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Still searching for Justice.....Missing since 1993-- Pennie Wristen

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    Jessica Clements
    • Hi Stephanie.
      I love reading your blog, you have an amazing gift. I am curious if you could help a friend of mine. She is in her 30's now but when she was 11 her mother went missing and has still not been found. I am from a small city in Peterborough Ontario Canada. I really don't know how to word this but my friends step father was charged, convicted and even sentenced to jail time for my friends mothers murder which is almost impossible to prove without an actual body. He has done his jail time and is out now and will not give the satisfaction to the family of knowing where she is. any insight on this would be wonderful. Thank you


      OK.... Well,  I realize that someone was already convicted of murder in re: to Pennie's disappearance, but I had to make sure he was in fact our "guy" and if in fact, she was murdered.....

      So, first things first....The one responsible saw everyday as gloomy.... Felt as though their life stayed in gloom due to obstacles in their way.....

      A BIG issue in this thinking was this:   There's a women who is pregnant..... this is a women who is believed to be the 'perfect women'  a soul mate, the ultimate mom, a fresh beginning.

      So, I'm thinking someone in this situation was cheating and a pregnancy resulted.... At this point, I could lean either way; Husband cheating, miserable home life, girlfriend becomes pregnant, thinks his life would be great if he weren't married--However divorces are expensive and then he'd be stuck with child support.... So, why not just eliminate all of this from the beginning (hence murder) And begin a new life with a new women and his new child....
      Pennie cheating, becomes preg., which gave her the strength to finally leave...Out of fear, quietly and then as time went on, the guilt and shame of leaving her children kept her silent and gone.

      Next, I picked up on a very jealous women who had (has) knowledge of these event's, but not a participant.... SO- this tells me that the pregnant women I'm picking up on is more than likely the girlfriend of the Husband and she was possibly behind or at least knowledgeable in re: to Pennie's disappearance.... She has "secret" knowledge (a silent knower) and it may be worth the Polices time to talk to this women.... But, I'm sure that they won't... This case is probably "closed" as far as the Police is concerned.

      When one lies, there is usually truth behind those lies.... So think back to things the Husband may have said back then.... To people?  Rumor's contain some truths, usually as well... did he ever make threats or was there rumor of threats? Perhaps he made remarks like "I should kill her and throw her in xxx?  lake" (just an example) He may not have gone to that particular lake, but lake would probably be significant...

      I picked up on a near or at the water.  At 1st I believed her to be buried in this cemetery, but then felt as though this man would be way too lazy to dig and bury someone and would prefer water.
      HERE ARE A FEW AREA'S OF "INTEREST" FOR ME   (It was late when I posted this, well, late for me...I have to be up early in the morning.)   But, I will add a few more locations of interest to me soon)

      MAP 1

      MAP 2

      MAP 3


      Im not sure that your friends mom can still be found... So much time has passed and there is nothing more to find other than bones, if even those are intact... I'm sorry...
      I feel as though she was placed into the water (weighed down) and with flow, rain, current's, etc. over a period of so much time, she's probably no where near the original spot she was originally placed.... ESPECIALLY not searching on your own accord... I mean, maybe cadaver k-9s could still locate her, since they're trained to sniff out not only human remains, but bones as well...regardless of age and they can also detect these smells when they're under water....  I pray that your friend receives some answers and peace as to where her mom's remains are....You never know. But, it's important for her to know that regardless of where her bones rest, her mom is not there.  ;)  


  1. Thank you so much Stephanie. I have kept my friend up to date during this and relayed all information. Hopefully your insight into her moms disappearance will bring her some peace and some closure. I can't thank you enough. I've been wanting to reach out to you in regards to Pennie since i met her daughter a couple years ago, and it's funny how things happen for a reason a certain times and im a strong believer of this, and this just proves that more.. I feel some of her pain as I had lost my mom 10 years ago to suicide and that was tough for me that it just broke my heart that she doesn't have a place where she can visit her mom like i do. My heart will still be heavy for her but not as heavy as it's been. Again I thank you so much and we appericate the time you took out of yours and your families time to do this for her :)

    PS.......keep blogging and doing what your doing we truly enjoy reading it. and you're an amazing person.

    1. Thank you so much Jessica. I realize that it provides comfort to us when we have a burial for those we love who've passed on.... However, they are not at this burial site, they are with us where ever we are. They're only a whisper away, always.... So, her mom as with her always as is your mom.


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