Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 Annual Waxahachie Mini-GrandPrix Races - CNB rules the track, again!

This is one of favorite days of the year....I get to watch my brother, Roby Cagle w/his son, (my nephew) Justin Cagle, my dad- Danny Cagle, my brother-n-law- Wes Miller, and lot's of friends kick ass on the Waxahachie Town Square- "turned race track" for the day in the Mini-GrandPrix races..... This year was no exception....other than some of their competitor's down right cheating and racing "dirty" in purposely ramming into the CNB cars, &/or whatever it took to try and "take them out" of the races because they can't win the races fairly. Well, they did a good job in taking out 2 of our cars this year (out of 3)......Yet, we still- with ONE car - received FIRST place.

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