Sunday, November 11, 2012

MISSING- Amber Skye Mickelson from Bedford, TX By: Stephanie Almaguer

This young girl is missing & was asked by A FB friend on my missing FB page who shared her info/photo with me.  She went missing just about 45 mins from my home.....& I was just asked to see if I could "get" or "pick up" anything on her.....I believe this young girl is ok and was NOT kidnapped.  I do believe she'll be home very soon & that she left because of issues at home.  There may be a boy involved and other issue's.  I pray I'm correct and she returns home safely, very soon.   If anyone hears any updates, please update this posting.  Thank you-


  1. Thank you for all your efforts on these children. (and adults) This girl lives near us and she in fact is back home and had just ran away. She's done it before and she'll do it again, unfortunately. :(

  2. Returned home...

  3. Thank you very much.....It strengthens my faith in the possibility of using my ability to help the missing whenever I get a case correct.... But most of all, it's always awesome when these cases have happy endings!


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