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CHAD ROGERS~ Young Liberty, MO Father / Husband --Missing

We're missing a young man named Chad Rogers. Any thoughts on what has happened to him? You tend to be accurate!
Hi Nicole. Is he still ? Let me see what I can come up with.

LIBERTY, Mo. (AP) - Police in northwest Missouri are using dogs in the search for a Liberty man who failed to return home from an evening run.
KSHB-TV reports 30-year-old Chad Rogers is an experienced marathon runner. He recently moved with his wife and young son from Jefferson City, where he was a youth church leader, to Liberty to be closer to family members.
Rogers remained missing Tuesday night after going for a run about 8:30 p.m. Monday. Police said K-9 units picked up his scent late Tuesday afternoon on a trail near Liberty Middle School.
Friends were organizing a search, but police asked them to put the effort on hold to avoid interfering with the dogs.
Rogers is 5-foot-10 with a shaved head and several tattoos. His father describes him as a stay-at-home dad.

Information from: KSHB-TV,

My very first thought here, is an accident....But then, I hear things like :
financial worry, sabotage, fear, anxiety, escape, etc...So, I'm not sure....
The obvious thought for most, nothing psychic, is that it's possible he was hit by a vehicle - like, a hit and run. Problem with this- he'd be easily found....This is why a thorough search needs to be done. Whether he was hit accidently or had an accident on his own, he's either been hidden away out of fear - or he's somewhere off the beaten track / trail....stranded.....

But, going with the other - financial worry, stress, fear, etc... I'm picking up a fear of poverty for his family...shameful feelings, discontent....Within this mind-frame, there's feelings of a spiritual loss as well...

In addition, there's a lack of decision making or even an inability to make decisions, feeling as though much has been sacrificed with little return....unable to move forward - frozen in a horrible situation with no way out, it seems.....a loss in faith and self.....

However, it seems as though his circumstances were actually created by his own doings....Not sure...But if so, I would venture to suggest he may have quit a job, (or lost his job) But, either way, he decided to make a move, and chose his current life situation with great hopes and dreams which required a great sacrifice...but unfortunately, has not gone as great as he may have thought causing much disappointment, etc.
Yet, I pick up, as well medical condition? It's possible this young man has felt ill, but ignored these signs and became ill/disabled somehow while out, which turned deadly? Organ failure?

I don't believe any of these feelings caused him to run away though, as some may suggest...I do believe it caused him to be a bit scattered and less focused, particular revolving his run the night he disappeared.

I believe Chad was simply experiencing some difficult times, as we all do....

Regardless of WHAT may have happened- I can't get the sight of a creek and like a park setting out of my an outdoor restroom maybe....I'm wondering if he may have been mugged / robbed? The Creek, could possibly be where Chad is....A park near a creek, a rest area, not sure...Near his running site / trail / area.... It isn't a great distance from a slightly off the road area.....

I will try to focus more on this area and it's surroundings. I may look at a map of the area and see if any of it stands out to me....If anyone get's news he's been found before hand, please let me know. Thanks.


I just had a thought...idk - is it even remotely possible that chad would have taken his own life?


  1. Steph, I did not know him so I have no idea what was in his heart. I imagine you are right and he faced hard times. Certainly not uncommon today.

    All of the hair stood up on my arms, however, when you said outdoor restroom. Sadly, Chad was discovered in a portable toilet on a construction site near a middle school. Shoal Creek is in the area; that could be what you picked up on as far as the creek.

    In an unrelated case, there was a hit and run of a pedestrian in the same area just the day before. Body was found by a trucker.

    I will let you know when/if they release the cause of Chad's death.

  2. And, yes, he did recently lose his job. Just read that in the news report. Sigh.

  3. Sadly, You're correct, again. he was found in a portable restroom, right off the highway / construction site. Cause of death unknown for now.

  4. Sometimes I wish I were wrong when the outcome is death... I am curious, though... Chad's been missing for 5 days - I can not imagine him being inside of a portable bathroom, in the hot summer, for a week at a construction (presumably a site which workers are at daily??) and no one have found him before then....? More to this, I'm sure....

  5. It's a possibility that my suicide thought may ring true, unfortunately, with Chad. It has not been confirmed; Only that no foul play is involved....

  6. It was natural causes... A heart murmur:


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