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Heather Elvis - Missing 20 yr old - Myrtle Beach, SC Dec 18, 2013

  1. Wonder if you can help with the Heather Elvis case. Think missing since 12/17, 20 yrs old from SC. :-(

I'm going to give it a shot here......... First, this stuff is so sad...........Everyday I'm asked to complete a new case, I just don't have time, but I do as many as I can.    As always, I pray that Heather is found soon, safely, and returned to her family, regardless of what my readings may or may not reveal.  

First,  I'm not sure how Heather's car got to the location it was found - But, this is everything I picked up on

Whoever is responsible for her disappearance, had this planned.  This was an obsession of theirs, almost like a goal - Not that Heather was the goal, originally, but the act.   I believe they're 'mature' and may be a person in an authoritative position...Such as a Manager, Boss, etc.  This was an unfulfilled desire, until Heather.

This person is socially awkward, other than work, they exclude their self from most outside activities, are lonely, feel rejected, and have much self pity and feel entitled.    They're withdrawn and very manipulative - dishonest - liar... They could even be a bit scientific in thoughts...

I picked up on the word:  TAPE - Wasn't sure if it was referring to tape, as in sticky tape to hold something together or tape, as in, like a video or recording.... Then I got, INTERVIEWER.... Something to think about...Was Heather searching for a new job and had she recently gone on an interview?   TAPE itself may be a clue, once a suspect is obtained, either kind of tape should be looked for, when the time comes.  INTERVIEWER could be the person who interviewed her for her current job.... or it could mean nothing....   I got REST....this could be a restroom, rest stop, or nothing...  I see a park like setting within trees, perhaps a public restroom area in between her car and home... a park like setting....something with the name LOCUST?  .   The names Jo / Joesph, Roger and Camry.   Could be names of people, streets and Camry, a car perhaps. 

One other thought....I know she lived in an apt .... I'm sure LE has canvased them.......but would be interesting to know who l lives on either side of apt....are there any small holes in wall...(like tiny peep holes?)  

It's very possible something along the lines of an ex? or some kind of jealousy was involved also...not sure.

With respect, I will not include my beliefs in what may or may not have happened to Heather.

When looking over a map of the areas, below, is an area my mind kept going to...IDK, but anything is worth a try


A thought:
Is it possible Heather may have gotten pregnant by a boyfriend / ex?  The man who's older than her?   And could this news of a poss. pregnancy be something that would have ruined his life and a motive for murder?   Or could he have a wife // girlfriend who found out about this preg and this was her motive?   Idk....just a thought which popped into my head..... 


  1. Oh my God, just reading this I became scared. This is a good reason for my child never to leave home! Just the thought of someone drilling tiny holes into walls to watch you sends shivers down my spine! This is too scary! Please God, I hope they find her and all missing persons. This needs to stop.

  2. Just read another missing person case from this area. Another pretty lady - Angie Grace Pipkin. I was afraid of this after originally reading your post. If there is some sick individual, they will find another victim. However, the two cases may not even be related. Still it is disturbing. I hope both women are found and soon. I keep Heather's family in my prayers. Her poor father is shattered. It is wise of you not post what may have happened to her. I have wondered if she had a stalker.

  3. On your 2nd map is very close to where police just did a search warrant in re: to a couple who've been arrested in connection to Heather's disappearance.... One of them is her ex! Omg.... Where's Heather Stephanie?

  4. Finally something breaks in this case. You were right about the tape....LE isn't saying much since the investigation is still pending but, from what I've read, a surveillance tape is what broke this case. Heather is still missing but her ex (I believe this is the "mature" man you saw) and his wife have been charged with her murder. She may have made some mistakes (many of us aren't saints at 20 years old) but she in no way deserved whatever has happened. I pray for justice and that Heather is found soon. It is tragic that she will never get the opportunity to move on as it seemed she was trying to do. I can't get over the feeling that something especially heinous happened here and now it is coming to light.

    Thank you for checking into this and for continuing your efforts on behalf of Baby Lisa as well.

  5. Thanks for the support. Nicole, when did they announce the tape / break in the case? I hope they find her soon. Please let me know if she's found and where. Thx again.

  6. I think it was Friday. The news story said that there was analysis of surveillance tapes that gave LE cause for charges of indecent exposure and kidnapping. Odd. Then after search of the home, they found evidence of murder. Specifically Heather's murder and at the boat landing where her car was discovered. At least that is my understanding from the news. That is all they will tell for now and understandably so as the investigation continues.

    There are missing people every day. Some stories bother me more than others and, for some reason, this one bothers me a lot. I follow-up on a regular basis and it has continued to be a very active case unlike others that turn cold quickly. I think the interest stays alive because her father wouldn't give up. He is in my prayers. I have a daughter just a few years younger. That could be the pull for me as to why this case gets to me. Heather could be anyone's daughter. :-(

  7. stephanie i would like to speak with you on this case as you have seen much of what i was given bye heather this week! She led me through her murder and i wound up being chased bye a man in a black truck. I have contacted the tip line yet still wait for a return call. If you are in my area i would love to work with you on this case if your up to it. You can find me on facebook at Heavenly Voices. Xx hope to hear from you soon. Namaste

  8. Im glad to see you get this post first i am very near the area heathers body was found and have so much guidance from her i plane to pursue it with all i have. I contacted the fbi in sc yesterday. You can look up my facebook via email


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