Thursday, October 4, 2012

LISA IRWIN - Baby Lisa UPDATE 9/19/2012 By: Stephanie Almaguer

I began this journey October 4, 2011 - Here we are, One Year later, as we are seeing more and more - And Lisa Renee Irwin is still missing.  "I'm still looking for you baby Lisa" (Blog updated 10/4/2012)
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  1. Read through this. Consistencies seem to be hole, rocks, construction. Along with many other things. What is this about the brother spending the night? This thing just becomes weirder.

    Anyway, 5301...there is an address for the East Patrol Division of the KCPD and of King Moving and Storage(in the area of question).

    Sad thing is, too many places match the descriptions. You are so right about that. Glad to read the updates though.

    Just wanted to add these to see if you or your friend get anything. Thank you.

    1. OMG.......I didn't know that.....Did you go through each of my links? Like the 3rd or 4th the bottom is KING STORAGE.... I do not know why, but I just kept being drawn back to it over and over.... I kept thinking that something was being "kept" and the EVP said keep, kept over and over.... Then, I kept hearing "King" Went to google maps and was immediately drawn to the King Storage! Then I (like always) start doubting myself...thinking, well- surely the Police have checked to see if they've got storage buildings, etc.... I DID NOT KNOW THE ADDRESS WAS 5 3 0 1 !!!!!!!!!!! I do believe that LE needs to head on over to Kings and see who all has storage units/rentals..... If not a unit, something / somewhere right around there seems to be significant. Thank you for pointing that out. SEE! Posting all of this may have helped lead to something.

    2. If not a building, the water source behind it?

    3. I looked at the map of the streetview of E Front St. You have to arrow East until you see the North American tractor trailers. THAT is King Storage and the true 5301 E Front St. The RR tracks are right beside and I moved the arrows around so I could see behind. You can see the windmill if you're looking for it...right by a tree and the train. Several semi trucks (an orange and some white) are in the picture. The windmill can be easily mistaken for a lightpole. Place looks a lot nicer in daytime on this map! Creepy as heck at night.

      Also, I recommend looking at Universal Rd and Cambridge in that same area. That is where the gravel road is that goes behind there.

  2. No, I didn't click all the links! I just read the messages. I will look through them next.

    I just got home. I actually went down there not expecting to find anything as usual. But when I got down I wish I had taken pictures. It got dark on me and I'm always afraid of looking like a total weirdo. I found Southern Ave but when I got excited was when I saw Kansas City Power and Light building on the closest intersection to this place! That made me think of your first thought...cable, power. I don't think the storage facility itself is the significance. Though there are many 18 wheeler trucks around this area and I think your friend said something about trucks. It is what is behind the storage facility that is interesting. Private property owned by the Kansas Southern Railraod. There is a windmill that can be seen behind the storage facility too. Behind the train tracks I want to say. Signs everywhere saying private property. I found a gravel road that leads to it all but it is mark No Trespassing because it is property of the railroad. Lots of trees and brush. I saw a black and white kitten run back there...I wanted to follow it.

    I, for one, strongly feel that this area deserves investigation. It is right off of Chouteau and Front St. Has ALL of the signs. Probably doesn't mean anything to LE but...I wish you were to here to see it all. It is also in Jackson county and Jackson Ave is near. It's all in that same Randolph area and all too. And, yes, there are bridges but it is over the Mighty Missouri so that is to be expected. There are even smokestacks.

    Hope this helps.

  3. I have always seen a nice gentle path through orange and falling leaves to a gentle river. A little sand bar beach on the left where the river or stream bends to the right. The sandy part is perfect on the left. On the right is a bit of a dam close to the shore where the water is deeper. That is where Lisa went in. Nothing is left of her. It's a fishing hole.


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