Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Since I have been doing all of these readings...I thought I would post MY TAROT, HORISCOPE, etc..for the day

Hi Stephanie! Here is your Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, October 26
You feel like you're on stage for at least part of the day -- make sure that you find some new way to back off or you might end up too stressed out for words. Things get better soon, though! Your career is most likely your main focus today as the potent Scorpio New Moon spotlights your 10th House of Public Status. You are wise to seriously consider your options prior to initiating any new plans because spending energy on a project that distracts you from your real goals is a waste of time. Trust your intuition now; it will steer you in the right direction.(HUMMM? I can give the world a reading and advise.....just not myself...Does the mean, that somehow, what I am doing in these reading should/could be my "career"???)
Hi Stephanie! Here is your Daily WorkScope for Wednesday, October 26
The majority of your achievements today will be invisible to others. This does not lessen their significance. Allow yourself to wax philosophical, and your subconscious will lay the groundwork for future advances.
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Welcome to Your Daily Forecast for Oct 27, 2011

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Nice and Easy

Venus Trine Venus

October 27, 2011 to October 27, 2011

The graph for Venus Trine Venus

With very little effort, you'll be the star of the show. And make no mistake about it -- the spotlight will most definitely be shining on you. Before you even think about leaving the house, make sure you're dressed and done up perfectly. After all, your public is waiting.  HOW FREAKIN HILARIOUS!)

Hi Stephanie! Here is your Daily Tarot Card for Wednesday, October 26

"The Queen of Wands card suggests that my power today lies in liberation. I radiate or communicate personal power, passion, and allure and am not dragged down by trends. I have a bold magical flair and a spirit of innovation and pride. I am secure in my identity or performance and thrive on creating, designing or fostering new or equal opportunities for aesthetic or personal growth, expression or awareness. I am empowered with gratitude, attention and reputation to go beyond the call and I transform through exploring or initiating change."



  1. I love your horoscope. From reading your reads and watching your video - i can definately can see what the horoscope said. Loved the comments

  2. FYI- Please read my post "Look at my house, OMG" Thank you


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