Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 years ago: Haleigh Cummings disappears......By: Stephanie Almaguer

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HaLeigh Cummings - I will never, ever forget about her & will continue to pray that one day....she is found.  I will also never forget Marie Griffith, HaLeigh's maternal grandmother & how I felt when I first met her.

HaLeigh's case was the first case I actively pursued, non-stop, in trying to utilize my "abilities" to find her.... what happened that night..... & help justice be seen.... I didn't know what I was getting into..... I didn't do a lot of things "the right way" & in fact made many mistakes a long the way.  I've learned from some of them & still learn today.  Some of those mistakes, I'd do anything to take back &/or correct- But they're in the past & I can't dwell on them.......(especially in Re: to a friendship I deeply valued)  Regardless of what anyone, anywhere thinks or believes in re: to me, HaLeigh, Baby Lisa, etc...and my "psychic" doings - I know, in my heart- I've always had the best intentions when it came to any missing person's case & that's what is most important - to me.

HaLeigh grabbed a hold of my heart & I will never be the same since my involvement with her disappearance - Next, Marie took a hold of my heart & when I was in Florida, I would have given anything to have found HaLeigh for her.  The 2 day's I spent in Florida, I searched from morning until dark, in the area I believed her to be - And one day was with Marie.  I even called my children at one point - Feeling I was in the right "area" - It was still like a needle in a hay stack - There was what seemed like a 1000 acre's and no one could conduct such a search of a vast amount of land alone or even with 3 people - especially in 2 days.... I wanted to know if they could "see" anything that may be "around" HaLeigh...... which may have helped to direct us in location on this land..... Yes - I will never forget about HaLeigh Cummings AND to this day, although I tell no one of my "insight" - I still try to "find" her..... & keep a journal. - I wish nothing but the best for Marie & will pray and continue searching until there's some resolution to HaLeigh's disappearance & peace for her family.


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    Thank you very much! I'm happy when someone has something nice to say- since it doesn't happen often. Have a great day!

  2. Someone marked this posting as "funny"... I'm always amazed at those who find such things "funny".... probably our "guilty" party... Anyway...Private home/bar of Ronald's dad has interest to me....


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