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Morgan Harrington

November 2009
I am not one of those “psychics” who demands they’re right…in fact, many times I have been way off….and then on other occasions, I have gotten everything, down to the last detail correct…. Never-the-less, this is what I “got” and sent to the VA State Police……
Morgan had been drinking and possibly high when she exited the arena. She went outside to actually see if someone was around that she thought might either be (or was going to) meet her there, or working there….She had a cigarette.  I believe that whoever was suppose to meet her, didn't show...She attempted to re-enter concert and couldn't.   When she (Morgan) left the JPJ lot and was walking, she had her purse with her. Soon after she arrived at the Bridge, a small car drove up (I want to say a mustang) But it was at least a sporty - small type looking car. A male in his 20’s-early 30's, non-threatening in appearance, or someone Morgan's recently met/talked did and didn't pose a threat in her present state of mind....Rather bold and cocky, not sure if he’s a student on her campus or maybe some kind of worker?? He may have a girlfriend though that IS or WAS on Campus. I get the name Asheley or close to that and another female name of Jena or close to that also. She did not “know” him, but get the feeling she has seen him around.   I think she got into the car and went somewhere with these guys...someones house? I am not sure if Morgan smoked pot on a reg. basis, but I “see” it being passed back and forth and he offered her a drink as well.  I feel it could be that the frink may have been laced.  After only a few mins. she was very disorientated….   Partied?  I think things got out of hand.....I think that he may have ended up being a jerk....possibly even raped or tried raping Morgan....but she got away....And was walking again??? (Just what I see....)  I think someone saw her - her "abductor" out walking late...perhaps he saw her at a near by store, etc....?.I think they talked, briefly...& she's ranting / upset...and stating that she just wanted to get back to the concert / or home....back to her friends.  They talked for a brief moment and he then offered her a ride.  At this point, she is more intoxicated / more distraught and either accepted or easily forced into the vehicle.....For some reason, I think maybe there was 2, maybe they went one place, and something happened & she took off? Not sure....and either he went after her, or she ran into someone else...I need to think on this.....Either way, there was a point in which she did notice he was heading in the wrong / a "bad" directions and began telling him to just let her out. He told her to shut up etc.etc. She possibly reached for her phone and he knocked it out of her hand, causing it to come apart- which is how the battery could have fallen out. There was much struggle involved, a lot of force..... Never the less, they ended up at a place that is very wooded and there is also creeks / water / rivers? around……About 10 mins./ miles from the bridge location she was last seen at. I hear the word “Ivy”. I am “thinking” that she carried her purse with her outside, well, because you don’t just leave your purse lying down at a concert…and also, I believe the she did go to the restroom, And “freshened” up while in there. Her phone was in the purse, but her friend had the keys, because my feelings are that her friend drove the car to the concert. Next..
He couldn't drive all the way into the area where I believe Morgan will be found...(terrain? creeks? ponds? etc...) So, I see him dragging her from the car and she is putting up no fight- So, perhaps whatever caused her death, had already happened....and I'm seeing the after effects.... I will leave what I see happening out, no need....I see her in a wooded, remote type location. I do not see her in water, but that doesn't mean that she wasn’t in the water and is now on the bank or that it's a dried water area? Not sure?
When he left, he gathered her phone (but not the battery) and her purse and drove them back to the Arena where she told him that she needed to go to meet up with her friends... and he then left. I am not getting his name, but am thinking it may start with a B.  Problem with that is....I don't know if the B name is who she initially left with, or the latter..... He doesn't live near the location Morgan will be found...but MAYBE closer to the secondary location....He's probably familiar to the area though where she will be found....I don't think he lived near the secondary location either....but maybe not too far....  Not sure....
- I don't believe he'd searched Morgan out, but rather it was opportune…. I don’t know all the details, but do believe that I am in the right directions….. What about the name Ashley? Does she have any close friends with that name? If so, I believe that I “got” that name because she knows much more than she is saying. And that’s about all I’ve got…. I hope that in some way, it helps to bring a close to this case, Justice for Morgan, Peace to her Family, and JAIL to her attacker!
Thanks for reading!
(additional thoughts received before submitting post….)
. I know that this may all seem far fetched, but why wouldn’t he take her things back to the lot? He don’t want them…..He don’t want to dump them on the road…..He want’s it to appear as if she herself, left them there.  And most importantly, if she's found away from where he lives, and her things at concert, it distance him from her....However, I got another "thought/feeling" re: her things in found in the lot....  Perhaps the secondary location has connection to the actual place (college) the concert was being held....And so did the person she originally left with / got a ride from.....perhaps when she escapes the first incident, she left her purse with phone behind.....Which would be why she didn't call anyone after the fact....and ended up walking again.....And perhaps the "jerks" she'd partied with, noticed her stuff in their home/vehicle....and purposely drove them up to the concert parking lot, since that's where she was suppose to be?  Maybe they purposely removed her cell, to avoid it being tracked back to ANY of them.....?? I don't know...It's just a thought I got all of the sudden....Either way, the latter guy isn’t too smart, and WILL get caught, by his own stupidity.  He may find something "left behind" from Morgan in his car? And try discarding it somewhere else? Not sure.....But, something will get him his own stupidity.......or possibly?? not sure?? by someone who knows what happened?
Im not crazy- only trying to help make sense out of something that makes absolutely no sense to anyone.

In addition....I know this is NOT his first "abduction" or attack on a female.......I don't think he has ever killed before?  But he has done this type of thing before and will again, if not caught!  It may be what helps get him caught?

As a matter of fact....I feel like he didn't intentionally kill Morgan.....I think he was just going to rape her....But she fought and things got out of his control....unfortunately.  Had it of been "planned", she wouldn't have been left on someone's property....where they knew she'd be found...I think that he'd driven out there with the intentions of rape, and ...........

-------------------------------------UPDATE--------------------------------------------- JUNE 2012
Since Morgan's disappearance - Most involved know that she was found about 2 and a half months or so after I did her reading....Here are some details into her case.....
She was found aprox. 10 miles from her last seen location on a remote, private which couldn't be access (where she was found) by car...indicating that someone had to physically take her out of the car and to the location..Being that this was a remote, out of the way/private area...this person probably had been in the area, worked there, something....But more than likely, familiar with the area.   She was found in a "dried" creek, in some brush.  After she was found, some months later, LE actually linked her case through DNA through a previous (2 years) rape (not murder) of a women about 5 hours from where Morgan was.  His rape victim was able to give LE, then, a description of him....BLACK MALE  25-35 YEARS OF AGE &ABOUT 5'9 TO 6FT

  If I understand correctly....3 weeks after Morgan was reported missing, HER T-shirt, with blood on it, was found in some bushes....and the DNA that came back matched the DNA of the rapist from the previous women (This Tshirt was in clear other words, IMO, it was placed there for a I said in Nov.....either someone saw what happened, and found the tshirt, placing it there for LE to find....or the rapist/turned murderer, placed it there, somewhere away from where he would be linked to, not realizing his DNA was on the shirt)   WHAT'S RATHER INTERESTING....A MAIL LADY REPORTED TO POLICE THAT SHE'D SEEN MORGAN, LEAVING AN APARTMENT.....THE    S A M E   COMPLEX THAT THE SHIRT WAS LATER FOUND, AT APPROX. 3AM THE NIGHT SHE WENT MISSING......Which IMO, correlates to my "secondary" location......and in fact, it was a known college campus Apt. Complex......Again, leaving me to believe that she was originally with younger guys.....It also gives way to my seeing of her walking, again....and her eventual killer being someone else.....(hence the blood on shirt matching that of a known raper / NOT COLLEGE student)  ALSO.....the guy who found the shirt, who went to the college and lived in the Complex...(I'M IN NO WAY CONNECTING HIM) just stating, his name was "B"lain.....  The fact that this rapist has not raped again, (that we know) tells me he will again, SOON.... I will see if I can "try" on this case again w/ fresh eyes...& get a name,


    Mrs. Harrington's remains were found in a remote area of land/woods about 10 miles from her last known location. She was found by a farmer on his land in a dried creek bottom. My heart goes out to the Family! :(

  2. I found this page, re: Morgan's body being found...I believe, at least, I did hit very close with describing where Morgan would be found....A blogger posted this and I copied and pasted it here.....

    please read stephanie almaguer's comments from Nov.2009(her story is interesting givne that she had this 'vision' two months before the remains were ever found).ms almaguer states that she has psychic ability..the vision she sees,is that Morgan went out of the arena,to have a cig,met up with a guy she may have had a crush on,and at first she intended to talk with him,then go bk inside,but was unable to re-enter(due to the arena's policy) almaguer's vision shows that this young guy,in his 20's, was kind of cocky/sure of himself.he met her outside,they spoke,he told her he could not be seen there with her, as his girlfriend's pals were there("if she finds out, she will kill me..ha ha") so they agreed to meet instead on the bridge.THAT BRIDGE.morgan was not actually hitching, she was there waiting for "Mr Crush" to pick her up..this is why the "friends" said at first,when Morgan was determined to be a missing person, that they did not want to violate her "privacy" least one of them KNEW she was meeting up with some guy(who had a jealous girlfriend)..he picked her up there on the bridge in his sports car(maybe a camaro-type vehicle) almaguer then saw them in the car,sharing joint/drinks(he had laced BOTH OF THEM,but morgan did not not notice that he was not really taking much in,while she kept getting more and more disoriented)..after a few mins.she did notice he was heading AWAY from the right direction,and she tried to protest,telling him to turn was then he reached over to her side of the car, and knocked her cellphone out of her hand..the battery became dislodged(it may have gone under the seat) almaguer states she then saw him drive her to a wooded area,near a creek or stream.she even saw a sign with the name IVY..maybe this was/is IVY ROAD???he then raped her,then hit her on the head with an object he found almaguer did not mention his disposal of her body in this vision,but did "see" him driving back,ALONE,to the arena area, and dropping off morgan's purse and cellphone(minus the battery)where they were eventually found.for me, this fills in a lot of "blanks" in the story we were given so also explains why the "friends" did not come forward to the police..morgan,at first,went with this guy willingly..they figured she would just have some fun,without anybody(like his jealous girlfriend) knowing about it...little did they know, what would end up happening to Morgan in the end...Ms Almaguer also stated this guy has done this before..not that he actually killed someone before, but that he had drugged/raped at least one other young woman before he did this to Almaguer also saw that,before she was killed, Morgan was all wet/soaked,and her stockings were off..but ms almaguer was not sure if morgan got wet as she struggled with him by the creek, or if she had gotten wet from the rainy weather that night..please read ms almaguer's comments from 11/15/2009 on The Hook news blog.Yet another sad mom...6/9/2010.


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