Monday, September 17, 2012

AVERY WORKMAN~ Missing Colorado Teen By: Stephanie Almaguer

Here's the missing young girls Poster.  As soon as I can "work" her case, I will post it on here.  I just wanted to get her missing poster "out to the public".  I will say- My first "thought" when reading this was someone she worked with may be involved....But until I really work this case, I'm not sure..... :(

------------------9/17/2012 (late) or early 9/18/2012...However you see it :)
She's alive..YEA!.I just know it..zi think we're looking for a rebellious teen and older man - Look North/NW - she left willingly / secretly....Here's my written reading below.


  1. Everytime you post, I just say wow every time. Have you not read on this young girl? You are dead on! She needs a long grounding..... Here's the link -

    Good job steph...No, great job as usual.

  2. Damn, Steph, you give me chills. You really do have a gift. Stop doubting your instincts! I know, easier said than done.


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