Friday, August 31, 2012

To Those Who "Follow" My Blog By: Stephanie Almaguer

To all of you who have faithfully followed my missing person Blog, I say Thank you.  It means more to me to have your support than you will ever know.   Because of the request for readings I get on a "personal" level, I found that it was necessary to separate the two subjects....One blog for the missing and another for personal readings.   I ask, if you will, please take a moment and also SUBSCRIBE to my new blog and share it with all your friends, family, contacts, FB, twitter, etc...You can also SUBSCRIBE to it by EMAIL and receive updates, monthly newsletter's/insight, and much more!   I've also a new link (blog page) which gives out my twitter info and other important sites which I ask you to also follow and share. It's labeled "FOLLOW ME Socially" When it comes to the missing, I believe we can never share too much.  Thank you and may God and Karma bless you x's 20 for your generosity and support. ~ Stephanie
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