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What I'm sharing is not so much an "update" as much as it is more proof of guilt among those already suspected....

  • had a good day yesterday with my grand kids and lisa and lindsy i wish my outher 3grand daughter was there i miss my grils papa love them so much and you to timmy and chelsea i miss you son i wish you wood come home i need one of my sons with me
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    • Stephanie Cagle Almaguer Would you come home if you were him? ” The truth will set you free”
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    • Chelsea Tim Croslin the truth will set you free...?? i dont know who you are or why my father in law has u on his page because you ovoiusly are a bias bitch if tim was so worried about "coming home" we wouldnt of moved back and lived there for 6 months in 2011 so get ur facs streight nutcase
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    • Jenifer Smalley you need to fet ur facts before judge somebody else! the family is going thru enough without critics like u ! whoever u r
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    • Chelsea Tim Croslin Jenifer Smalley thanks cuz i love you
    • Stephanie Cagle Almaguer FYI- your father-in-law friended me.......What I stated was not "fact" but my opinion, just as you all have stated with your wonderful spelling and use of foul language, as to be expected. So, thanks for not letting me down! LMAOROF (PS) You really don't want to know who I am, what I know, or who I know..................Just sayin~
    • Stephanie Cagle Almaguer FYI-I Screen shot this posting to my own wall....since most of whom will see this is somehow related / connected to you guys and  will surely comment and/or behave in the same manner.....SO, if you would like to know what the majority of the population who are familiar with what happened to HaLeigh, etc....take a look a MY wall-
    • Chelsea Tim Croslin just saying who ever the fuck you are NO ONE CARES!!if you got a problem with my faily then get a life and stay the hell out of ours!! i am glad the world knows who my neice is better chance at her being found and the more that will no when god revels the truth that we were verbally abused and discriminated against i hope karma kicks your fucking ass!
    • Chelsea Tim Croslin dad block this dumb ass bitch
    • Stephanie Cagle Almaguer Karma? OMG- I did nothing for Karma to return negatively toward me. I simply posted an opinion re: the truth....I didn't even imply guilty or anything like that....MY COMMENT ONLY STATED "Would you come home if you were him? The truth will set you free"   You see, Chelsea- My experience in LE has taught me a thing or two.....My comment can be taken 2 ways....If one is innocent of knowing or doing nothing wrong, then it would simply be suggesting that- "why would he want to return somewhere he's being judge wrongly, but one day the truth will set you all free" - HOWEVER, if one is guilty in anyway- period, then that comment will be taken offensively, as you all apparently took it, and begin becoming all defensive, name calling, etc....just as you have - .... So, I really wouldn't throw the Karma word around......

AND Hanks only comment......(He's a bit smarter than the apples)

  • the truth will sit you free you are a /???
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    • Stephanie Cagle Almaguer Really?.?.? I'm sorry you feel that way or the need to reply so defensively....... But you spoke ”VOLUMES” with your reply & gave much confirmation to the 98% of the population who's not somehow related or connected to your bunch.....Thank you.
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I think she finally wised up and blocked me!  Took her long enough!------Thanks guys for proving the majority correct regarding our opinions of this case- Just the fact that Chelsea would state "NO ONE CARES" is very sad, but telling........
*******I have one last thing to say in re: to this......Misty and all other's who may/may not have any involvement in HaLeigh's disappearance (And the 1000's of other children who simply vanish) should be held accountable in some way....Misty will be out of prison before too long and she know's this. The time she received on drug charges is a far cry from DEATH or even LIFE, and therefore she has no reason to speak up for HaLeigh- I am confident that if PCSO charged Misty & Ron both with charges such as "Enabling Harm To a Child, Child Abuse, Willingly Endangering the Welfare, etc...JUST TO NAME A FEW- a jury ANYWHERE would convict, and the Sentence could carry LIFE in PRISON. It's not murder charges and it doesn't bring HaLeigh home, but it does provide just a little peace and justice for her. I do believe that everyone would agree on this. This is getting ridiculous & for everyone who has a beef against me & those like me (psychic) who try helping in these type of cases, should really have the issue with those who are getting away with this shit, enabling me and likewise to even have cases such as this, Baby Lisa Irwin, work on !!PLEASE LIKE IF YOU AGREE- PLEASE SHARE THIS POST WITH ALL - Maybe we can make a change, this once, and help bring a little justice out of at least one of these missing babies. Since we would make up a jury of her peers, lets show PCSO & LE all around the USA that we're tired of all (especially parent's- who these children DEPEND on for their safety) who are getting away with murdering children because they've figured out how to hide a body 
- hence never being charged with anything. They should be accountable, somehow - So, I ask that if you'd want justice for your own child, to please like my comment in the posting I commented on and let's at least try to make a difference for those who are gone and never had a chance.......
(PS) FYI- You don't have to believe in Psychics, or any of that- To LIKE my comment, you just have to simply be A HUMAN who has a child (your child or someone elses) they love and would do the same thing for them......
-----------------------THE END-------------------

My thoughts on Haleigh and what happened
Feb. 2009.....
I have taken so much flack over my post re: HaLeigh and all I really want is for her to be found!

Yes, I had been giving info. to a Detective or two with PCSO, for a bout a year now, unofficially, re: HaLeigh - only because info. I gave them in the beginning, some information  that NO ONE......knew.......except them, (and even some in-accurate or at least, un-verified info) Yet now~ some weird lady claiming to be a "medium", at the very least, intrigued them to hear more. With every detail given, I think I surprised them a little more - yet only a select few of them. I am currently working VERY hard to find / pin point where HaLeigh is "resting"....... on top of working a F/T job (at the time), and carrying for a Family - going to sporting events with my children, and just being mom and wife. I stay very busy and very tired. My intentions are pure and my goal is the same as that of LE surrounding her case. I am still trying to take all of my "clues" re: her where~a~bouts, and find where she is.........I will discuss this topic later in my posting / letter......I DID also make a very short trip to Putnam, and try to search an area of interest to me.....I had a couple of areas I would have like to have searched, but my time was very limited and time just didn't permit a longer stay, plus, I wasn't paid for this, and I couldn't afford to take off work for a lengthy amount of time.

NOW - Here is everything I have seen, heard, received, etc....for anyone who cares to continue reading my ramblings.......I decided to make this public, with hopes that someone, somewhere out there will "know" where I am describing.

Misty and Tommy are the "guilty" party. Joe and Timmy are involved by "knowing" but saying nothing. Ron's involvement is also in the knowing........(he may also be involved, more - just feelings I get, but proving it (for LE) is the hard part....) HOWEVER, I believe that he became aware of the truth (Misty's truth.....of HaLeigh accidentally getting into pills / drugs) later ~ after the fact ~ And he kept silent for his own reason's ~ ONE, his need for and to control........and he had COMPLETE control of both Tommy and Misty AND, the possibility of him being charged somehow, perhaps, because it was drugs from his house..........Whatever his reasoning though, it was for reason's that benefited him, and him only. In addition, I truly believe that once his kids were gone, the life of "freedom" and the ability to fully engage in his drug using / selling way of life, became much easier.........Nothing here but a pure, selfish, egotistic, manipulative, controlling, and IMO a pedophile living it up, what he considered the good life.

I "get" Tommy has molested Misty her entire life, even into adult hood. (if you want to call them adults) She's even "given in" to him for drugs.....It's a sick relationship. I believe one of two things happened....(but either scenario, leads to the same conclusion)


1) After a weekend full of drugs and sex, Misty was too tired to "give it up" to Tommy for a much needed drug fix that night, so Haleigh was "offered up" as her replacement - BUT drugged FIRST in order to be quiet and cooperative and "less aware" of what was going on in order not to "tell" ~ but died by overdose accidentally.
2) HaLeigh woke up and walked in and caught, on the sofa, Misty and Tommy ~ for the same reason (her "payment" to him in exchange for her drug fix) ~ ....and HaLeigh was drugged purposely ~ with the intent to kill, because she witnessed the sickness between brother and sister.....and both of them would have been killed by Ron as soon as HaLeigh told on them..........Not to mention the many, many other consequences they would then have to face among everyone else......

I do believe that #2 is the correct scenario, if my visions and hearing are being interpreted correctly.......Yet, either scenario has Jr. "hearing" what was going on, but was quickly told to go back to sleep..........Misty and Tommy fought and argued on how to handle the situation ~ and it was finally agreed, once Misty was given her drugs and high as a kite ~ the only way to keep their "secret" silent, was to get rid of HaLeigh permanently and stage an abduction.

Additionally, because HaLeigh wouldn't shut up and go back to bed nor would she take the pills willingly, she was hit, by Tommy, to be cooperative. I "saw" a red truck and a mini vans involvement this night. I believe, HaLeigh was "prepared" inside the trailer, wrapped inside of her blanket (the one that was supposedly peed on and being washed, yet has NEVER been found by anyone, including LE) and then put into a black trash bag. I believe that both of them got the story straight on "what happened", staged the back door, and did whatever else they felt needed to be done.....and when the time was right, Tommy called Timmy (between 11pm & midnight) and briefly gave explanation (the same that was given to Ron, later) and said that he needed to use the van, because the sent of HaLeigh was already in the van and wouldn't raise any suspicion, when or if K-9's were called to search.......

While Misty remained in the trailer, drugged out with HaLeighs lifeless body all confined in a blanket and trash bag, Tommy drove his red truck to Timmy's - and exchanged it for the Van. The plan was for Tommy to NOT drive the van up to the house, rather park in a remote area, but not far from the trailer, but kinda - out of sight - and then carry the bag containing Haleigh out the "staged" back door - and through some grassy wooded areas, through an alley, I believe, and then put her in a waiting van. This would give the K-9's a trail to sniff out, as if a stranger took her away, and then the scent ending as soon as she was placed into the van........Then she was quickly driven to an area, where she was disposed of. While this was going on, Misty was pacing, going over her story over and over and continuing a few little staging of her own......Once Tommy had rid her body to his satisfaction, he returned to Timmy's, left the van, retrieved his truck and went home. I also believe that the Joe story was cooked up, for a "just in case needed" story.......And the rest we know.....Ron came home.......911 was called.......and so on.......

The 90+ calls that Ron made to Misty - That was nothing more than his obession and control in order to know what and where Misty was and who she was with........Most of the conversations or text that happened BEFORE she quit answering his calls, were nothing more than the two of them still arguing and fighting over her 3 day sex / drug binge.........She claimed that whenever she would slam her phone shut / down - it was a piece of !@?%.....and would often shut off......this was confirmed by LE to actually be the truth. So, after her last convo. or text - it's possible that she slammed the phone and it shut off, on it's own, without her knowledge........In fact, when she did finally pick up her phone around 3am, to full fill her "story" of just waking up and finding HaLeigh gone, she had to actually turn her phone on. PLUS, to go along with the "plan" that she was asleep, she couldn't use her phone anyway.

NOW - I have many, many clues, visions, where HaLeigh's body was placed. They claim she was thrown into the River, maybe she was, maybe she wasn't. HOWEVER, I keep getting, that:

*I feel, at the time of my reading (a year ago) she was under dirt. - She said she was choking and couldn't breath...that could of been water.
*IF she was in fact thrown into the river - I feel that once she either started loosing flesh due to decomp, or by means of an alligator - parts of her either drifted, or were taken by alligator(s) & are still "hidden away" and can be located "under dirt" in an area that stays times filled with times dry/damp/sluggish...and I think that my tunnels / pipes etc are also present nearby......*and this area would be creek like or canal type area, coming from a larger source of water - which very well could be the St.Johns. Again, that's IF she was thrown into the river....BUT, either way, I still get her scattered about and evidence of her and other evidence, to be in the area I describe....I have read that alligator's dig holes in the winter and hide food in them or in branches that are in water / muddled banks for later consumption.
*I also believe that the exact location they claim she was "thrown into" would be an area Joe would be more familiar with, rather than one familiar to later fit their claims of his involvement.
When in fact, the area that Tommy took her to, was probably near by, and more in line with somewhere he was quite comfortable in......(I keep thinking about his parents being out of town because Hank Sr. was in the hospital........if they lived on the river, why not go there, since no one was home? This is just a theory - and IMO.

I saw and heard many words, area's, and am not sure what each of them mean, especially since I do not know the area, where people live / lived, etc.....BUT, here they are..........(I believe that each of my clues, if puzzled together, will lead to Haleigh)

*Basically, I still believe that H was drugged - and sexually molested. I went back to a year ago and re-read my ORIGINAL notes and put things together, knowing what I "know" now......The read as follows:

I got RED TRUCK - I got RONALD too.....
But I also got "DADDY DIDNT know (didn't being the correct word) meaning he does know NOW
I never picked up anything on Joe - never.
I believe, if going by my original readings on what I got from HaLeigh,
*Misty drugged HaLeigh........either to sleep, or for Tommy, or revenge / silence
*Tommy sexually abused HaLeigh........before also
*HaLeigh became unresponsive, but WASN'T dead (they just believed her to be)
*They worked together in disposal.
*It's possible that Timmy drove the van -
*But more likely, Tommy drove over and got the van -(red truck?) leaving his (a) vehicle there to bring his self back home
*Van was used because HaLeigh's scent was known to be in that van and wouldn't set off "alarms" if "hit" on by K-9s
*I feel, at the time of my reading (a year ago) she was under dirt. - She said she was choking and couldn't breath...that could of been water, I GUESS.....but still I feel/get dirt

Add all of that up with all the clues I got.......(here's a few)
*Step-Mom *Ronald or Donald (I couldn't tell) *Daddy's girlfriend
*I eat alone, she don't like me anymore, since I saw the SECRET (involving Tommy?) *Daddy don't know *"M" knows *Daddy's friend and M and a brother *I was sleeping *Red Truck with tool box or flat bed? *mini van *choke / can't breath *dirt *white trailer *she made me sleepy *drugs *Older, Large park area * I saw lot's of open space with wooded / trees all behind it *I heard: Summit, Grove, Paradise (area(s)/?? not sure what it means? *I'm in there * behind or near a park *maybe creek? *I see a large pipe or culvert, like maybe the creek or canal is an overflow ??? from a larger source of water *the area contains damp dirt...sometimes water......I see junk around, sheet metal, camp looking fires, just junk. *I hear: Hide away or maybe even Hidden away *play ground, swings around or near * It like people have dumped trash in or near the area, can't tell.....Where ever all of my clues lead, I know there's a TREE, with large roots, that are visible.....HALEIGH IS THERE!

There's more clues etc...I have given also, but can't remember all of them......because many of them were not written down and only given by phone.

Anyway, I will stick to this belief until I am proven otherwise. I do believe, that as it happened in Morgan's case, that when (if) this story ever comes full circle - I will have gotten most of this story correct..... I hope that the full truth does finally come out. I am just not hopefully. I don't tell the "future" nor do I care to know or even try. I don't know if I had more time in Florida to visit more areas if I could or would "pick up" on Haleigh's location, more accurately.......But it is what it is and I believe that I have done everything I could to try to help and I only hope and pray, right or wrong, that one way or another this story comes full circle for these murderers, and they get the punishment they deserve.

As far as publicizing all that I have at this point.......I do so, after serious contemplation, and have decided that I would like to put out there what I at least "think" I know.....maybe it will help.....maybe if correct, someones memory of something.....anything.....will be jogged and a location determined. Furthermore, if I can be validated to have the true gift - ability to help locate and help families of missing loved ones, maybe I will be trusted and believed in the future, and be able to help others, with a more positive attitude when it comes to mediums, etc......and really continue the last part of my years here on earth, doing something that will and can make a true difference......And maybe not........But, I am not one to walk away and give up, especially when the going get's tough...I am thick skinned and take the criticism and will continue doing this for anyone willing to accept my help until I no longer can. Good bless and I pray HaLeigh's found VERY soon. I have a map posted of a possible location....It's at: Thanks for reading...I know it was long....Sincerely, Stephanie Almaguer 

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  1. You can enter a subdivision that is shaped like a baseball diamond....but it's only been developed, and not many live can enter from Seven sisters, but, I believe the most likely entry would be the dirt rd. off, I think it's hunter? behind the RR tracks, and then into the woods, behind the sub division......Theres a creek area there.......I think there's a pipe tunnel on both ends.....I feel this area, and even the area near Magnolia, where Misty's parent's lived....

  2. STeph, did you know that GGMS brother owns property that butts up to the Northern border of the area you have been focusing on? It is also located on the river with a dock. As a matter of fact his dock is the one just North of the orchards property dock.

    Also did you see this week where a lady and child's remains were found further South in FL UNDER AN ORANGE TREE in an orange grove? I instantly thought of you as did several others.

    I am currently working with some new info (names, address etc) that may prove that Ron was not at work the whole shift, if at all. I will be emailing you to see what you get or have knowledge of already.

  3. OK- GGMS brother owns property near my diamond shaped subdivision, which would be the subdivision over from where HaLeigh lived? OR - He owns property over near Magnolia, where Hank & Lisa Lived at the time of Haleigh's disappearance? (which is near/same subdivision the last LE search did off the public boat dock in the water?) Either way, interesting. It's driving me INSANE because I can CLEARLY see where HaLeigh's resting. Poor baby. Picture in your mind, an area off of a river, like a canal, or even a creek / overflow area....There would be a drainage tunnel or two near her...And there is a LARGE tree on the banks edge.....The roots are visible from time to time, when the water level is down / gone.....And in months that the area has water, it has caused decay / dirt wash off from the base of the tree, which is why the VERY large root's are visible.....She ~parts of her :( ~ and some "evidence" (blanket pieces, etc...) are STILL attached to these roots. IF she was really thrown into the water, near Magnolia (the previous search), I feel that either the river's currents or EVEN an alligator took her to this area.....I lean more toward the currents, (probably because I don't want to think of her being carried away by a Gator!) However, I read that in the winter months, most alligator's almost hibernate and live with the stored fat from their tail!! So, they are not all out actively searching for food...But,if they do happen to run across & find food that is too large to be swallowed whole (they eat their prey whole, because their teeth are not for "tearing", but rather for "chomping" - a strong bite) they will carry it off and dig / hide it on a creek / canals edge (like a "den" for the Gator) until Spring / feeding time, allowing the prey to decomp enough for them to tear off / apart the food to eat. (God, it makes me sick to say those words) But, the reality is, this is a very strong possibility. :( Going with my two key words I "picked up on"....Grove and Summit, I originally thought they were street names....I then realized, they could mean anything and for me to expand my thought pattern and think a little outside the box.....which is when I realized that Grove could be any type of Orchard, "Grove" and the definition of Summit, is the Highest point.....So, along with the description of where I see HaLeigh, there could be an Orchard/Grove very near, and perhpas she is located near the "highest" point of this canel, creek, river's edge......But, I KNOW that whereever that location is, that TREE and root's are there and so is evidense of HaLeigh. Let me know ASAP.....(which area the brother of GGMS lives in.....I am also posting your blog site here for others to read also....Please post my site:
    on your blog as well, if you would. I just wish when I went to Florida, I would have had more time with Marie to search. A day and a half just isn't enough...Each of us have faults and many regrets, as does Marie with some choices she made re: Crystal, etc...But she has tried rectifying them and trying to improve herself in the process. She is a good lady with a generous heart and I felt a connection with her and wanted so badly to find Haleigh while I was there and let her heart finally rest.....Thanks for posting.....HollysGMom Bog site is:

  4. Heres a link, where I've posted re: HaLeigh..and other's have posted also.....

  5. Private home/bar of Ronald's dad has interest to's hiden away and on the way home for joe....who had to take the van back to timmy's, where he was staying for the night....JMO

  6. ***I'm posting this from FB comments***
    Sherri Melton: I would have to say, its pretty hard for anyone even with your powers to pick up anything when all you have been given to work with is lies. Some people just are not happy if they are not bitching. We know what the locals are saying and its not that she was abducted. First off Misty had been on a 3 day drug binge before that very day. She comes home and is left to watch those children. For that I blame Ronald. But anyway, you didn't have the truth to figure it out with. I can tell all the posters that. I was living in the same town when It happened. I have heard the rumors. But I blame Ronald as much as Misty and look where they both are. Karma has a way of taking care of things. It all comes back around when you least expect.
    It's people like this that made me realize there really are different classes of people. You can be dirt poor but still have so much more self worth than someone who acts like that. Also the truth hurts and just about always brings out angry bad words lol. People who are lying always act the same. I'm sure they know the truth by now. And trying not to look bad will lie to cover up the truth forever. Sad the child never had a chance. I road that river the same day she went missing right up to that canal by her house visiting a bar called hermits cove by boat. The gators were just coming outta hibernation. And very hungry. Old times say if you ever wanna get rid of a body toss it in. Very sad, I'm sure God is watching over her now. Of course I was told a story or rumor how she was taken to a party got ahold of pills and ODed, they got rid of her to stay outta jail. Its sad. Who really knows the truth. All I know is she is gone and the dad is partly to blame wanting to date a girl under 18 and they had been dating off and on for 2 years, some of the country backwoods rednecks don't care who their children date. So sad
    12 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 3

    1. EXACTLY- Sherri. I posted the comment on purpose...Which was to see what kind of reaction it invoked - And it did as I believed it would...Denial, hatred, and name calling - All defensive. Why so angry and defensive if you or yours have nothing to do with HaLeigh's disappearance? My comment never accused anyone of anything -

  7. I have never been to Florida but I to have a gift a after life gift haleigh Cummings I saw her I saw almost everything you said but I also saw her in a water colvert I believe this will be the year they find her. Im almost certain .


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