Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jefferson 'Ryles' Chapman - MISSING 25 yr old from DOTHAN, AL

Missing since December 18th, 2013

Emily on FB asked me to work this case....This is what I got....

Seems as if Ryles was dealing with his own inner demons.  I get the strong feeling as though Ryles is the reason he's missing... Like self sabotage.... I don't want to come out and say suicide, because he could be simply lost.... ashamed over something.... or he could have been involved in an accident as a result of his own actions.  Did he have an addiction problem? Specifically prescribed meds?  It seems as though there could be some anger involved for misusing some type of power had? ?

I got that he was depressed....lacked willpower at the time he disappeared - furthermore, I see him unable to control urges..temptations...unable to face the reality of life at this time....

I feel like he was acting stubborn and uncompromising right before, and up to the day he disappeared.... others may have even believed him to be acting selfishly.  Kind of like an ego thing... I see an opportunity which may have been presented to him which he ignored / declined.   He felt as though 'self sacrifice' was the answer....a choice to leave..... or perhaps he a decision to make out of two choices and this was the answer to him.  

Unfortunately, I have no info to give in re: to where Ryles is... I feel as though I 'got' info re: what may have happened, but really nothing to point to a direction of where...  I'm sorry... If anything comes to me, I will post ASAP


  1. I live here, and this is the same impression I get. I feel if more information were given it would be easier to find him. The people close to him are very defensive when asked for details, which gives the impression there is something to hide. Pure speculation, but it could be a mental illness, anger, suicide threat or he could be in trouble for something or wanted for questioning. Again, all speculation. But when you have little to go off of all you can do is put the pieces together. And what I know to be fact is a) he went missing on Dec 18th from his home apparently just wearing shorts b) someone cconveniently saw him on 84 shortly after....a family that take last sighting off of parents home c) the FBI got involved. Th FBI usually only gets involved in adult missing person cases if there were reason to believe he was abductedand taken across state lines, or if someone is wanted for federal charges or questioning. With this being said, if FBI thought he were abducted why we're they looking in his neighborhood and announcing that that were doing so. D) no one really started freaking out and looking for him until weeks later...which makes me feel like they knew where he was going or that maybe he was mad and they thought it would blow over e) every time there is a search party for him, even if it's police, the family puts online "we will be searching "enter specific part of town here" at such and such time. Seems to me like if you're trying to find someone hiding you wouldn't risk tipping them off. I hope he is safe, but there are too many things in this case that point to "I'm in trouble and running" that it is kind of scaring the community. Check out the Rush Cash case. Almost identical. Again, this is just from my humble investigation and I hope he is found safe.

  2. From his last Twitter comments, it looks like he was troubled about a relationship, and his child. I hope his family finds answers, but one can only speculate.

  3. He would have been found by now if he had taken his own life.


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