Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Missing & Unidentified By: Stephanie Almaguer

I am looking for REAL, No BS - opinions......Is the photograph of the missing man, the same "person" as the molding - I will even give a few stats on each -
PHOTOGRAPH - 1-Taken BEFORE April 1, 2005 with TEETH in his mouth
                              2-Reported missing April 2005 with NO TEETH (assuming his dentures were found at
                                  his home) However, there are some reports that indicate he was last seen in August
                              3-60 yrs old, 72" (6ft), 150 lbs, has medical condition & mental disorder (mild
                                   schizophrenia), was a "roamer~drifter"..... often wondered around, but had a home.
MOLD - 1- Mold of male-skeletal remains found-Nov. 2006 (so, approx.1 yr after the man in photo was
                    reported missing) in the woods near what appeared to be where the man had been "living" due
                    to a "living" type area, with blankets, etc...
               2- Believed to perhaps be a diabetic, due to "outdated" empty diabetic medication at / near scene
               3- Found in the same state as the man in the live photo disappeared in, but 10hrs/600+ miles apart
                    However - ONE highway connects the two area's
               4- 72" (6ft), 140-180 lbs, NO teeth, (this can/will cause jaw line to shift & facial features to "sink"
                    inward), 50-65 years old
I think that's enough...... I just want to know if you all think it IS or IS NOT one in the same man - Thanks


  1. They look similar but if you were to measure the distance from tear duct to tear duct, the center photograph has a greater distance between the eyes and they aren't set as deep as the mold. Do those features change that much with age?

  2. I would say it is the same man; looks the same at first glance.
    The ears, the neck, shape of the skull, the forehead and the shape of the eyes are the same in my opinion.

    Who is he?


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