Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Austin Lingard and Jazmin Smallwood (Flores) WAXAHACHIE teens missing By: Stephanie Almaguer

Austin Lingard and Jazmin Smallwood (Flores) have both been missing for a couple of day's now and since they are dating, it's presumed they ran away together....  HERE'S WHAT I "GET".....

This is all about new beginnings, new ideas/plans, full-filling desires

We've got bold, passionate, excitement and spontaneous actions here.... However, I do see that this will end and one or both will return on their own... Boredom set's in quickly.  They left on highway...driving--An argument will lead the way for their return

I believe it was a determination of wills that brought this on, perhaps even anger.... One of these two often do things just to get a rise out of others.... There's financial issue's going on and life isn't going very smoothly right now... Indications of job loss by someone which has caused a lot of stress??

Basically, I see two who feel much passion...however, there's also a betrayal and secret's involved?? which caused embarrassment and hurt feelings...  We're dealing with selfish and shallow actions.

Is it possible?? that one of these two teens have a father who lives out of town and they could have gone there?  Could even be someone one of them see's as a father figure??  Just a thought

I think these two left together willingly, but there's a twist involved, perhaps some anger and betrayed feelings?? But will return safely, on their own, I believe....


  1. Do you know them or is this just your opinion?

  2. No, I don't know either of them personally. This is my opinion only, based off the reading I did. I work missing person cases all around the US & even world, and when I saw two were missing from my own home town, I knew I had to help if I could

  3. Ok I was just wondering if your thoughts were from personal knowledge, I am the step mom and we are trying ever lead we find. Thanks

    1. Well, I pray that you guys find them or they come home really soon... Does any of what I said make sense at all? Is there a dad or father type figure who lives away which they may have headed to?

  4. Someone who is in the list of missing people found and not wanting to be found could be missing for a number of reasons such as a huge mountain of debt that they just don't want to pay off -- or can't. They run away to avoid paying their debt.


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