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Kendrick Johnson - "KJ" - Georgia Teen Found Suffocated Inside School Gym - Accident or Foul Play?

A Georgia teen was found in his school gym, deceased, having somehow suffocating within one of the wrestling mats... Apparently there are some who are not accepting this as an accidental death and have asked me to see if I can pick up on anything which would prove or dis-prove their beliefs.

The very 1st thing I focused on was WHO may have caused KJ's suffocation, or was it truly accidental? 
I believe we're looking at at least 3 individuals involved here.....this already suggest other's play a role in his death.....HOWEVER, IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT THEY'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS DEATH... Thus far, I am just picking up 3.... It could mean that somehow they saw or know what happened, but have said nothing because perhaps they were goofing around and someone threw his shoe inside mat, KJ went  to retrieve it, squeezing his upper body inside the opening, trying to reach for the shoe, lost balance, slid further inside & got stuck.....The one(s) who through the shoe could have already left the gym or saw him & may have thought it was funny, never realizing he couldn't get out on his own??  I can't conclude either way yet...........

There is a "feminine" energy involved somehow....

KJ was having some issue's/problems with some individuals which he was keeping secret due to the possible reason(s) for this conflict.  (Does that make sense?)  In other words, something happened which caused conflict, but he'd decided to handle it himself rather than seek any outside assistance.....
If my thoughts are in the right direction, I believe these individuals were generally insecure and possibly believed KJ lead a life of hardship and/or poverty.... They may of been a bit jealous even of the ambitions KJ had for himself, but had previously, for some time, let go of while he was hanging out with these particular individuals.  I think this caused disruptions in both KJs personal and home life and even his finances...hence, spending money on things he shouldn't....   But I believe the "center" of WHO'S involved [somehow] is a female......... She's possessive and can be very bitter and vindictive....One who will spin a tale to get her way, when needed.    There could even be a pregnancy, fake pregnancy, or miscarriage/abortion involved, but not sure...... This girl loves possessively and hates obsessively.....HOWEVER, I must also say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.... Even if this situation doesn't involve a female vengeance, this female is still involved at some level.....even if she was used as a lure, if this was a homicide situation or if she was the one who through the shoe....?

WHAT happened?

From what I can pick up on, seems as if someone may have been obtaining their own "Justice"..... Trying to dish out their own Karmic payback to another.....  One of these individuals has ties to a female person who I feel has a part in this, but perhaps behind the scenes..... Perhaps this one particular boy is a greater interest than the other's in seeking Justice for this female?  I'm not certain, but whatever caused this horrible death, it seems to be due to FALSE accusations made upon KJ.    This was a situation which KJ was out numbered and the playing field was not equal.

KJ was aware of the trouble and was handling things the best way he thought he could, without involving anyone else.   It seems as if KJ may have been behaving or doing things excessively lately and these actions are what led to what happened.   Although he may have been behaving or done something(s) which were not "right", I do believe that he was being blamed for more than he deserved or did....or he knew something or someone who could have been involved with him in his previous actions? and there was fear of other's finding out.... And somehow, still, I feel like a female may be the real center of it all, as in, she lit the flame, and the other's followed her lead...OR she was simply the reason for the flame to begin with?

Whether KJ's passing was a direct result of these individuals purposely harming him, or if these are the individuals who were simply "messing" with him, throwing his shoe inside the mat, I don't know... What I do believe for sure is this:  There ARE witnesses, 3 I believe, one being a female, to what really happened to KJ and how he got inside of the mat.   IT'S EVEN POSSIBLE HE WAS TRULY RETRIEVING HIS SHOE, ON HIS OWN, BECAUSE HE'D LEFT IT THERE..... EITHER WAY, THERE ARE OTHER'S WHO SAW HIM GO INTO THE MAT AND DID NOTHING.

I have a sense of other's "wrapping up" old business in order to begin new....fresh starts...... "Taking care of past / old business"  "wrapping up lose ends"  in order to move forward..... WHY?   Seems as if someones personal plans / goal didn't coincide with reality..... There's feelings of loss, loneliness, disagreements, arrogance, false appearances and ultimately failure involved here.... Hence, this paints a picture of the WHAT HAPPENED a bit more clearly.....OR it is to me.... I feel as though KJ may have broken off a relationship with a girl for reason's which were out of his control in which he found himself behaving in ways he wouldn't have didn't line up with his goals and/or the direction he wanted his life to head..... Perhaps this relationship was more grief than good for him?  By doing this, not only did he bruise this girls ego, but made some additional enemies in the process (or just increased anger already present?) I believe there are family ties....and between this female, one of the other's may be a cousin or brother? However, I don't believe it is for this reason alone KJ would of been attacked, but due to an extreme exaggeration or even complete lie - told by or about this female to her brother / cousin? and friends which could of set into motion the need for Justice / Revenge, etc..... I WISH I COULD SAY WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT THESE INDIVIDUALS DID OR DIDN'T DO SOMETHING DIRECTLY TO KJ WHICH CAUSED HIS PASSING......But the truth is, they could have simply walked away after seeing him slip into the mat, and by doing nothing....that felt like revenge.....

And this is my personal belief based upon information I "received" of what happened, who may be involved and why KJ's life ended on January 10, 2013.    Did he suffocate?  Yes - I believe it's possible... Did he suffocate accidentally?  Again, Yes - I think it's possible....  Was he harmed and placed into the mat, which eventually caused his death?  Yes, that's possible as well......What I 'see' for sure is this:  Regardless of how KJ ended up inside of the mat, Other's were present and/or know that KJ went into that mat..... And did nothing and told no one at the school.   I'm not sure if the intent was to actually kill KJ as much as to teach him a lesson... So, it's very possible he passed away exactly as the Police Department said.....being upside down in the mats unable to free himself caused his suffocation :(    What isn't clear is the exact way he actually got into the mats.... I'm sorry.....  BUT, I don't think that through this new Investigation, the family will get answers....maybe not the one they're expecting, but something....Because I firmly feel other's involved in some way....and they know something about that day.

That being said.....Is there [or was there] a cover up of any kind.... Again , I think it's very likely.... Whether what happened was intention or accidental, those present, but did nothing, could be being protected.... I pick up on organizations....groups....etc. "sticking together"  Kinda makes me wonder if someone in the PD or Examiner's office knows something we don't....or has some relation to one of the individuals who share a part in this..... BUT, I wouldn't discard that the school itself is hiding something.... I've learned one thing while working for the ISD.... It's 100% politically driven, and those with connections or 'money' always get their way and say within the district.... I'm not saying this school is hiding anything, but it's possible.

I realize this is just my view / thoughts on this matter and although I truly believe in the way I obtain and recv insight into each case, missing or criminal, which I attempt to help out on, unfortunately, my insight- right or wrong- is just insight and will more than likely never help to advance or proceed this unjust tragedy into the light, revealing what truly happened.   I really believe that if this female was questioned, thoroughly, she'd be the one to crack.....

To the family, I wish you luck and peace and I pray that somehow you are able to at least find peace if not justice.
KJ is doing fine and says that Justice will be served and to be patient.  ;)   I hope this helps.

Always-  Steph

I realize there are some who believe it to be impossible for KJ to have fallen into the mat accidentally, but here is another blog which I found interesting.....(but either way it happened, I still believe in the 3 who know)
HOWEVER - If there's nothing to hide and KJ indeed die due to an accidental suffocation and no one was there to witness or no one saw anything or more importantly, no harm came to KJ by any other's, then why was video missing?  And not just any video is missing, but video of the most crucial time period of this entire investigation....."The time period AFTER KJ enter's the Gym up until the next class period begins" A full hour, missing.....VERY KEY HOURS   SEE THIS VIDEO

UPDATE  3.29.2014
I googled KJ to see if there were any updates and am amazed at the information most recently released and how it is almost exact as the reading I posted a while back.   I believe the email is a true confession and can't believe the police are not taking it seriously..... Unbelievable!    SEE THE EMAIL / VIDEO HERE


  1. Nice work, Stephanie.

    Your insights are fresh, your own, and show real mental acuity.


  2. I think that there are people who know something as well and they're keeping it a secret. Nothing like that ever "just happens". There's more to this story than meets the eye and you can rest assured that a certain "clique" in that school knows what happened in that gym on that day. Another thing is, KJ apparently was a popular kid at school. How is it that none of his close friends know anything??? Again, doesn't make sense. People are being tight lipped and keeping a secret, probably out of fear that something could happen to them. And with the video hard drives apparently edited, the FBI's only chance at solving this is for somebody to come forward and tell the truth.

  3. I googled kj to see if there were any updates and am amazed at the information most recently released and how it is almost exact as the reading I posted a while back. I believe the email is a true confession and can't believe the police are not taking it seriously..... Unbelievable!


    Is it Kendrick Johnson blood on brendon bell shirt?


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