Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Missing 2 year old from Newaygo, CO - Amber Rose

Another....  :(      I do believe this baby honestly wondered away from her home, on her own.   I STILL SEE HER ALIVE AND TIME IS ESSENTIAL!

Look for her, please, because she hasn't wondered to far from her home, less than a 2 miles (at this point)   I'm seeing a south direction, maybe southeasterly?   I'm seeing a wooded area, but do not think she's deep in the woods........ I will see what else I can pick up ASAP


  1. Steph, She was found and you were correct. I hope that one day your efforts are truly noticed and appreciated. Here's a link to the article where she was found. God Bless You! Jacy-

    1. Thank you- A good ending is great for a change!


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