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Ghost caught on film during a psychic reading....Amazing! By Stephanie Almaguer

(The large, "highlighted" looking image in the corner is MY pasted copy onto the original photo of the "face", made larger so that it can be seen....the actual "face" is right to the right of the pasted, large image and blends in to the wall)  When you watch the will see what I am talking about.  THIS IS REAL, NO BS)

OK- This is very interesting......The email below is for anyone who may have equipment much more technical and/or sophisticated than I have....which is only a phone video camera and a 15 yr old computer that moves at the speed of a turtle!......I sent an email to several individuals re: my desire to take "my gift" into the world of Reality Television.... or any entertainment type of industry....which is one reason I filmed a "live psychic / medium reading" I did..... I never imagined what I would see in the footage once I downloaded it to you tube........
Now, whatever your take is on mediums / psychics / intuitives is your opinion......BUT, I do readings and THINK I am able to connect with spirits....My children can do this also, they "see" them around the house, but unlike me, they don't "communicate" with them....I decided to film a live reading with a lady I hadn't met before, but she knew my daughters (kinda) because she has a son their age. Anyway, my daughter's told her I was "psychic" and she asked them -to ask me- if I'd "read" for her....I agreed, using it as an opportunity to finally get a "reading" on film to serve a "dream" of mine.....I did the reading at my house in the living room.
After the reading (which I had to video with my phone) I downloaded it, cut out unimportant parts and then published it to You Tube...... After reviewing the footage, we saw a weird shadow shoot from one corner of the ceiling and across the room.  We tried every way possible to recreate the shadow/movement and couldn't....(there's also a loud, tapping noise on like...I think the speaker? of the phone....I was BARLEY able to get the phone to lean against a picture on a table without falling.....had someone of tapped on the speaker, it would have fallen???)   ANYWAY.....After several attempts to pause the video as the shadow thing sped across the room, I got an image.......I want your opinion.  The weird thing is, after it went across the room, I began getting a lot of information from "spirit"...very accurate, specific information that I had absolutely no knowledge of....AND the person I was reading for became hot, ancy, nauseated, and just kept moving.....very uncomfortable looking etc.....just all too weird.  If you can't "debunk" this...I think it's awesome proof not only that spirits do exits, but that what I do is real also.  (In the photo attached, I copied the area that looked like a face to me, magnified it, and then pasted back onto the original photo....I also highlighted what I believed the path was the "spirit" traveled.......I look forward to hearing back from someone very soon with some kind of answer???  Thank you for your time.  The actual video can be seen at:
The reading is very long and drawn out and even boring at times....that's because it's a REAL reading....not "acting" for entertainment purposes.....It's a mixture of me connecting with spirit's (that's the "interesting" portions) and then some tarot card reading....which is more boring to an outsider, because it's advise / info. specific to the person I am reading for.....

Stephanie Almaguer
"It isn't what you have, who you are, where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy, it is what you think about.”


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  2. I think you got yourself an energy orb on video! I didn't watch the whole reading but I'm thinking it is someone connected to the girl that you're reading for.

  3. I dont understand why you seem to be trying so hard to prove you are not a fake. Since I was a little girl I have seen spirits, energy and so forth. I have premonitions at times but dont call myself a psychic. We all have the ability to be labeled psychic or whatever, we all have the gift, people just dont pay attention to it and learn how to use it.

    Your site and the claims you are making in some of these high profile cases seem to come off as you having an ulterior motive. I have read quite a bit of info concerning you and the haleigh cummings case. I have found nothing positive about your involvement in that case.

    The accusations you are making about this family and the loss of their child is what I consider to be cruel. There is no evidence of you doing anything except making a wild speculation. You answered me on a news post the other day when I asked you if you have ever been successful in solving a case and you said NO, so why are you making these statements about the parents and accusing them of murdering their child or whatever.

    We know that Jeremy Irwin has an alibi, this is a fact he was at work. He offered to take a polygraph test and they would not give him one. His alibi checked out ruling him out at the times a man was seen carrying a baby.Three witnesses claimed to see a man carrying a baby.

    There are very few known facts in this case but everyone seems to ignore the facts that dont support their speculation of the parents being guilty.

    The baby was not found based on your visions, there is a well and I have a quote from you. “I had said that she’s in a hole, and it was a hole that carried water,” said Almaguer.

    You threw yourself in the spotlight. There are hundreds of psychics out there all saying different things about this case. They cannot all be right.

    Are you going to apologize Jeramy and Deborah if you are wrong and the baby is not found in the well and if it turns out this baby was kidnapped? So far the only evidence points to the kidnapping. Everyone that keeps going on about the cadaver dogs needs to pay attention to the fact that the police never took the carpet and have acted like it was no big deal. if the baby had drowned in the tub she would not have started the decomposition process and any bodily fluids can be picked up by these dogs, so if baby poop had gotten on the carpet at some point the dogs would have hit on it.

    I hope that you will accept you might be wrong and that just because you have a "vision" does not mean it is not influenced by what you have already read or believe.

    Even if the baby is found deceased does not mean the parents did it.

  4. I can see by what happened when I tried to post a comment that you only let the positive in your favor post go on the page.

    By the way if your son comes under any negative scrutiny it will be your fault for exposing him.

    I am thinking more and more that you are a fake and just looking for your 15 minutes of fame. This is so sad for baby lisa to be used for you to get recognition.

  5. In Ref to Anonymous,
    I'm not sure why you would go out of your way to post your negative comments on this ladies page? You say she only wants to be recognized and "is a fake and just looking for her 15mins of fame"? I guess you were looking for your 5secs of fame when you decided to add into your little comment that you "see spirits, energies and so forth". If you can really do these things and know that they are real then why are you up on somebody else's page knocking them for what they do? For you to have such a proclaimed talent I don't see you stepping forward, putting your self image on the line to offer information to help out with any of these missing persons. If you think you can do any better then whatcha waiting on?

    Wheather you believe in psychic ability or not, people are entitled to their own opinion that's the beauty of being an American! And if somebody wants to offer their speculations into who may or may not be responsible for a missing persons that's their right! I'm sorry but I don't know of very many people that dont think Debbie had some type of involvement in her daughters disappearence. I mean with the strain of sickos out there today killing/kidnapping/raping children and alot of the time a parent winds up having something to do with it, it's natural for people to want to look into the parents first, and when you have a parent/s that aren't coroporating with police and things arent adding up what do you think someone is suppose to think?

    One of the flaws of our justice system today is people commit crimes and the police know without a doubt they did it but cant do nothing about it bc of that one little piece of evidence thats lacking. It's riduculous and it makes me sick. Look at Ms Priss Casey Anthony, free and got away with murder! She knows what happen to poor little Caylee. She might be free in this life but she along with everyone else that let this sick girl get away with murder will have to answer to GOD for it one day.

    In every case police always encourage anyone to come forth with anything that they might have to offer about a case even if that person thinks that it's not important b/c one small thing could be the clue that breaks a case. If someone claims to have a psychic gift and gets a vision or information come to them about a case, they should report it to the police bc it could be a valuable piece of information. Regardless as to what people's opinions are regarding a psychic. In an investigation there should be no stone left unturned even if some think unturning certain stones is a waste of time. I would rather be safe than sorry. What could going the extra mile to check into something weather it turn out to be correct or incorrect, what would it hurt? Any other time when someone goes an extra mile (wheather it be in doing more than whats asked of you at your job or helping someone out that's less unfortunent) during those times going the extra mile is deemed the best thing since sliced bread. So people that come forth with a proclaimmed psychic ability and they believe to have information about something it should be welcomed with open arms and not knocked by anybody.

    Like I said before yes this is America and people are entitled to their opinions but if the only expression of an opinion you have is to go on someones page and try to blast them then you need to get yourself a hobby or maybe even a page of your own to blast on.

    1. Trying to figure out how I can add a like button to comments! LOL and thanks


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