I’M LENDING IS NOT NECESARRILY A  LOCATION, BUT HOPEFULLY SOME FACTS SURROUNDING                                                                                                                                                      WHAT MAY HAVE HAPPENED.  In addition......I color-coordinated area’s of the reading that I believed “went together” to create a picture / scenario of what may have happened......
 I attempted to get the basic answers to a set of  questions I’ve using lately on all missing person cases; And pulled the Tarot in trying to answer:                 

WHO (Not necessarily WHO is responsible, but could be WHO’S idea?? WHO’S “Involved” etc…)  :     The Queen of Cups reversed suggests the involvement of a women who’s:  feeling out of touch with emotions; forced to restrict how they are really feeling deep inside; struggling to express their self effectively, instead bottling up feelings internally. By not dealing with these emotional issues, they will eventually reach boiling point, stress levels may increase and the ability to cope with everyday issues could suffer.
When The Queen of Cups appears reversed, it also describes one who  may be allowing their imagination to run away with them & one who just can’t be depended on right now, living in their own world of unreal fantasies.…Allowing emotions to take hold, unable to think clearly with their head….. becoming easily overwhelmed by emotion, becoming moody, unstable, brooding, suspicious, and overly secretive.
This women is currently an overemotional wreck who can be driven to manipulative and vindictive behavior, with mood swings - making life difficult for others and emotionally draining on those around you. She may tend to play the emotional heartstrings to her advantage.  Within herself, she may also harbor angst and self-loathing
The reversed Queen of Cups can indicate an over-reliance on other people’s emotional responses, which may result in a co-dependency type relationship…..nurtures for the sake of inducing dependency, and places undue importance on being in a relationship, no matter what its quality. She probably abuses alcohol and substances, particularly if this abuse is driven by her emotional state (i.e. drinks more when stressed, feeling upset).

WHAT [WHAT'S INVOLVED]:   The King of Swords is a symbol of intellectual power and authority, and has the courage and intellect to accomplish all that he desires. He represents judgment, command, and ruler-ship. His character indicates stern leadership whose emotions must be kept in check under pressure.. Therefore, they’re able to remain “detached and objective” in a specific situation, in order to ascertain the truth and seek out only the facts; Using intellect to prove a point and succeed.  Many judges, attorney’s, etc….are represented by a King of Swords.
This card is referring TO A MALE [OR ONE WHO'S ACTING IN THIS MANNER] & SHOWING WHAT IS POSSIBLY [INVOLVED] THAT LED TO THE GIRLS DISAPPEARANCE.    This man would be described as: One very stern but fair in their role;  clarity of mind and can perceive the truth, always.  He’s well-positioned to judge a situation appropriately and identify the limiting behaviors that are getting in the way of something. This was a time when he had to leave emotions out of his decision making- and remain as objective and rational as possible- possibly having to reason with others and be quite direct about what he was observing- And although there may have been some concerned that he isn’t/wasn’t being particularly caring or sympathetic- at this point in time, this detachment is what is needed most.
Oftentimes, the King of Swords represents a professional advisor, such as an attorney, (as I stated above) who has a solid reputation and a vast amount of knowledge in his particular field, able to provide their client with objective, well-researched advice about their own situation. He is completely impartial, and will draw upon his experience and his innate knowledge of the rules, systems and structures that are in place. He may come across as detached or disinterested in their clients personal circumstances, unless it relates specifically to the type of advice he is giving-priding himself in his expertise and qualifications, he’s likely to charge a high fee for his services. Nonetheless, he offers the rigor and specialist knowledge that’s needed.
In addition, this card can also be referring to one who needs or will need the services of an attorney – for current or even possible -expecting changes within a particular circumstances to arise that will require expert advice, seeking advice before they happen. That way, if/when they do roll through, they’re  ready to demand rights and seek an outcome that benefits them.
The King of Swords represent a man of the highest ethical standards who’s impossible to corrupt and as such he acts as a pillar of strength who gives sound advice to everyone, no matter who they are. What is more, he firmly expects others to operate by the rules of the law and will not tolerate others who break the law.  Talking about someone other than a judge or attorney, Such as a father, for example, he will become very angry if his children do not follow the ‘house rules’.

WHY:   *Desperation & unreal / fantasy thoughts* The Tens in Tarot represent the completion of a cycle, and thus with the Ten of Wands, one has reached the end of a cycle after a period of struggle-finally reaping rewards after investing a lot of hard work and effort, something has been “fulfilled – finished” - and now one must deal with the consequences of that fulfillment. (DIVORCE?  Now BEING ALONE TO RAISE A CHILD??)   Often, in the heat of the moment, or in rash thinking, we become so determined to see something through, and when we complete the task, we’re left with…why?  Even in circumstances where it may have been the best for us, those are the things we struggle with accepting the most.
The Ten of Wands suggests that even with the achievement of a goal, there comes with it great responsibilities and commitments. A point of completion was accomplished, BUT now there’s an awareness that they must now carry on with the responsibilities they’ve laid out for them self, in order to ensure ongoing success. The trouble is, however, that these responsibilities may become too much to bear and they’re struggling to let go. (OF UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS / HABIT’S??)   It is a bit like the business owner who creates a flourishing business but who is unprepared to delegate some of his/her responsibilities to the staff, and ends up working 70-80 hours a week. The inspiration and creativity that got that business thriving rapidly disappears, and everything becomes hard work all too quickly. Thus, it is incredibly important to let go of or delegate some responsibilities in order to have some free time & still enjoy life.
This card can also mean that someone’s being oppressed by outside sources- over-worked, over-tired and/or over-stimulated with more on their plate than they can handle.   SOMETIMES WHEN WE ARE FEELING LIKE THIS, WE OFTEN BEGIN DOING THINGS, SUBCONSCIOUSLY, WHICH MAY MAKE US FEEL BETTER – SUCH US FINDING WAYS TO HOLD ON TO THAT WHICH WE HAVE OR NEED TO LET GO OF??)  JUST A THOUGHT HERE….AND GOES RIGHT ALONG WITH “WHEN” THE GIRLS APPEAR TO HAVE BEEN TAKEN……??

WHEN:    The Knight of Wands reversed indicates delays and frustration, getting nowhere, and feeling anger at obstacles and at being denied what they want to have. This card, in the reversed position, represents a loss of personal power or the negative use of power. It can indicate someone trying to camouflage or compensate for their inability to control a situation. Accompanying emotions may involve a loss of self-esteem and pessimism.
This card, when reversed, shows A YOUNG ADULT (GENERALLY MALE, BUT CAN BE FEMALE) WHO WAS (IS) EXPERIENCING THE BAHAVIOR’S OF THIS CARD WHEN THE GIRLS WENT MISSING:  They’re impulsive, restless, impatient and lacking in foresight. They’re so focused to just pursue their own interests or hurry things along that they fail to really understand whether they’ll be successful or what the consequences of their actions will be-rushing into things without even thinking them through….acting impulsively, doing or saying things that they’ll later regret.  Desiring everything to be ‘fixed’ straight away and have everything working out just as it should be, or the way they feel it should be anyway, they don’t think through what is best for them or anyone else.   In addition, this card points to a time of being frustrated that there are certain factors impacting their life / situation which they have no control of.

WHERE:    The Ten of Swords usually symbolizes a sudden and unexpected failure or disaster, whereby (AGAIN) a power beyond ones control crushes them without warning or mercy. (THE GIRLS)
Sometimes these events / course of action- can be altered - but most of the time there’s nothing that can be done.   This card can also indicate being backstabbed or betrayed by someone trusted. As such, the Ten of Swords is often associated with feeling the ‘victim’ in a situation, feeling powerless as something comes to a crashing and sudden end by someone’s backstabbing / attack.   (ONE OF THE PARENT’S?)     The ‘victim’ represented by this card, craves pity from others with a small sigh of, “Poor me!” Using this disastrous time to portray themselves as a martyr, showing that they’ve put their interests last but has suffered as a result.
The Ten of Swords also indicates a difficult experience of endings, loss, pain or release. However, the saving grace is that they have a new awareness and a positive sense of relief that the difficulty and pain will soon be over and will evolve into something new. (or that’s their hopes/plans) As with all endings there will be a new beginning, a rebirth, and a rejuvenation of the spirit. Furthermore, this is the final ordeal, and no more pain will come to them from that source. They hold to the belief that It is darkest before the dawn, and as gloomy as it looks, the sun will rise again. It can only get better from here.
The Ten of Swords is about letting go and accepting current circumstances-no longer resisting change but allow it to happen, even if it causes some initial pain and hurt; Accepting that there must be change in order to facilitate renewal, and allow it to occur rather than fighting it.
It is worth noting that the Ten of Swords is very similar to the Death card of the Major Arcana. It is not necessarily a literal indication of actual death but is instead evidence of an impending change or ending which may initially be difficult to accept.

HOW:   Reversed, the Empress suggests a loss of personal power through placing too much emphasis on another person’s emotional or material needs, thus neglecting their own. The reversed position of this card deals with indecisiveness concerning others and confusion about the direction a relationship may be taking. They may also be finding it difficult to work cooperatively with others. The reason for this lack of harmony is likely to be within them self.
Regarding relationships- this person’s feeling very challenged because they have no avenue to express their true thoughts and feelings and bottle a lot of it up inside.  OBVIOUSLY, THE EMPRESS CARD REPRESENTS A WOMEN….BUT EVEN MORE-SO, IT OFTEN IS MORE SPECIFIC TO A MOTHER…OR SOMEONE WHO MAY BE PREGNANT….CAN EVEN BE SOMEONE, IF WITHOUT CHILDREN, IS VERY MOTHER LIKE….The women/mother being described in this reversed Empress more than likely has a dependence on other people’s feelings, indicating that she may be playing a waiting game now to see how her “partner” reacts and what emotion he’ll display.  (But, a waiting game due to what?….EXACTLY- this is where I’m going with these cards)  Obviously, it’s best not to do this but instead work through emotions independently – away from him.
You may also be overprotective of someone you love and this is straining your relationship. Be mindful that you are not becoming a smothering, demanding mother. Are you ‘mothering’ your partner, friends, or family too much? Be careful not to overdraw on the characteristics of the upright Empress. You may need to follow the example of the High Priestess who listens to her inner psyche for the answers.
More generally, the Empress reversed indicates that one’s feeling discontented because something is missing or lacking in their life, or because they’re want to find something creative, meaningful or fulfilling to do but don’t know what and is depressed or negative. Work and life in general can feel laborious and mundane. This is not a time to think, act or do. They’re already overloaded and mental pursuits will not give them what they need…They’re not even emotionally stable enough to think clearly anyway…. Further attempts to follow your intellect or reasoning mind (which is currently on vacation) will only cause frustration or lead you astray. **THIS  COULD  EXPLAIN  HOW  ONE’S  REASONING  (LACK OF) LED  THEM  TO  ACT IRRATIONALLY,  DOING  SOMETHING  THEY’D  LATER  REGRET,  BUT  GAVE  INSTANT GRATIFICATION TO A LONELY, DOUBTING, CONFUSSED, LOST, SELF-LOATHING, CO-DEPENDANT, NEEDY PERSON…..’ATTENTION,  PITY,  A HUSBAND,  FREEDOM  FROM  RESPONSIBILITY,  ETC.’
The Empress reversed may also indicate issues with pregnancy, whether it is infertility or an unwanted pregnancy – even someone not accepting their motherly responsibility or the opposite – being overly protective.
I do believe that the girls we’re met on the road by someone they “trusted” – this person put their bikes in the back and the girls got in. – The bikes were later taken back to the lake, obviously for deceptive purposes.  I also believe that one person acted alone in this, but broke and confided in another - & for now, the “other” is silent & may have even assisted in a latter clean up…..of sorts…..AS FAR AS THE CARD IN THE “WHAT” category, I think this is our “other” person, as far as “support”……The only other answer to that card, IMO….The girls are not really missing and have just been hidden away until their father goes to trial for their own safety.....LOT'S OF POSSIBILITIES HERE.....THE GIRLS DISAPPEARING WOULD DELAY ONE OF THE PARENT'S FROM GOING TO PRISON, PERHAPS.....I CAN SEE BOTH THE MOM AND DAD DESIRING THIS.....THE DAD, WELL, CAUSE WHO WANT'S TO GO TO PRISON AND THE MOM BECAUSE SHE'S SO CO-DEPENDENT, SHE RATHER BE WITH A DRUG-DEALIN, WIFE BEATER THAN BE ALONE - SAD...I KNOW.   AND THEN YOU HAVE THE DEALER'S THE DAD WAS SNITCHIN ON.  LET'S HOPE IF THIS IS THE CASE, THE ONES WHO TOOK THE GIRLS, "GET THEIR WAY" AND RETURNS THEM SAFELY.....And obviously, There's your random abductor who may fit the profile above.........That being said, experience in these cases & LE in general- has taught me it's difficult enough for a stranger to abduct one child in broad daylight hours, much less 2.....So, either the girls went willing because they knew their abductor, or there was more than one abductor, atleast one male and female. TIME WILL TELL

I'm gonna go out on a limb w/my intuition, what I "see, hear and feel" and the number value of the cards-  and say the girls traveled Northerly-  20-25 miles   I unfortunately see both of them on dry land, but at a river/creek/water source.  Seems like I see a public area, but a remote spot, like a large park or conservation area- Looking at a map, this is the first place which grabbed my attention-


  1. I think it's important to note......Even if Drug dealers took the girls as a threat to silence Lyrics father from snitching them out, the odds of the girls simply being released AFTER Lyrics dad goes to jail are very slim... Why would a kidnapper release TWO girls, who were of age to "know" what was going on, who they were and describe them perfectly.....In addition, if this was the case, there would have to be some point in this time where the dealers contact the father...someone to inform that the girls are alive and will remain that way so long as he keeps his mouth shut. If this has happened, then we just don't know about it. Unfortunately, it looks like one or both of the parent's have a hand in this.....either for selfish reason's....or for manipultive reason's regarding their pending case......

  2. Look what I found just now thought u might want to see this
    Two bodies have been found in a wooded area by hunters on Wednesday, and there is speculation they may belong to two cousins who went missing last summer.

    Black Hawk County sheriff's Capt. Rick Abben said during a press conference that an examination by the state medical examiners office would be needed for identification of the remains that were found, reports the Des Moines Register.

    Abben released very little information and declined to say the sex of the bodies or ages or exactly where they had been found.

    Lyric Morrisey, 10, and Elizabeth Collins, 8, from Evansdale, Iowa in Black Hawk County went missing after they didn't return home from a bike ride on July 13, 2012. They were last seen around 12:30 p.m. in downtown Evansdale by a shop owner and their bikes were found on a bike trail on the southeast corner of Meyers Lake.

    © 2012 Microsoft Corporation© 2012 Nokia

    Location: meyers lake evansdale
    42.461528778076 ; -92.290435791016 .
    "We're still holding out complete hope that it's not them," Carrie Yu of Elk Run Heights told USA Today. Yu helped searched for the two girls after they went missing.

    Another press conference is scheduled for Thursday
    Mary D

  3. this is not the only 1 i seen if u want i can post the others to

  4. This was the two missing girls found. Thank you very much for letting me know. Do you know where they were found? Reports do not give a location- not one I could find?? Thanks. Which other's have been found? People I've posted on? Again, thanks so much for your help.

  5. heres more info, i did have a dream about theses 2 but will not put it on here

    Authorities have confirmed they have found the bodies of 2 missing cousins from Evansdale. The Black Hawk County Sheriff's office did not release a lot of new details during a press conference Thursday. However, authorities did shed more light on the area where the girls' bodies were found.

    A captain with the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Department says bodies presumed to be Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook were found in the Seven Bridges Park in rural Bremer County. The park is about 22-miles north of Evansdale where the girls disappeared. The park is closed to the public and will remain closed until at least Monday, so investigators can search for evidence.

    Seven Bridges Park is very large and the Sheriff's Department is not sure if the area where the bodies were found was searched before. The spot where the hunters made the discovery is not along the road. Also, during the press conference authorities said the bodies have not been positively identified, but they are certain they have found the missing girls.

    "At this time law enforcement is confident based upon evidence at the scene and preliminary investigation that the bodies found yesterday are those of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins," says Captain Rick Abben with the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Department, "We have no one else that's missing in this area, but we have 2 bodies that were found. They were smaller in stature and we have no reason to think other at this time."

    The Sheriff's Department is still treating the case as an abduction. Investigators are leaning towards calling it a homicide, but that has not officially happened. No information about a suspect in the girls' disappearance has ben released. A reward is still being offered for information that will lead to an arrest.


    PREVIOUS UPDATE: The mother of one of the two cousins who went missing in Evansdale, Iowa last July said Wednesday evening that two bodies discovered earlier that day are those of the girls.

    Heather Collins posted the following statement on her Facebook page:

    "We have been so blessed by the [outpouring] of all the (prayers) and support tonight with the gut wrenching news that my beautiful daughter and niece's bodies were found by hunters today. This was [not] the outcome we wanted but we know that they are up in heaven with our Savior and [our] nightmare of where they are and what is happening to them has been answered.

    Lord, we know that you have them in your loving arms and we are so blessed [f]or that."

    Investigators have not yet confirmed the identity of the bodies. They also will not yet say exactly where the bodies were discovered. However, several sources tell KWWL-TV the bodies were found in a wooded area of the 7 Bridges Park in rural Bremer County. The park is 22-miles north of Evansdale, where the girls went missing last July.

    At a late afternoon news conference, Capt. Rick Abben announced they are still waiting for positive identification by the Iowa Medical Examiner's Office in Ankeny, where the bodies have been sent.

    Authorities and members of the community have been searching for 10-year-old Lyric Cook and 8-year-old Elizabeth Collins since the girls disappeared on July 13th. Their bikes were found near a lake by their home in Evansdale, Iowa. The lake is near Interstate 380, just outside of Waterloo.

    Abben said "It's not the outcome we wanted" and that the girl's families have been notified of the discovery. He said the families wished to thank the community for all its support and asked for privacy at this time.

  6. U hit it right on the nose by what I put above great job steph.I have a friend on fb that her friends son is missing where can i leave the info at ive tryed lots of times to add u on there & cant.Well i sure hope the person that did this gos to prison for life. Its a very sad ending.
    Mary D


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