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Hi Stepanie,

Do you feel you can helps us find Madeleine Mccann.

Regards Elaine Nolan


  1. Elaine,
    Hello - I remember the name....isn't she a little girl who has been missing for a long time? I don't even know how she became missing???? I apologize. I have been so consumed with trying to help find another missing little girl, that I try very hard to NOT get online much or watch any world news TV - in order to not jade my thoughts with rumors, or even facts.....I feel as though my first, blind reading provides the best info. and insight because my mind is unaware to current facts and or data re: how, why, who, etc....I will see what I can come up with and do everything I can to help. Who am I speaking with? If not the Family, do they know that you have written to me? I will get back in touch ASAP...Thanks- Steph

    From: Elaine
    Subject: RE: missing person
    Date: Friday, June 18, 2010, 10:57 AM

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for replying so quick, No I am not family but am in full contact with them, we are planning another search next week and are looking for as much help as possible. Thank you very much.

    Regards Elaine

  2. Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 4:06
    Subject: RE: missing person


    I have a question.....

    Did Madealine have a nanny or a women that stayed with her and watched over her a lot?

    I am picking up on a couple of things right off the bat.....
    1) She was abducted while she slept by more than 1 man. Probably only 2 men, but also feel a woman's involvement.........but at a distance.
    2) I feel as though she was "chosen" for a purpose.....watched for days before abducted.
    3) I feel as though the parents were not at the home or place she was taken from at the time.....But very near.
    4) I feel as though she traveled with the abductor's (by water, I believe) to a location......and Madealine was unfortunately sold. Madealine, I am so sorry to say, Is no longer "with us"...... : (
    5) Her where-a-bouts and age, etc...were provided to the abductor's by other''s almost as if this was pre-planned.....but by who....that is what I am working on trying to figure out......At times I pick up on involvement from the authorities / police......And I also keep feeling as though it was pre-arranged by someone known to the family, for profit...a woman. Dark in color - maybe even Spanish speaking.....As horrible as this sounds.....AND IM NOT SAYING THIS IS THE CASE, but I keep feeling as if the Parents know more.....Were they in anyway having any money problems?

  3. Continuation.....


    First and foremost, I believe that the entire situation surrounding Madealine's disappearance revolves around solutions to what are primarily material & financial conflicts, material things of life, including work, business, trade, property, money and other material possessions. I get feelings of being possessive, greedy and overly materialistic, over-indulging; Not effectively managing one’s finances, and being overly focused on career or money to the detriment of other life priorities. This also had much to do with desires and regaining ones self....inspiration, determination, strength, ambition and expansion.....deriving from illusions, egotistical behavior, impulsiveness, a lack of direction or purpose, or feeling meaningless.

    There is a women at the forefront of this abduction and also a man, connected to this women some how. Both are selfish, manipulative, opinionated, judgmental, materialistic, unfaithful, vindictive, controlling, and so forth....Not very good people of character, to say the least.

    I attempted to gain answers to 8 "fact-finding" type questions....I will just list my question and the answer I received, as I interpreted it.....

    1. Who's involved with Madealine's disappearance?
    A women, so it seems, becoming very consumed in her work / finances. To re-balance her life, she may have found a release by returning to a favorite nature spot (a forest, beach, mountain, etc.) and may have been away, alone for some time.
    This woman often, when in a negative way, becomes very opinionated, materialistic, selfish, and will even stab someone in the back if she feels it will help her...especially if she feels someone did her dirty or wrong.
    In addition either they became or are currently a bit of a homebody and somewhat isolated from others - They were or are feeling worried about whether they can be financially independent, while also still maintaining family connections.
    Physical description - dark haired woman. Larger frame, strong constitution, cheerful, at least on the "outside". The ultimate mother or caretaker, by outside appearances... Personality traits - she desires security & wealthy, enjoys luxury, and abundance of which none comes to her easily. Easily appears generous and sincere, but lacking sparkle. Good head for business.

    2. What's the involvement or situation stem from?
    A situation of adversity. The adversity involves bringing about an end to difficult times. The desire to bring difficult times / situations to an end, in an attempt to feel as if life is worth living again and to regain self-confidence; a time for relief and breathing easier.
    It may have also have been felt that they had been left out in the cold or denied opportunities to progress in a particular job or organization. However, they felt that after the abduction, that period would end and a new phase of growth would begin.


  4. 3. Why?
    Again, I get dealings with suffering from financial setbacks or the experience of a loss due to unwise decisions or foolish actions. Their foundations, everything they built upon and counted on may have been about to give way. They were actually entangled in an over-investment in work - possibly working long hours at the detriment of their personal life, yet not getting what they expected in return. I also picked up on theft and/or embezzlement....mis-managed funds.....loss of possessions and of luxury - Perhaps they were fired from their job, upon their boss obtaining information re: their theft??? And they were desperate AND maybe vengeful..?

    4. When did all of this occur or become a plan?
    A time of acting in total disregard to the consequences of their actions and indeed becoming 'the fool'. They were trying to live in the moment rather than planning ahead. There is a certain childish behavior, perhaps returning to some of their childhood habits.

    I feel an indication that there's a relationship which has been on the knife's edge for some time. The nature of the relationship may be highly changeable and uncertain, with spontaneity taken to a whole new level where they were often unsure about where things were heading and whether they can safely depend on them or not. They may both be high risk takers with little consideration for the long-term consequences of their actions. This may bring with it excitement and suspense, but also an underlying feeling of uncertainty and insecurity. I am getting a reckless and immature person who is wanting to break free of the usual routine to 'find themselves' but is doing it in a way that completely disregards others. I feel as though this relationship is what led to Madealines abduction.

    5. Where did/is everything taking place?
    Unfortunately, I found this very hard to make sense of, but will reveal what I "got" in hopes that it may make some kind of sense to anyone of you close to this case.....
    I get a place of victory? However, it is associated more with another person's victory from which they(the abductor(s) benefited. A small victory over some situation. Reputation earned here; a little good news or perhaps a pat on the back......yet again, by means of someone, hanging onto someone's coat tails. They were cast in a good light--but that light is really a reflection of someone else's light. Let's say, for example, someone in your work unit does a *really* good job on a project. Now, if you are their supervisor, you may well get part or all of the credit. In other words, this person put the plan/pieces together, someone else did the "work", and the first person (still, I believe to be a women) benefited. - And for a while, found their comfort zone-- It's as if, she finally got her way and things are going well. But only temporarily! I feel strongly, them feeling victorious...., win-win situations, self-confidence, leadership, Journeys, nearness of news or event. A fulfilled ambition. Greater success than they expected from being bold and daring, audacity ~ paid off. A turning point. Appears they either left for a while and then returned home? I keep hearing,victory, success, an out-of-town visitor, a trip or tour.To start a new project, way of life, or life style. Conditions of renewal are approaching, and when that happens, the time will be right and things will come together. This situation involved publicity, in general. I am not sure how this response answered the "Where" question, and maybe it doesn't....perhaps it was just something that needed to be told, regardless of the question asked......(continued)

  5. 6. How did this abduction even come about or go from thought to action?
    Again, I get a women.....yet different in appearance than the first women......
    There was a situation in which someone was behaving in a manipulative, vindictive, pushy or selfish way. They may have suddenly went from her self-confident, happy, caring self, to a chronically bad mood, and is angry, resentful and jealous acting. What happened? Was she fired, cheated on or was she with a married man and was "dumped"?....Something turned her very sour. Normally, she had a fiery, passionate personality with a quick temper. Her style of mothering is/was to 'flash' her temper, yell, then get over it and hug -- all within one hour!

    She always felt the need to feel inspired. Be a charismatic, self-assured person who knows how things must be done. Behave like royalty; feeling as though parties and other gatherings benefited her. She easily inspired others before she turned sour....I do pick up on a relationship that went sour.....I also pick up on either her being bullied, pushed around or her doing the bullying....Perceptions are skewed and information is being twisted into lies. Someone is demanding, controlling, petty and narrow-minded. This information, again, seems to point me in a direction of vengeance....but why Madealine....? Was this lady a jilted nanny? Someone who the McCanns felt very trusting and relied on to take care of their daughter, until something happened? This is just a therory derived from what I am picking up on and could be further from why this plan was conjured.....The physical description of the women I speak of now has yellow (blond) or red hair and blue eyed. She ran a business or held a responsible position, in which she may have lost. Her personality traits come across as an intelligent, dignified, prosperous woman, self-confidence, love of happiness; offering help that you can trust. When felt jilted or in a bad way, whether due to her actions or the actions of another, she can be extremely vengeful and whatever cost......Two totally different personalities can emerge with type

  6. 7. Presently occurring -
    I feel the presence of a man....On good days, he's a passionate guy who will sweep you off your feet with wine and roses. He knows how to romance women. The problem is, he may not hold on to them once he has them. He's always looking for the bigger, better deal.

    This guy is a political activist, an artist, or a fan of race cars. Whatever he does for a living, you can be sure, he's on fire about it; passionate. He's the master of the world of fire. He's creative, passionate, jealous. A strong warning though....Be careful, when you play with fire, you may get burned. He's a "born-leader"; someone people naturally flock to and follow - is able to get things done. That being said, I see that he often does this by getting other people to do the work for him, but he reaps the praise and/or rewards...He's easily distracted - furthermore, he's so accustomed to attention that he tends to take people for granted. He is the contact person when trying to achieve something or a business deal. I see him getting assistance from another person, in the form of knowledge....
    Too often, he is found to possess pushiness, arrogance, and an insolent sense of grandeur. He is sometimes known as "chief"....

    This figure represents a man who is often successful in business life, whether legal or illegal, he has found his "way"....He's someone whom you may meet through your work, financial speculations, any area connected with negotiations, or buying and selling.

    Romantically, I see him as playing two roles. First, as a partner or potential lover, he is attractive, generous and uplifting company. His volatile vitality is very seductive, and he enjoys the intensity of intimacy. His love of freedom may manifest in a lifelong enjoyment of the countryside, indeed, wide open spaces are important to him in every way, intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. Secondly, he's prone to being the male lover in a clandestine or illicit affair.....And anyone who get's involved with him will surely get badly burned emotionally. (cont...)

  7. I see two lifes of this man.....One he shows society - and one he holds private.....I see

    prenuptial agreements and financial negotiations connected with both marriage, divorce and business transactions. I pick up with him, negotiations and financial windfalls. As the women I described above, I feel him connected with her in one way or another, and him also having blondish to brown or red hair with light eyes.....He's attracted to the same. He's athletic, strong, healthy. Personality wise, when he's showing his "good" side, he's creative, self-expressive, domineering, showy, theatrical, likes to gamble. Has power and influence. Knows when to take action, and create harmonious human relationships. Much traveled. Excellent adviser. Sexually passionate.When in the negative way, or things don't go his way....he can make rash, hasty, and impulsive decisions. This person can be dominating, pushy, and overbearing at times. This is rarely done with malice or an intention to make someone else submissive, it is just a strong tendency that sometimes takes control. He usually doesn't even realize when he's crossed the line between being assertive and aggressive. He has a side to him that typifies the most selfish, ruthless qualities. He can denote a manipulative business contact who will use you as long as it serves his purpose. He may even be a rival, competitor or unscrupulous opponent. In love, he represents a delightful flirtation that could wreak emotional havoc. He is only suitable for limited liaisons, holiday romances or great, but brief, encounters. His flames are bright and warm but soon die down. I see him "healthy", but if health issues arise, they will deal with hand; headache; control freak; hip; stroke; wheel chair.


  8. 8. Can/Will Madealine be found - and dead or alive?

    There are two main thoughts I got with this question....First, I felt "strength"....the strength we have, both internal and external. The second was is trying to "tame the beast within."

    Going with strength, it offers you the hope of contacting both your inner and outer strength. It asks you to find the confidence within yourself to present yourself to the world as strong, assertive, and persevering. However, I feel that this strength may be currently lacking; being at their weakest right now. So, now is the time to work with that - especially if they've been feeling doubtful of who they are, or how they feel. Strength gives you the confidence to fight those doubts. Look towards the positives in order to maintain self-confidence and self-esteem. They must fight against seemingly opposing forces and determine their future direction.

    The other aspect or theme is to tame the wild beast that lies within, all of us from time to time. Inside of each of us is a passionate and instinctual side which, depending on the person, will either burst out frequently or infrequently. If they are one of those people to act impulsively or irrationally, and blurt out angry comments or negative things to others, this is the "beast" within in which they're to try to tame. This will avoid the action of preventing leaping out at others and saying some things later regretted. The need to be aware of their own personal strength. Is it lacking and what are they afraid of? Or are they letting the beast inside come out and attack those around them? Do others find them intimidating because of the power and confidence they exude? There is a great need to maintain a balance between the very strong and the very weak. Often this is done during times that people are doubting their self and are feeling as if they're not 'good enough' for whatever reason. There seems at this point, a huge need for some time out to reflect on where they are at in their life, how they got there and where to go from here. Being so wrapped up dealing with the day-to-day issues that they've forgotten to reflect inwardly and listen to their inner voice. They know the answer to this question, already, inside their gut....But lack the courage or "strength" to make or admit their true perceptions. Both need to do a bit of soul searching to help find their way again and to focus on rebuilding their lives without Madealine.......or come forward, possibly with what they may know?

    As far as whether they will find their daughter and whether she is alive or dead, I didn't get a definite answer in that regards (as far as if she will be found).....But, what I did get, leads me to believe, which I already stated, was that she was eventually killed once she served her purpose......and disposed of in a fashion with hopes that she would never be found........(water)

  9. In closing, As a medium, I can tell you that I feel her at peace..... I feel from her that her parents are in great minds of guilt....for whatever reason, but She wants her parents to find peace and move forward also. They will need much strength and soul searching to do this. I will let you know that I feel as though she was strangled.....(I HATE to get to "detailed" re: how I see anyone, but ESPECIALLY a child killed) I also see that she did suffer, but only for a short period of time. I also feel as though the police did some cover up or assistance of some kind to aide in this abduction. There is a chain of characters involved, but strongly believe the original character is close to or known by the family, somehow, if not directly involved at some level.

    As far as where Madealine met her fate, I keep picking up on a latin location...a spanish speaking society, but not Mexico. Spain keeps popping to me....but not sure at this point the exact area and or location she was taken from.....I have a strong feeling however, that she isn't from the USA.........Although she appears, as do her family in my eyes to be "American"- I just keep thinking of the British....maybe it's because your email having "uk" in it is why I think this way.....However, I do not feel as though Madealine was taken from her normal home.....I feel as though they were visiting elsewhere......which actually provided the opportunity or "stage" for this abduction.....Does any of this make sense?

    I can try and get names for you.....I first got the name Susan when I started the reading...but do not know to what involvement that name/person has - if any at all...I will try to see if I can get some names or more specific info. on the abductor(s) and/or helpers involved.....I hope that anything I've said helps in someway.....If there is anything, I mean anything more that I can reveal or try to reveal, please, let me know and I will do my very best.... I wish I had more to offer..I pray for the best possible outcome on this missing child, and God willing - I am wrong, and she will be found, safe and alive - soon.
    I am afraid though, my information wasn't of much help.......May I ask, how did you know to contact me? Also, what is the time difference from where you are, to where I am in Texas?

    Thank you, Stephanie

  10. From: Elaine
    Subject: RE: missing person
    Date: Friday, June 19, 2010, 6:25 PM

    Hi Stephanie,

    There were a few nannies whom looked after madeleine in the creche at the holiday resort, which is one point you hit on.....She was not taken from her home, but while on holiday. Your reading was very interesting and the information is very good. You were very correct with many many actual facts, not publicly known.
    I often wonder if anyone will ever figure out what happened. Did you see psychic detective show Haunting evidence, well they went to portugal to try get a location. The investigators were Carla Brown, clairvoyant specialist in profiling, John J Oliver, a medium, and Patrick Burns, a paranormal investigator and presenter of the show. There were also three UK psychics who went to portugal shortly after Madeleine vanished and they all failed. The fact that you have been so accurate/close in the readings you have done, makes all the difference. You have never been here, met anyone, etc...and were more accurate than any of the ones who are "famed" and PAID to assist.
    I have read many a post degrading you and/or your ability and questioning motives.
    I hope it does not deter you from this is a calling, I believe. I wish you much luck and if you pick up on any further information, if you have the time, please let me know. And, as far as you not being much help...please dont ever think you haven't helped, no one will know until/if she is found. You have put alot into all the information you gave me and I really do appreciate it.
    As far as time....You are 5 hours behind me & I found you by googling for Psychics and missing persons. But then again people come into our lives for a reason.

    I have a question, if you dont mind. Can you speak direct with spirit? Can you hear them clearly ? I find it fascinating, I know when I have spirit around me but have yet to learn to hear properly, I have flashes/visions/dreams, but I so wish to hear spirit clearly, maybe when the time is right.

    I will keep you informed and thank you so much for the time you have given.

    Regards Elaine (thank you)

  11. Yes, I can speak, hear and see those who've passed away - But it's all "mental"....Images, thoughts, etc... almost as if it were being given to me in the form of telepathy.... does that make sense? AND, you're welcome. I have one thing to add..... I was hesitant to say this in my readings.... But, have the parents been cleared? I just pick up on a lot of deceit re: her disappearance..... But, as always, I will say - I don't know everything.... and deceit doesn't always mean the parents... It's just a feeling... Anyway, if you need anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me. I wish God speed in the answers and resolution to this little girls disappearance.


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