Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stephanie Almaguer: MISSING BABY:: Bianca Jones (2 years old) please help with a reading

MISSING BABY:: Bianca Jones (2 years old) please help with a reading.

FROM: Robin S
4:29 AM (14 hours ago)

Bianca Jones 2 years old
Missing December 2, 2011
Last seen in Detroit, MI where father claims he was carjacked
she was wearing pink shirt pink pants and a purple jacket with gold trim
Please help us find this little girl, it is devastating the city. I know you do not like articles right away, so when you are ready for a link or any articles please let me know.
Thank you and please help.


  1. I've posted your email on my Blog. I've decided not to help locate the missing any further, due to the lack of support in other's even searching an area I describe - That being said, when I read the email, my heart can't help but feel. I will see if I can pick up on anything - and email you the info directly.....If other's want to post their comments here about THE MISSING BABY, and not hate mail, please do so. -
    Thanks & I pray she's found soon. Stephanie

  2. This poor, poor baby (and so close to Xmas). Come on, ppl. We cannot let these poor innocent children be so heinously discarded and thrown out like yesterday's trash. Personally...I'm taking a MUCH CLOSER LOOK at the kids that cross my path in my day to day life (home, work & social). I will NEVER AGAIN FEAR to speak up or follow up. My new name will be Mrs. Kravitz.

    Happy Holidays to all

  3. Mrs. Kravitz you apparently hit the nail on the head with that remark.


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