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Bulldog Investigations says
To: Stephanie (

I'm hoping that I have the correct Stephanie Almaguer.  My name is James Pollock, and I'm a Virginia based private investigator.  I have a strong interest in an unsolved crime that took place involving two Virginia Tech students (David Metzler and Heidi Childs) approximately one year ago.
The murder took place just north of Blacksburg Virginia, and was a gruesome crime... these were good kids, and the one year anniversary of the crime is coming up.  Thus far, the police are pretty much stumped.
I'm interested to see if perhaps you have some valuable insights you could offer.  I have a couple of POI (people of Interest), but nothing solid.

This is not a "spoof" message.  I am a private investigator, and my company can be verified with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Resources.
I believe I have that right individual.  If so, please contact me.
James Pollock
Bulldog Investigations and Security LLC
Virginia DCJS License #11-6038

Fugitives | Unknown David Metzler And Heidi Childs Killer - Case - Two Virginia Tech Students Found Murdered On August 27 2009 at around 8 06 a m the Montgomery County Va Sheriff s Office received a call from a citizen who had stumbled upon two bodies Now police desperately need people to come…


  1. Stephanie says Aug. 22, 2010
    To: Bulldog (

    Hello.....Yes, you do have the correct Stephanie. Interesting......I would love to try to see what "info" I can "receive" re: these two students.

    I will work on the two individuals you are asking about and see what info. I can get for you.
    I can tell you, the 1st thing I am picking up on is that they were caught off guard, in a vehicle? in a remote, but public area....maybe a park? Not sure, this is just my first thoughts.....I will know more once I really sit quietly and concentrate on the two and then see if I can at least see a description of their killer(s). I will also try to get a name(s)......

    May I ask....what lead you to write me? I am flattered, but curious. Have a great day and I will get back with you ASAP. Please contact me ASAP through your email, because I very rarely check my email is:

    Once I finish my "reading" I can then reply to the address you contact me through.

    Again, Thanks - Stephanie

  2. Bulldog Investigations says Aug. 22, 2010
    To: Stephanie (

    Yes, they were in a vehicle... in a parking area named "caldwell fields."

    I'm not interested in talking to the press or anyone else about your assistance on the matter. I appreciate that you're wiling to look at the David Metzler/Heidi Childs crime.

    In terms of how I got your name... I was aware that you had put a number of postings up regarding Morgan Harrington's disappearance and subsequent murder.

    As an FYI, I was volunteering on that situation early on, and requested offical involvement as it had become a very high profile/highly politically charged situation. .. The Harringtons denied that request, and brought a publicist in instead.

    As an additional FYI, I have reason to believe that the information you had posted regarding Morgan Harrington's disappearance was quite plausible. The picture painted of Morgan with the press and a sympathetic public is not one I've found to be particularly accurate.
    That certainly doesn't mean I condone in any fashion what befell her.
    I have a blog which pretty much sums up my thoughts regarding the Morgan Harrington situation. Others have posted as well

    I respect your desire and willingness to help families such as these. I do caution you however, psychics (and for that matter PI's) are often attacked verbally (and unfortunately sometimes it goes beyond that) for their willingness to help. It was somewhat difficult to track you down... but please be careful. You may want to use a pseudoname when posting on the message bases. That of course is up to you.

    Feel free to give me a call at your convienance.
    James Pollock
    Bulldog Investigations and Security LLC

  3. My "Reading / Info" was given to him in a telephoned conversation....And since I wasn't publicly asked by Family or LE to participate in this ongoing investigation, I do not think it would be morally right to post my findings, and if correct, could actually hinder the case..Sorry


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