Friday, July 24, 2015

MISSING 2 year old: Deorr Kunz, (while camping) Leadore, Idaho, at Timber Creek.

July 10, 2015

 I'm not sure HOW a 2 year old goes missing while camping with his parent's..... The truth, IMO, they don't, unless they are left unattended.... I think it's known what may have happened and being covered up out of fear and public scrutiny.

This child was not abducted by a stranger.   If the child wandered away and drowned or fell from a ledge or cliff - He is no longer there or he'd have been found during search efforts.  

There's a secretive type of women involved...Hidden knowledge....She knows what happened/where Deorr is.   Deorr is "lost" because of a lack of good judgement.  Possible mental issues.... Focuses more on the material aspects of life rather than the emotional..... May over-indulge in pleasures....
Feelings of being chained to a situation she feels is negative / binding....

I'm still working this case...More info to come


  1. Please keep us posted on this , thank you

    1. It' as if I am stuck. Is everyone positive that this baby was actually on the mountain?

  2. Please keep us posted , thanks

  3. Replies
    1. I would start looking around the family home

    2. I would start looking around the family home

    3. Any new updates?

    4. Interesting that you questioned if Deorr was on the mountain at all as early as September. Recently LE made the same comments and will not be searching at Timbercreek campsite unless they receive a solid tip.I would appreciate you taking a second look at Deorr's case. I still think this case is solvable.Thank you !!

  4. any new updates? Do you feel this case will be solved? Do you feel baby Deorr will be found?

  5. Hi Stephanie
    How can I send you a private message? Are you on Facebook? I have questions to ask you. Thank you!

  6. Sorry to tell you, my name is Kimmy.

  7. Edward Todd Thornburg went missing 2/10/2016 and has not been heard from or seen since.He has 3 teenagers that care about him dearly and want him found. We have been told numerous of stories but the local law enforcement have not located him. He was 35 years old at the time he went missing and he is 37 years old now.


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