Saturday, April 21, 2012

Arizona missing little girl, Isabel By Stephanie Almaguer

UPDATED 10-7-2013
I know everyone wants Isa to be found safely and come home...I simply can't understand why these kids are not being found?  UUhhgg...   :(               Thought I'd let everyone know, I'm working on an update now.
I am still leaning toward an uncle/cousin connection.... or cover up.... I also still keep picking up "injection"   Something both parent's could have access too and possibly have in the home..... I feel as though it's possible something occurred early on (days before Isa went missing)   A plan of sorts involving money.  Perhaps this cousin/uncle knew of  these injection type medication (sedation type?) and it was used to help Isa sleep soundly?  I will post my thoughts in full when they're all put together....

UPDATE- March 2013
I've had so many request to update Isabel's status, as well as some other's whom I've worked the case, without solution....
I'm sorry it's taken so long... Truth is, unless I can get or pick up on anything of any use, IMO anyway- there's really nothing to update.... So, it's not that I'm ignoring request or simply not "working on" the case....I am....I've just got nothing relevant in helping to solve the crime or locate the missing.... It's so frustrating..... I wish this "ability" worked the way everyone thinks it does, but it simply doesn't..... That being said, I pulled the cards and also did meditation / medium insight and this is the best I got....But wanted to post it....You never know....maybe to someone it will mean something - I am trying....Promise! :)  it still doesn't lead to finding Isabel.... [sigh]  But, I will keep trying until she's found -

Name Anagrams
A Biles
Able Is
Bale Is
Blase I
Sable I
Bales I
Bias El
Abs Lei
Abs Lie
Ale Bis
Lea Bis
Leas Bi
Sale Bi
Seal Bi
Ales Bi
Sea Lib
Ails Be
Sail Be
La Bise
As Bile
A Bis El
Abs El I
La Be Is
Las Be I
As Bi E
Cede Rems
Creed Ems
Ceder Ems
Creeds Me
Creeds Em
Ceders Me
Ceders Em
Cedes Rem
Creme Eds
Cremes Ed
Rec Meeds
Rec Deems
Recs Meed
Recs Deem
Rec Ed Ems
Rec Eds Me
Rec Eds Em
Recs Ed Me
Recs Ed Em
Sec Ed Rem
Sec Red Me
Sec Red Em
Sic El
Bacilli Sees
Abseil Slice
Blaise Slice
Labises Lice
Abseils Lice
Biases Celli
Case Billies
Aces Billies
A Ibices Sell
A Ibices Ells
A Bellies Sic
A Billies Sec
A Ibises Cell
A Bile Slices
A Libels Ices
A Biles Slice
A Bises Celli
Cab Seise Ill
Cab Lie Isles
Cab Lei Isles
Cab Isle Isle
Cab Isle Lies
Cab Isle Leis
Cab Lies Lies
Cab Lies Leis
Cab Leis Leis
Scabies Ell I
Abscise Ell I
Cable Lie Sis
Cable Lei Sis
Cable Isle Is
Cable Lies Is
Cable Leis Is
Cable Isles I
Cables Lie Is
Cables Lei Is
Cables Isle I
Cables Lies I
Cables Leis I
Basic See Ill
Basic Isle El
Basic Lies El
Basic Leis El
Basics Lie El
Basics Lei El
Cabs Lie Isle
Cabs Lie Lies
Cabs Lie Leis
Cabs Lei Isle
Cabs Lei Lies
Cabs Lei Leis
Scab Lie Isle
Scab Lie Lies
Scab Lie Leis
Scab Lei Isle
Scab Lei Lies
Scab Lei Leis
Scabs Lie Lie
Scabs Lie Lei
Scabs Lei Lei
Labile Sec Is
Labile Secs I
Liable Sec Is
Liable Secs I
Abseil Sic El
Blaise Sic El
Biases Cell I
Bale Lice Sis
Bale Slice Is
Bale Slices I
Bale Sic Isle
Bale Sic Lies
Bale Sic Leis
Bale Sics Lie
Bale Sics Lei
Able Lice Sis
Able Slice Is
Able Slices I
Able Sic Isle
Able Sic Lies
Able Sic Leis
Able Sics Lie
Able Sics Lei
Label Ice Sis
Label Ices Is
Labels Ice Is
Labels Ices I
Bales Lice Is
Bales Slice I
Bales Sic Lie
Bales Sic Lei
Blase Lice Is
Blase Slice I
Blase Sic Lie
Blase Sic Lei
Sable Lice Is
Sable Slice I
Sable Sic Lie
Sable Sic Lei
Sables Lice I
Base Ice Ills
Base Ice Sill
Base Celli Is
Base Ices Ill
Bases Ice Ill
Bases Celli I
Alibi Secs El
Alibis Sec El
Bail Ice Less
Bail Sec Isle
Bail Sec Lies
Bail Sec Leis
Bail Secs Lie
Bail Secs Lei
Bail Sic Else
Bail Sic Lees
Bail Sic Eels
Bail Sics Lee
Bail Sics Eel
Basil Ices El
Basil Sec Lie
Basil Sec Lei
Basil Sic Lee
Basil Sic Eel
Bails Ices El
Bails Sec Lie
Bails Sec Lei
Bails Sic Lee
Bails Sic Eel
Basils Ice El
Bias Ice Sell
Bias Ice Ells
Bias Slice El
Bias Ices Ell
Bassi Ice Ell
Bassi Lice El
Basis Ice Ell
Basis Lice El
Lab Ice Isles
Lab Ices Isle
Lab Ices Lies
Lab Ices Leis
Alb Ice Isles
Alb Ices Isle
Alb Ices Lies
Alb Ices Leis
Albs Ice Isle
Albs Ice Lies
Albs Ice Leis
Albs Ices Lie
Albs Ices Lei
Slab Ice Isle
Slab Ice Lies
Slab Ice Leis
Slab Ices Lie
Slab Ices Lei
Labs Ice Isle
Labs Ice Lies
Labs Ice Leis
Labs Ices Lie
Labs Ices Lei
Slabs Ice Lie
Slabs Ice Lei
Abs Ice Lisle
Abs Lice Isle
Abs Lice Lies
Abs Lice Leis
Abs Slice Lie
Abs Slice Lei
Bass Lice Lie
Bass Lice Lei
Ace Libel Sis
Ace Libels Is
Ace Bise Ills
Ace Bise Sill
Ace Bises Ill
Ace Bi Lisles
Ace Ibis Sell
Ace Ibis Ells
Ace Lib Isles
Ace Libs Isle
Ace Libs Lies
Ace Libs Leis
Ace Bliss Lie
Ace Bliss Lei
Ace Bis Lisle
Cease Bi Ills
Cease Bi Sill
Cease Bill Is
Cease Bills I
Cease Bis Ill
Ceases Bi Ill
Ceases Bill I
Lace Bile Sis
Lace Biles Is
Lace Bi Isles
Lace Bis Isle
Lace Bis Lies
Lace Bis Leis
Scale Bile Is
Scale Biles I
Scale Bi Isle
Scale Bi Lies
Scale Bi Leis
Scale Ibis El
Scale Bis Lie
Scale Bis Lei
Laces Bile Is
Laces Biles I
Laces Bi Isle
Laces Bi Lies
Laces Bi Leis
Laces Ibis El
Laces Bis Lie
Laces Bis Lei
Scales Bile I
Scales Bi Lie
Scales Bi Lei
Case Libel Is
Case Libels I
Case Bise Ill
Case Bi Lisle
Case Ibis Ell
Case Lib Isle
Case Lib Lies
Case Lib Leis
Case Libs Lie
Case Libs Lei
Aces Libel Is
Aces Libels I
Aces Bise Ill
Aces Bi Lisle
Aces Ibis Ell
Aces Lib Isle
Aces Lib Lies
Aces Lib Leis
Aces Libs Lie
Aces Libs Lei
Cases Libel I
Cases Lib Lie
Cases Lib Lei
Cilia Be Less
Silicas Be El
Lilac Bee Sis
Lilac Bees Is
Lilac Bi Sees
Lilac Bis See
Lilacs Bee Is
Lilacs Bees I
Lilacs Bi See
Lac Belie Sis
Lac Belies Is
Lac Ibises El
Lac Bise Isle
Lac Bise Lies
Lac Bise Leis
Lac Bises Lie
Lac Bises Lei
Lac Ibis Else
Lac Ibis Lees
Lac Ibis Eels
Lac Lib Seise
Call Bi Seise
Call Ibis See
Lacs Belie Is
Lacs Belies I
Lacs Bise Lie
Lacs Bise Lei
Lacs Ibis Lee
Lacs Ibis Eel
Class Belie I
Sac Be Lilies
Sac Bellies I
Sac Bile Isle
Sac Bile Lies
Sac Bile Leis
Sac Biles Lie
Sac Biles Lei
Sacs Bile Lie
Sacs Bile Lei
Easel Lib Sic
Lease Lib Sic
Ease Bill Sic
Ilea Lib Secs
Ilea Libs Sec
Allies Be Sic
Allies Bi Sec
Aisle Lib Sec
Lea Bile Sics
Lea Biles Sic
Lea Bi Slices
Lea Libs Ices
Lea Bliss Ice
Lea Bis Slice
Ale Bile Sics
Ale Biles Sic
Ale Bi Slices
Ale Libs Ices
Ale Bliss Ice
Ale Bis Slice
Seal Bile Sic
Seal Bi Slice
Seal Lib Ices
Seal Libs Ice
Seal Bis Lice
Ales Bile Sic
Ales Bi Slice
Ales Lib Ices
Ales Libs Ice
Ales Bis Lice
Sale Bile Sic
Sale Bi Slice
Sale Lib Ices
Sale Libs Ice
Sale Bis Lice
Leas Bile Sic
Leas Bi Slice
Leas Lib Ices
Leas Libs Ice
Leas Bis Lice
Seals Bi Lice
Seals Lib Ice
Sales Bi Lice
Sales Lib Ice
Sea Libel Sic
Sea Ibis Cell
Sea Lib Slice
Sea Bill Ices
Sea Bills Ice
Sea Libs Lice
Sea Bis Celli
Seas Bi Celli
Seas Lib Lice
Seas Bill Ice
Ail Be Slices
Ail Bile Secs
Ail Biles Sec
Ail Bless Ice
Sail Be Slice
Sail Bile Sec
Ails Be Slice
Ails Bile Sec
Sails Be Lice
Sisal Be Lice
La Belie Sics
La Belies Sic
La Biles Ices
La Bise Slice
La Bises Lice
All Bise Ices
All Bises Ice
Alls Bise Ice
Las Ibices El
Las Belie Sic
Las Bile Ices
Las Biles Ice
Las Bise Lice
Lass Bile Ice
As Ibices Ell
As Bile Slice
As Libel Ices
As Libels Ice
As Biles Lice
As Bise Celli
Ass Bile Lice
Ass Libel Ice
A Be Ice Sills
A Be Celli Sis
A Be Ices Ills
A Be Ices Sill
A Be Sic Lisle
A Bee Sic Ills
A Bee Sic Sill
A Bee Sics Ill
A Belle Sic Is
A Belle Sics I
A Belles Sic I
A Bees Sic Ill
A Bile Sics El
A Libel Sec Is
A Libel Secs I
A Libels Sec I
A Biles Sic El
A Bise Cell Is
A Bise Cells I
A Bise Sec Ill
A Bise Sic Ell
A Bises Cell I
A Bell Ice Sis
A Bell Ices Is
A Bells Ice Is
A Bells Ices I
A Bless Lice I
A Bi Ice Sells
A Bi Lice Less
A Bi Slices El
A Bi Ices Sell
A Bi Ices Ells
A Bi Sec Lisle
A Ibis Sec Ell
A Lib Ice Less
A Lib Sec Isle
A Lib Sec Lies
A Lib Sec Leis
A Lib Secs Lie
A Lib Secs Lei
A Lib Sic Else
A Lib Sic Lees
A Lib Sic Eels
A Lib Sics Lee
A Lib Sics Eel
A Bill Sic See
A Libs Ices El
A Libs Sec Lie
A Libs Sec Lei
A Libs Sic Lee
A Libs Sic Eel
A Bliss Ice El
A Bis Ice Sell
A Bis Ice Ells
A Bis Slice El
A Bis Ices Ell
Cab See I Ills
Cab See I Sill
Cab See Ill Is
Cab Sees I Ill
Cab Lie El Sis
Cab Lie Less I
Cab Lei El Sis
Cab Lei Less I
Cab Isle El Is
Cab Lies El Is
Cab Leis El Is
Cab Isles El I
Cable El I Sis
Cable El Is Is
Cable Less I I
Cables El I Is
Basic El El Is
Basics El El I
Cabs See I Ill
Cabs Lie El Is
Cabs Lei El Is
Cabs Isle El I
Cabs Lies El I
Cabs Leis El I
Scab See I Ill
Scab Lie El Is
Scab Lei El Is
Scab Isle El I
Scab Lies El I
Scab Leis El I
Scabs Lie El I
Scabs Lei El I
Bale Sic El Is
Bale Sics El I
Able Sic El Is
Able Sics El I
Label Sec I Is
Label Secs I I
Labels Sec I I
Bales Sic El I
Blase Sic El I
Sable Sic El I
Base Cell I Is
Base Cells I I
Base Sec I Ill
Base Sic Ell I
Bases Cell I I
Bail Sec El Is
Bail Secs El I
Basil Sec El I
Bails Sec El I
Bias Sec Ell I
Bias Sic El El
Lab Ice El Sis
Lab Ice Less I
Lab Ices El Is
Lab Sec Lie Is
Lab Sec Lei Is
Lab Sec Isle I
Lab Sec Lies I
Lab Sec Leis I
Lab Secs Lie I
Lab Secs Lei I
Lab Sic Lee Is
Lab Sic Eel Is
Lab Sic Else I
Lab Sic Lees I
Lab Sic Eels I
Lab Sics Lee I
Lab Sics Eel I
Alb Ice El Sis
Alb Ice Less I
Alb Ices El Is
Alb Sec Lie Is
Alb Sec Lei Is
Alb Sec Isle I
Alb Sec Lies I
Alb Sec Leis I
Alb Secs Lie I
Alb Secs Lei I
Alb Sic Lee Is
Alb Sic Eel Is
Alb Sic Else I
Alb Sic Lees I
Alb Sic Eels I
Alb Sics Lee I
Alb Sics Eel I
Ball Sic See I
Albs Ice El Is
Albs Ices El I
Albs Sec Lie I
Albs Sec Lei I
Albs Sic Lee I
Albs Sic Eel I
Slab Ice El Is
Slab Ices El I
Slab Sec Lie I
Slab Sec Lei I
Slab Sic Lee I
Slab Sic Eel I
Labs Ice El Is
Labs Ices El I
Labs Sec Lie I
Labs Sec Lei I
Labs Sic Lee I
Labs Sic Eel I
Slabs Ice El I
Abs Ice Ell Is
Abs Ice Sell I
Abs Ice Ells I
Abs Lice El Is
Abs Slice El I
Abs Ices Ell I
Abs Sic Lie El
Abs Sic Lei El
Bass Ice Ell I
Bass Lice El I
Ace Be I Sills
Ace Be Ill Sis
Ace Be Ills Is
Ace Be Sill Is
Ace Bell I Sis
Ace Bell Is Is
Ace Bells I Is
Ace Bi Ell Sis
Ace Bi Sell Is
Ace Bi Ells Is
Ace Bi Sells I
Ace Lib El Sis
Ace Lib Less I
Ace Libs El Is
Ace Bliss El I
Ace Bis Ell Is
Ace Bis Sell I
Ace Bis Ells I
Lace Bless I I
Lace Bi El Sis
Lace Bi Less I
Lace Bis El Is
Scale Bi El Is
Scale Bis El I
Laces Bi El Is
Laces Bis El I
Scales Bi El I
Case Be I Ills
Case Be I Sill
Case Be Ill Is
Case Bell I Is
Case Bells I I
Case Bi Ell Is
Case Bi Sell I
Case Bi Ells I
Case Lib El Is
Case Libs El I
Case Bis Ell I
Aces Be I Ills
Aces Be I Sill
Aces Be Ill Is
Aces Bell I Is
Aces Bells I I
Aces Bi Ell Is
Aces Bi Sell I
Aces Bi Ells I
Aces Lib El Is
Aces Libs El I
Aces Bis Ell I
Cases Be I Ill
Cases Bell I I
Cases Bi Ell I
Cases Lib El I
Lac Be Lie Sis
Lac Be Lei Sis
Lac Be Isle Is
Lac Be Lies Is
Lac Be Leis Is
Lac Be Isles I
Lac Bise El Is
Lac Bises El I
Lac Bi Lee Sis
Lac Bi Eel Sis
Lac Bi Else Is
Lac Bi Lees Is
Lac Bi Eels Is
Lac Lib See Is
Lac Lib Sees I
Lac Libs See I
Lac Bis Lee Is
Lac Bis Eel Is
Lac Bis Else I
Lac Bis Lees I
Lac Bis Eels I
Call Bee I Sis
Call Bee Is Is
Call Bees I Is
Call Bi See Is
Call Bi Sees I
Call Bis See I
Calls Bee I Is
Calls Bees I I
Calls Bi See I
Lacs Be Lie Is
Lacs Be Lei Is
Lacs Be Isle I
Lacs Be Lies I
Lacs Be Leis I
Lacs Bise El I
Lacs Bi Lee Is
Lacs Bi Eel Is
Lacs Bi Else I
Lacs Bi Lees I
Lacs Bi Eels I
Lacs Lib See I
Lacs Bis Lee I
Lacs Bis Eel I
Class Be Lie I
Class Be Lei I
Class Bi Lee I
Class Bi Eel I
Sac Be Lisle I
Sac Bee I Ills
Sac Bee I Sill
Sac Bee Ill Is
Sac Belle I Is
Sac Belles I I
Sac Bees I Ill
Sac Bile El Is
Sac Biles El I
Sac Bise Ell I
Sac Bi See Ill
Sac Bi Isle El
Sac Bi Lies El
Sac Bi Leis El
Sac Ibis El El
Sac Lib Lee Is
Sac Lib Eel Is
Sac Lib Else I
Sac Lib Lees I
Sac Lib Eels I
Sac Bill See I
Sac Libs Lee I
Sac Libs Eel I
Sac Bis Lie El
Sac Bis Lei El
Sacs Bee I Ill
Sacs Belle I I
Sacs Bile El I
Sacs Bi Lie El
Sacs Bi Lei El
Sacs Lib Lee I
Sacs Lib Eel I
Lea Bi Sics El
Lea Lib Sec Is
Lea Lib Secs I
Lea Libs Sec I
Lea Bis Sic El
Ale Bi Sics El
Ale Lib Sec Is
Ale Lib Secs I
Ale Libs Sec I
Ale Bis Sic El
Seal Bi Sic El
Seal Lib Sec I
Ales Bi Sic El
Ales Lib Sec I
Sale Bi Sic El
Sale Lib Sec I
Leas Bi Sic El
Leas Lib Sec I
Sea Be Sic Ill
Sea Bell Sic I
Sea Bi Cell Is
Sea Bi Cells I
Sea Bi Sec Ill
Sea Bi Sic Ell
Sea Lib Sic El
Sea Bill Sec I
Sea Bis Cell I
Seas Bi Cell I
Ail Be Sics El
Ail Bi Secs El
Ail Bis Sec El
Sail Be Sic El
Sail Bi Sec El
Ails Be Sic El
Ails Bi Sec El
La Be Lice Sis
La Be Slice Is
La Be Slices I
La Be Sic Isle
La Be Sic Lies
La Be Sic Leis
La Be Sics Lie
La Be Sics Lei
La Bile Sec Is
La Bile Secs I
La Biles Sec I
La Bise Sic El
La Bless Ice I
La Bi Ice Less
La Bi Sec Isle
La Bi Sec Lies
La Bi Sec Leis
La Bi Secs Lie
La Bi Secs Lei
La Bi Sic Else
La Bi Sic Lees
La Bi Sic Eels
La Bi Sics Lee
La Bi Sics Eel
La Ibis Sec El
La Lib Sic See
La Bis Ices El
La Bis Sec Lie
La Bis Sec Lei
La Bis Sic Lee
La Bis Sic Eel
All Be Ice Sis
All Be Ices Is
All Bee Sic Is
All Bee Sics I
All Bees Sic I
All Bise Sec I
All Bi Sic See
Alls Be Ice Is
Alls Be Ices I
Alls Bee Sic I
Las Be Lice Is
Las Be Slice I
Las Be Sic Lie
Las Be Sic Lei
Las Bile Sec I
Las Bi Ices El
Las Bi Sec Lie
Las Bi Sec Lei
Las Bi Sic Lee
Las Bi Sic Eel
Las Bis Ice El
Lass Be Lice I
Lass Bi Ice El
As Be Ice Ills
As Be Ice Sill
As Be Celli Is
As Be Ices Ill
As Bee Sic Ill
As Belle Sic I
As Bile Sic El
As Libel Sec I
As Bise Cell I
As Bell Ice Is
As Bell Ices I
As Bells Ice I
As Bi Ice Sell
As Bi Ice Ells
As Bi Slice El
As Bi Ices Ell
As Lib Ices El
As Lib Sec Lie
As Lib Sec Lei
As Lib Sic Lee
As Lib Sic Eel
As Libs Ice El
As Bis Ice Ell
As Bis Lice El
Ass Be Ice Ill
Ass Be Celli I
Ass Bell Ice I
Ass Bi Ice Ell
Ass Bi Lice El
Ass Lib Ice El
A Be Cell I Sis
A Be Cell Is Is
A Be Cells I Is
A Be Sec I Ills
A Be Sec I Sill
A Be Sec Ill Is
A Be Secs I Ill
A Be Sic Ell Is
A Be Sic Sell I
A Be Sic Ells I
A Be Sics Ell I
A Bell Sec I Is
A Bell Secs I I
A Bells Sec I I
A Bi Sec Ell Is
A Bi Sec Sell I
A Bi Sec Ells I
A Bi Secs Ell I
A Bi Sics El El
A Lib Sec El Is
A Lib Secs El I
A Libs Sec El I
A Bis Sec Ell I
A Bis Sic El El
Cab El El I Sis
Cab El El Is Is
Cab El Less I I
Cabs El El I Is
Scab El El I Is
Scabs El El I I
Lab Sec El I Is
Lab Secs El I I
Alb Sec El I Is
Alb Secs El I I
Albs Sec El I I
Slab Sec El I I
Labs Sec El I I
Abs Sec Ell I I
Abs Sic El El I
Lac Be El I Sis
Lac Be El Is Is
Lac Be Less I I
Lacs Be El I Is
Class Be El I I
Sac Be Ell I Is
Sac Be Sell I I
Sac Be Ells I I
Sac Bi El El Is
Sac Bis El El I
Sacs Be Ell I I
Sacs Bi El El I
La Be Sic El Is
La Be Sics El I
La Bi Sec El Is
La Bi Secs El I
La Bis Sec El I
All Be Sec I Is
All Be Secs I I
Alls Be Sec I I
Las Be Sic El I
Las Bi Sec El I
As Be Cell I Is
As Be Cells I I
As Be Sec I Ill
As Be Sic Ell I
As Bell Sec I I
As Bi Sec Ell I
As Bi Sic El El
As Lib Sec El I
Ass Be Cell I I

Stephanie Almaguer
"With each failure or rejection, my drive to succeed becomes stronger.  The tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching you goal(s).  The real tragedy is having no goal(s) to reach"


I know this reading may seem vague...but I didn't plan on doing this reading, but these thoughts came to me, so I jotted them down...(FYI) If  Isabel didnt know the person...they knew/had been watching her...I'm just not sure yet....Just trying to get something posted in-between trying to manage a slumber party!

-------------------------------UPDATE  5/16/2012--------------------------------------
Look at my reading....DONE ON THE DATE ISABEL WENT MISSING.....I wrote, near the bottom *home life not what it seems*   See this article I found today: (validation)    "As the hunt for Isabel Celis continues, the 6-year-old girl from Tucson, Ariz. who disappeared from her home on April 21, new details about her home life are emerging. In December, several months before she was first reported missing, Child Protective Services workers visited the home."

*Now....notice my reading has much mentions about the father and /or  family/associates....and even my comments below state this fact.... See the same article:  "Recently, Sergio Celis reached an agreement with law enforcement officials that barred him from speaking with his two other children." ...SNIP...."A voluntary agreement was reached between Child Protective Services and the parents to restrict access, voluntarily, for Sergio to give some space and distance away from the two older children," ....SNIP....."Police said they developed "new information" regarding the welfare of the children."SNIP...."In the audio recording, Isabel's father, Sergio Celis, calmly talks to the 911 operator before being transferred to police.
"I want to report a missing person," said Sergio Cellis, Isabel's father on Saturday, April 21, reported ABC. "My little girl, who is 6 years old. I believe she was abducted from our house."
The operator then asks Celis why he thinks his daughter was taken.
"I have no idea," he said, reported Reuters. "We woke up this morning...and she's gone. I woke up my sons, I, we looked everywhere in the house, and my oldest son noticed that her window was wide open and the screen was laying in the backyard. We've looked all around the house."
The operator then asks where the mother is. Celis said that she went to work, but he informed her of the situation.
 "I just called her to get her butt home," he said with a laugh."

HERE'S WHAT I - K N O W:  Money problems effect everyone at some time (well, normal folk like most of us)  And when you can't pay your bills and every time the phone rings it's a new collector....etc...IT F-ING SUCKS!  I've used my kids to try and help generate income....(actually, I have not HAD to make them do anything at all...They LOVE being the CENTER of attention...wonder where they got that?) But, I've "advertised them" and / or promoted them....BUT PEOPLE, THERE'S A LIMIT!!!!   A LINE YOU JUST DON'T CROSS!!! I found something along these lines, extremely disturbing (IMO) that fit exactly "in" with my reading regarding a plan and finances.....It's posted in the comment section below... (re: him singing in public)

I ALSO KNOW (for fact...doesn't matter why!)  IF she were kidnapped (randomly) by individuals (such as the cartels) in Mexico....The Family would have been contacted almost immediately with a ransom demand. THEY WERE'NT -  IF she were kidnapped by similar individuals, BUT because the father owed $$ to them due to drugs or even a loan that he owed money for....It "would" explain all the "fund raiser's"  HOWEVER....enough has been raised, I would think, to pay them and get Isabel back....Even if done "secretly" by the father.... THAT HASN'T HAPPENED.

NOW- my belief, based upon nothing more but IMO because of my "abilities" is this:
*There was a "plan" here of some kind between (I believe) the cousin/uncle and perhaps even the father, not sure... He could have been raising money to get his daughter back, should a ransom be declared.....Either way, this was Involving money....:
A) Possible "fake" kidnapping, to generate money (fund raiser's) and/or to promote business / singing??  And Isabel was suppose to be mysteriously returned....and either something went wrong...or it just hasn't happened yet due to the Police surveillance being so strong....and the attention this case received.
B) The father DID owe money and was warned before hand that if he didn't pay, there would be consequences...and he 'knows' what's happened, but will not say- 
C) Life Insurance pay out

I don't know if any of the above is correct and if I'm wrong, then that's great....I just don't feel this to be random and I feel $$ involved and a plan....but a plan that hasn't / didn't go accordingly to plan....which doesn't look good....But you never know.
I feel she wasn't suppose to be missing as long as she has been and it's for this reason she's not home.  fear of being caught/jailed.
I would like to say Isa is still alive and being cared for, perhaps south and even into Mexico.... But there is a likely hood the risk of getting caught outweighs keeping her alive....?

--------------UPDATE  07/21/2012----------------

In all honesty...Trying to pin point and find Isabel in a "psychic way", as with all the other missing person's, has proven to be very difficult. Contrary to the public's opinion as to how this ability works...and that if your "psychic" I should just KNOW...It doesn't work like that. As I've seen WAY to often after I've "read" on a missing person & they're later found (by other "means", I will re-read my postings on that person & sure enough, 9 x's out of 10, they were found almost exactly where I "saw" BEFORE they were found. Unfortunately it usually "fits" 100...if not 1000's of area's.... That's why I also hope that I see/say/reveal something....ANYTHING....that LE, or even the public "recognize"....such as a missing clue, that trigger's a response. It's also why after a couple of readings, I generally do not do any more because they're usually of no use....But, I've received PM's, emails, and even post on Isabels blog post here to please read for her again...So, I did the best I could....I will be blunt and to the point - which many will not like....But we're searching for a child, not a lost item. OK-
The more I focus on Isabel, the more I start believing she was not taken from her home in a manner in which anyone would have thought as "suspicious"...Such as, she was carried out inside of something someone who was already in the home, or had direct access to the home - family. I'm not accusing, but picking up, still, on her father / paternal relatives. I do not believe this was an accident, but for monetary purposes. I believe she was taken out after Midnight.....2am comes to mind, but not stating that for certain. In addition, I do not believe that she was removed with anything "belonged" to the home / family....(In other words, it was either recently purchases and wouldn't be recognized by other family members, or borrowed) Perhaps a large piece of luggage is what I'm seeing. I do not believe that there was much, if any struggle inside the home nor any significant biological ... "injection" keep entering my thoughts.  I believe that because she didn't normally sleep in her own room, it would have been impossible to abduct her otherwise, so making her too sleepy to know the difference is why she was in her own bed that night....  I believe that Isabel could be as far as 1 hour +/- from her home and even possibly in Mexico. I think whoever took her (still leaning toward a cousin, if she isn't alive, the intent is for her TO BE FOUND, but hidden away well enough so that when that day comes, there will be no substantial evidence remaining leading back to the culprit. So this thought leads me to believe that she would not buried, but just "out of the way". I do NOT believe that Isabel's mother is involved in any form and whether the father is or not, I'm leaning toward a knowledge of facts, if anything. The following maps are just a few area’s that got my attention when viewing the area’s – South….trying to find area’s which may fit with my “clues” given…Doesn’t mean these area(s) are where Isabel is. A“trail”, I believe will lead to Isabel if deceased. I think my maps are about 20 miles/mins from her home. I don't know whether these area(s) have already been searched or not...I'm only doing a follow up based upon the request given to me....I hope she's found soon.- :(

A live Isa is obviously the best scenario..... But returning her 

is tricky.... Isa knows her abductor and to return her would 

be the same as turning ones self in when Isa told the 


I think the only way she will be brought home is if she's 

somehow able to contact her family or someone takes note 

and see's her and contact authorities.....


  1. My 1st comment is: I find it very sad that you posted on this missing child almost 2wks ago, and until me, NO ONE has commented. I know it's not because they haven't seen your post, because you updated the missing baby in Kansas info AFTER you posted this and it has comments. It's the media coverage which decides the fate of which child makes headlines & those children that do, have a greater chance of being found. And that leads to my 2nd comment: I don't know what I believe when it comes to "abilities" and really, in the scheme of it all, it doesn't matter what me or Joe Blow believes, YOU believe it and from your belief, you made National Headlines in the missing baby from Kansas Cities case and most importantly, kept that precious babies face in the spot light and even got people out searching! Who gives a flying rat's ass if you're psychic or not? You believe you are and are trying to do some good in an endless world full of hate. You've made no profit from your post, unless the media paid you-And you kept a babies face in the forefront of the media and her town. Bravo! I wish you could do it for all of them, including Isabel- but realize you can't. Good luck on this path. Demitria

    1. Thanks....I will try to see if I can pick up on anything more re: Isabel's disappearance & post it if I feel like it would be useful. I post on the cases that are sent to me from friends or FB, etc & don't follow up on them if they never get a response....Not because I don't want to, but because if I continually read & posted on every case I attempt, I'd be on the PC 24/7......I assume that the ones that never get responses have been solved....or my information was wrong, and I just go forward. Thanks for posting and I will see what more I can get on her. OH, and NO- none of the media Pd me to be on their show. Weird....HLN asked me in an email today about Isabel and then you post....maybe there's a meaning here...and maybe not....??? "Coincidence is the word we use when we can't see the levers and pulleys." (EB)

  2. Rampley, Allison
    May 1 (2 days ago)

    to me, Tracey
    Hi Stephanie:

    You were on our show a while back regarding baby Lisa Irwin.

    I wanted to check in and see if you’ve done any work on the Isabel Celis case out of Tucson.

    Let me know!


    Allison Blakely Rampley
    Editorial Producer, HLN Special Report & Prime News
    One CNN Center, NT8503G
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    Twitter: Allisonxxx
    to Allison, Tracey

    Hello. I did a small reading, but if no one responds/engages- I don't keep up with them all...I can't, it would be impossible...Has there been a break? I don't even know if anything I posted has correlated with any unfolded events, if any. It's on my blog:
    BTW, would you please send me a copy of the video/show we did? It's not online & we've never seen it. That would be great. I have updated info re: Lisa...I believe JI was involved in hiding his daughter, still.....So, sad.

    Thanks for writing- Steph

  3. I will not begin accusing anyone of this crime, regardless of what I see, feel or get.....I will only say my reading....and the WHO...and other $$ connections I kept picking up on.... I finally googled Isabel today, since no one was commenting or informing me of updates.....and the first couple of articles I stumbled on talk only about "fund raising" for the family & the Father of Isabel actually performing (singing), LIVE to raise more money "to aid in the search for Isabel"....(major WoW / "Star" factor / money making opportunity) Yet, I do not hear of any searches..... Only one can pray that the public is intentionally being left in the dark for security purposes & all my $$ references is actually $$ to get Isabel back on ransom demands...(unlikely) or just in case of a demand....Ugggg...

    1. ????? LE keeps stating the the tally of costs related to the case during pressers. Probably hoping people know from Casey Anthony that -that's the figure they would be charged with for false searches etc.

  4. I had hoped Isabel would be found. Arizona is known for kidnappings that are tied to the border. God help her.

    Thank you, Steph, for trying to help.

  5. Really Really interesting Steph! Keep up the great work!

  6. Stephanie,
    Can you please do another reading and see if anything new comes up for Isa? PLEASE??
    Thank you for everything that you do to help,
    Much respect,
    Miss V

  7. Stephanie, Thanks for all your insights to the disappearance of little Isabel. Please do more readings and let the public know if they can do anything to try and find her. (like getting out and searching for her) I would be willing to search for her if I knew where to look. God Bless you!

  8. Please do another reading for Isabel, my heart is breaking for her.

  9. I may add more insight later- Not sure

  10. I just want you to know that all the hard work you do on these cases is appreciated. I know it is very time consuming just to do 1 reading. I want to say Thank You, from all the viewers who read your site!

  11. I know you've been asked before but I was only wondering if you can do another reading on Isabel Celis. She's been gone 4 months already and my heart breaks with each passing day she's not found. Thank you for the time you put into these cases!

  12. Please do another reading for little Isabel Celis. Her story has been tearing at my hear! It's been way too long and she needs to come home! Thank you.

  13. I will. Promise. She's next on my list..... So very sad I have a ” list” of missing children names.

  14. I will. Promise. She's next on my list..... So very sad I have a ” list” of missing children names.

  15. I will. Promise. She's next on my list..... So very sad I have a ” list” of missing children names.

  16. You promised back in September that you would do another reading for Isabel Celis. Could you please do a reading. She's been gone for almost 8 months now...:(

  17. I've finished my "reading", but trying to understand and fine tune what I've gotten.... I need to put the best info out there which I can....tomorrow, hopefully-

  18. Hi Stephanie,
    I'm trying to patiently wait for your fine tuned reading on Isabel, but I am so eager. Can you please release it soon? Thanks for all you do!!!!

  19. I keep coming here looking for your "fine tuned" reading on Isabel Celis, but I don't see anything :( Please Stephanie, put it out there for us...we just want to see what you see. When do you expect to post it? Thanks Stephanie!

  20. Hi, I'm so eager to read the update on Isabel. I hope that it is posted very soon :)

  21. Please Stephanie, can you please update us with your most recent reading on Isabel. Thanks! We're waiting anxiously!

    1. I'm very sorry I haven't posted........So much going on in my own life, I just don't feel like I'm getting clear information.......Another reason is due to the information I have gotten, is very "off" from what many believe - As in "this is done by the hands of a women".........I'm in the process of moving right now and all my notes, etc...are packed. We should be completely moved by this weekend, I will then pull out her file and seriously work on her case again and post what I have....

    2. I hope your move went well and you are settled into your new place. I was just wondering if you had a chance to pull out Isabel file yet. I am very anxious to read what you have. I am, along with the rest of the country, very worried about her and hope she is okay and safe. Please post something soon. Thank you for your time!

    3. I want to at least post my initial thoughts and I will go into more detail tomorrow sometime on what I've picked up on lately. I think we're looking at mom and dad both being involved. However, lately- I've been hesitant to post because what I've been getting is not what the majority of the public are leaning towards.....This is the mother being directly involved and perhaps "her" family, rather than Sergio's family being involved in a cover up. But before I post this in an update- I want to meditate on this in the morning and I will finally post what I pick up on. I have some reasons for this and will try and get more insight to be clear/ forsure.....Thanks

  22. Thanks for that for your last post. It's interesting. I have mixed thoughts about the two parents myself. This case is just so mysterious. I would love to see you post your final thoughts soon. I pray every night for Isabel to be found safe and to be returned to her family very soon. It breaks my heart to not know how or where she is. I hope for some good news soon :( Thank you again for caring.

  23. Can you please post your update reading on Isabel Celis. Thank you!

  24. Thank you for your most recent update regarding missing 7yr old, Isabel Celis. I am not sure if I understand what you wrote. The handwriting was just not too legible and the print was way to small even though I did try to magnify it. I hope one day you can find the time to type up exactly what you wrote so we can get a better understanding of what your thoughts. I appreciate the amount of time you have put into it. I am very grateful. Thanks for caring.


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