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Kidnapped & murdered: Victoria Elizabeth Marie Stafford - MEDIUM (pending)

Born, July 15, 2000 - Victoria Elizabeth Marie Stafford. was kidnapped in March or April of 2009 - & ultimately found deceased in April, the same year..... never seeing her 9th birthday.  I would like to connect her back to her Mom (family) if only briefly and give her Mom some peace and closure.....

Tara -  I'M VERY SORRY IT'S TAKEN SO LONG TO GET THIS DONE!  I was going to email it to you first & then post to the blog...But I can't find your email....I know you've been waiting patiently for this, so I went ahead and posted.....Some of it's unpleasant, but considering what all happened, I expected as much.....

I asked Victoria to give me a little insight into her life & she immediately went to the day she was abducted…(I’m sorry)  Perhaps because she knows that I don’t know what happened – and wanted me to know? what happened, who did it, etc…I got this: (which I’m a little “iffy” on my interpretations, because of a women’s involvement….?)
First, I saw A WOMEN (one who has no children (or they don’t live with her or see her) But my 1st feeling, is a women who can’t have children (or maybe…not sure??? She’s been pregnant & lost it or aborted it?) and very bitter, angry, and sadistically self satisfying– then a man…..I believe they’re a “couple”, but not married….and they have major problems in the relationship… And as with most- drug addiction / abuse surrounds them and their daily life….I’m thinking they don’t even have “real” jobs….and struggle with financial difficulties daily…The show very little affection toward one another, or event themselves & lack empathy re: another – 100% self satisfying & never look into the future, only in the here and now. lack of affection and achievement.  Poverty.  (entire lifetime – probably suffered abuse also their entire lifetime)

It seems as though what & even why this may have happened has much to do with simply being bored… I know that sounds absolutely horrifying, but it’s what I get…. Just “people” who use their time and even “skills” (ability to con – persuade another) for Inappropriate use & undesirable outcomes…. (For example, they’d probably have made an excellent car or insurance salesman….but no drive or determination to put what talent they did have to good use…) Does that make sense?   Mainly because they really couldn’t even see a “future” for themselves therefore it was always about the short term gain and never considered the long term consequences.  Always dishonest in everything done….a “moocher”…. 

I saw a place  which looked like a mental facility….And didn’t know if maybe what “happened” was near or at (an old??) facility of this type OR if it’s telling me that those responsible were ever institutionalized for mental disorders – or if it’s just saying – One or both are mental?   Whatever it means?? It’s being shown to me as if “this place” (Possibly where everything happened?) was full of mental confusion, loss, discord, hate, sorrow, war/quarrels, etc….not for Victoria, but for her murder(s)…. I’m sketchy on this…you may understand it better? And it seemed to be in the afternoon/ not yet dark……It seems as though the women’s “skills” were used to lure….and it was a “con”….lies…..which got Elizabeth to go with this women…..But, she did….and it seems, willingly?  Did she know her
These people (and especially the women) was full of nothing but (and surrounded by only) Negativity.  She herself felt a restriction of desires and like she was in prison… She really was….It was her own hell & her inability to get away from her partner….. So what does she do….whatever it takes to give her just 10 mins of peace, satisfaction & enjoyment….(she’d turn the tables… to speak)  She take control of whatever or whoever she could, because she had no control over nothing else…. (I’m sorry to be saying this to you….but you asked?)  This time around though….it involved Drastic change of control & ended in not only the loss of your daughter, but the loss of the women’s life.  (This tells me that if your State has the death penalty – perhaps this will be her punishment….if not, she will never have a life again outside of a prison.  I feel very much that what she did was for the profit of the man’s sick desires – but the profit for the women was 1) control of the initial part of the abduction….using what she thought was her only skill – the power to persuade another – 2) the payoff was making her partner happy – and in turn, he’d give her something she wanted…..probably drugs.  Very sick – And I’d prefer to completely close the door on this portion…. I understand now what happened, and I’m done with this….. So, I asked Victoria to focus- please on herself……

SO~I then asked Victoria (Elizabeth – for some reason, I kept wanting to call her Elizabeth?) Anyway- I asked her to show herself to me, more clearly…..I wanted to make sure I was REALY connecting with her, for sure….(don’t know why “seeing” her confirms it…since I never know until I do an entire reading anyway…..but, it does let me know, once the reading is sent, if the “client” I’m reading for confirms it then)  (*I’m not going to try to explain everything I saw/heard/felt…..I’m going to let you decide what is correct, important, or has meaning- if at all)
I saw:  a little girl which resembled to me – “Laura Ingels” off little house on the prairie….light brown/brownish/reddish hair….freckles across the nose – short to shoulder length hair – with it parted? Or clipped/pulled back – I see noses touching….I also see like her wrinkling her nose, and twitching it, like a bunny rabbit….Not sure if that’s something she did, or if she’s trying to just get me to say “rabbit”?
I heard/felt: (these could be “nick names”? or just things she liked…Idk) cute as a “button” – butterflies –Tori – “peanut” – “peanut butter” – smart, independent, like to do things on her own/her way – very creative/imaginative/inquisitive – “scientific” in thought it seems?

I asked these questions, and am going to TRY to interpret the very best I can by what was shown/heard/felt, etc…it’s for you to actual make sense of it…Ok?  J
FIRST – I asked her to “show” me/tell me about HER in life….(this would probably be “her” view, not necessarily yours)
 I got from her, she felt as though she was often fickle…sometimes a little reckless & didn’t always pay attention to the warnings of impending trouble.  She would often over-indulge in something one minute & the next find it to complete a project.  She liked it when things came easy & in fact, she loved effortless success. (who doesn’t?)  J She also LOVED unexpected (good) surprises & she felt, often- that luck was on her side.

She didn’t like her “impulsiveness” too much; Knowing that all too often she’d take the wrong advise (because of her “self-dependant” attitude) and sometimes, would rush in her choices (I feel like she didn’t do a lot “slow”! J And she was either all for it….or nothing….and because of the “nothing” when it was something she needed to do that she didn’t want to…..or even because she didn’t always think things through (come on! She’s just a child….but very wise now….) Life is about learning from our mistakes…And if you believe in reincarnation, then if you’ve learned – you don’t have to repeat mistakes previously made in your next life!  She’s got a handle on it all – She knows that she’d start a lot of things, but not finish…and that stability & concentrated thinking really are important!   **she sounds like a typical child to me**
 In addition, I think she’s showing me you…and then I get this overwhelming feeling of enormous despair – suicidal thoughts (as most parent’s I’m sure would have)  But she doesn’t like this….I then see the word “Decree”…I don’t know if you were already divorced from her father or if it happened after….But again, I’m seeing this when asking about things she didn’t like?.....I see a pill bottle….which leads me to believe that either you sought help for depression….or abused medication to self medicate during the time….But she says you’re much better now AND THIS MAKES HER HAPPY -

I got the feeling she misses the most not being able to actually understand (& show) that as much as things may have seemed like they sucked sometimes -  That she really can see now that she misses any chaos she may have or didn’t have & just not getting the chance to put to use all the good lessons she now knows…..Instead of showing disregard for another- she’d show appreciation, etc… Instead of sometimes feeling out of control – she’d like to have experienced Triumph over adversity, overcoming life's obstacles, be decisiveness and turning her ambition into reality, etc…. anything that we’d all wish we could “re-do” if given the chance….And very much an answer I’d expect…..In other words, she now can see what error’s she made, and misses that she can’t fix them- But she also knows that it’s not important anymore….I think she just wants you to know how much she’s learned – Making “mom proud”.

***(read this still)  And when I asked her to show me something “special” I got what “not so good” visions and thoughts/feelings of ~Bareness, impotence, sterility, avarice, greed….over confidence that ends in tears….trouble with the opposite sex……?? Just not something I’d expect her to show me which would mean something “special”….And then it hit me…..What’s special about all of it is that it no longer exist, and I believe she’s indicating for YOU……You see, she’s absolutely fine – complete happiness and peace & I think what is very special to her is that you’re finally getting to a place where you can “begin” to feel better….getting your energy back….starting new projects & new relationships – being more aggressive in your goals and less submissive to others….You’re starting to see a foundation for future success and this is special to you also….. does that make any sense?  I hope so –

After this…she just wanted you to know that everything would be ok……And remember the butterfly….?? When it’s near- so is she. (I’m hoping that means something to you also!)

I hope that somehow- this helped?  Let me know…. I’d also like to know about her abductor’s, if you know about them & their background…..(just for my own curiosity) to see if I was “getting” things right.  Did I describe your daughter correctly?  I hope so – I want you to feel assured I contacted her and that she’s absolutely ok- and that’s what she wants for you.  J  Take care Tara….. 


  1. Thank you so much Stephanie! You just take your time fitting me in...I'm just so glad to be getting a reading from someone I trust. I've been following the Lisa Irwin story so intently and that's how I came across your blog. Your so thorough and believe in sharing your gift. I look forward to hearing back from you and I hope when you have learned a little about my princess, she gives you a feeling of happiness and love for you and your family. Take care <3

    Wednesday, November 9, 2011 10:54 PM
    Add sender to Contacts
    Hey Stephanie :)
    Just wanted to let you know, I listened to your video recording of Cecil from November 3rd. I could hear that there was someone on the other end of the line through the phone. Awesome!!! You are such a talented individual in so many ways. You have beautiful children, you do free readings for missing families and also have amazing craftsmanship-your canopy bed to your bamboo frames to your recycled floors. You just amaze me and have shown me there are still good, caring people out there! It's too bad your so far away, good friends are hard to find and few and far between.
    Talk to you soon, just wanted to let you know that people won't think you were talking to yourself on the phone as even before you put the phone up to the speaker I could hear someone responding on the other end :)

    Thank you so much! I'm a little obsessed though, don't you think....I preach balance and moderation yet if I could only just taste it!! That's ok... I promised myself that before I left this world, I would do something....I didn't know what, but something other than being the crazy lady down the street! LMAO I told my husband I'd leave my mark behind somehow.....maybe this is how.?.? I will try to get on top of your daughter's reading ASAP...Again, Thanks - Steph

  2. Take your time :) I'm patient and others requested readings as well. Its up to you if you'd like to post it here or email it. Either way let me know where you would like me to post my comment, here or in an email. Talk to you soon!

  3. Hey Steph:
    Just wondering if you ccould post a link to 'understanding the tarot' as I can't seem to find it. Just read your Trevor reading. It must feel so good to communicate to others and answer some of the questions that people have about their loved ones that are no longer with us. You are truely talented :) I have a deck of tarot cards and a book on how to follow them. Before I read it is there anything special I should do with my deck before I get started???

  4. She was found in July. Not April.. if youre going to promote this, Id suggest getting your facts straight first.

  5. Thank you for the corrected info. I hadnt & still havent began working her reading. I only posted what her Mom gave me, which was her daughters name, what happened, and her DOD. I dont even know if anyone was arrested...and dont want to know. Thanks for your help & reading this Blog. ~ Steph

  6. Hey Steph. I see your concentrating very heavily on the Lisa Irwin case but I was just wondering approximately when you'll be getting to Tori's reading? I would like to pay you for your services, but I don't have a credit card. Can I mail you a cheque or should I go and get a loadable credit card? Whichever is more convenient to you.
    Good luck with the work your doing with baby Lisa. I hope and pray every chance I get that she is brought home safe and sound and healthy.
    Talk to you soon Stephanie! Love and light to you and your family.

  7. Hey Stephanie :) I hope things have settled down some for you and your family. It really has upset me the way people have been responding to you and to your children. I said the same thing to the public when I was getting back lashed for holding press conferences on my lawn daily at 1pm when Victoria was missing. I didn't care what I had to do to keep my daughters face on the news and on the front page of every newspaper, as long as her face and her name was fresh in the minds of everyone.
    People are either envious of your gift or like you said, they're not open minded and are simply afraid of the unkown. Either way, there is no reason to attack you or your children for trying to help. It just saddens me to see what this world is coming to.
    I'm a smoker as well and I can only imagine how many cigarettes you have probably gone through in the last while!
    I hope that all the positive prayers and loving thoughts that are being sent your way could patch the hurt and suffering that people are causing you. I wish I lived closer cuz I'd be having you over for tea and a great big hug! I just think of all the people who are pointing fingers at you, probably have grimy, disgusting hands themselves! I'm not super religous myself, but there's only one person who can judge, and He is probably proud of your efforts.
    I just had a quick question for you, what does 'pending' mean? I just noticed that under Victoria's name on the title says that and I'm not quite sure what it is? When you get a chance, let me know. My email address is If you ever need a friend, or even someone who will listen to you scream until your blue in the face, I can send you my #, you can call collect if you'd like.
    I know how it feels also to be at your boiling point and feel like there's no one you can trust. It sounds like you have amazing children and I'm sure you have friends where you live, its just nice to have a fresh set of ears from time to timee:) plus I love your accent, I think its great!
    I guess I'll talk to you soon and if you ever need someone, I'm just a phone call away!

  8. Hi Steph,

    A few of us are still awaiting medium readings for our loved ones that we requested in October. Will you still be completing these for us or having you ceased this? We never heard back from you and haven't a clue what is going on with these readings, that's all. Would love too see the Medium readings you promised.. take Care.

    1. YES- The problem is, with all the hating, and enormous amount of request, etc....I got lost in who requested what & who I've finished reading for and who I havn't....Please, go to the "contact me" page and restate you're ORIGINAL request given - A spread sheet is being created so I can wrap up the few readings that are left. Thanks


  10. Hi there, no problem.
    The Baby Lisa thing IS so consuming and driving many people Mad to try and find her and get closure for her, It makes you wonder why the parents are not going crazy themselves trying to look for her or in trying to connect with her themselves to see if she is deceased. It's obvious why.
    Anyway, were all looking forward to changing gears just a for a bit and then come back to BL with a fresher outlook, as it's maddening trying to figure out what happened!
    Looking forward to exploring the Medium thing for our loved ones, even just for a short while until we refocus on BL.

  11. Take your time Steph :) I have patience and I'm sure your well worth waiting for! I so wish I could go to bat for you and defend all the negativity that people are sending your way. I learned a long time ago when I used to head into groups that were against me, that those people truely don't deserve my thoughts, time or energy. I used to cry and lose sleep over what people were thinking about me. I don't know what made the lightbulb go off in my head, that I really shouldn't give two s***s, let alone one s*** lol I know the truth about what happened to my baby. Well, what one monster says is her side of the truth and waiting to hear what the other monster has to say. The way I see it is there's 3 sides to every story, and the only one who knows the truth is my Victoria, and she can't tell it.
    Like you said, whether you brought positive or negative attention to Baby Lisa's case, it kept her story alive and made people keep looking for her. I pray all the time that she is safe and sound, that since the door was left unlocked, maybe somebody came in and took the baby and sold her to someone who couldn't have children and she's warm and safe somewhere.
    I know its looking through rose colored glasses but it sickens me to know first hand the truth about the evil on this planet. I wish I had a gift to see into the future and know where me and my sons life is going to go when everything settles down for our family.
    I'm sorry for the ramble and I know we've never spoken, but you seem to be a really open minded person and your kids seem to have inherited the same gene :) Reading what your son wrote here on your blog about all the issues your facing, he reminds me of my son. An old soul with wisdom well beyond his years. My boys comprehension of death and how to deal with it, I should have him wtite out his outlook, it would shock even the smartest child psychologist!
    Hopefully LE will follow through with their word and search that well so at least Baby Lisa is either found or they know they need to keep searching. Personally, I think the police know exactly what happened, they're just waiting to locate the baby or find that one piece of evidence to put 'that woman' (I can't even bring myself to use the term mother when referring to her)
    Give yourself a pat on the back for your strength and determination and for standing up for your beliefs. Its refreshing to see a family that doesn't conform to the rest of the robots on this planet that fall into the 'normal' category.
    Thanks for the add on facebook, maybe I'll converse with you on there through messages since on here I have no clue how to post my comment under my own name so you have to get down to the bottom of the book I've written here so you know who's posting it. LOL
    It's Tara McDonald by the way :)
    Talk to you soon!

  12. Hey Steph,
    I'm just wondering, I haven't heard anything about LE doing an extensive search of the well that was located? I think you have my email address but if not it's I hope all is well with you! Talk to you soon!
    PS I shared your blog on my facebook profile today. You should be growing in numbers very shortly lol

  13. Hey Steph, Just wondering what number I am in the pending line. Looking quite forward to my reading, hopefully before Christmas if you have a spare chance.
    Merry Christmas to you and loved ones!
    Blessings from Tara and family

  14. Tara, I DID do a "personal" reading on you - In light of your message I got from you re: New Years Eve.....I still have not done one in re: to your daughter....but will....just felt compelled right now to focus more on the today with you.... I've emailed it to you. Steph-

  15. Steph, love the new layout of your blog! You look just like Michelle Pfeiffer!
    Took the time today to really go over the tarot reading you did for me, amazing!
    I am a scorpio and I'm always reading about how we're 'go-getter's' and always getting what we want. Well just like you said in your reading, I'm the kind of person who starts things and never finishes them, even right down to cross stitching pillow cases and leaving them half finished!
    In 2002, I took a doula training course, which is my lifes passion. I have been in the room for c-sections, natural, even help up the leg of a good friend while the cord was wrapped around the baby's head twice and she was born perfectly fine!
    But I never completed all of the pre-requisites that were necessary.
    Just like you said, once I get over one hurdle, another one presents itself.
    I'm going to take your advice and come up with a master plan. One that outlines obstacles that could arise and a plan to put the kaibosh on them before they become a problem!
    Its something I want so badly and even if I never become a millionaire while doing it, at least I can say I make a living doing something I'm passionate about!
    There's nothing better in this world than to offer support to someone bringing life into the world :)
    Thank you so much for the reading Steph, it answered a lot of questions for me. You are so great at what you do and I hope you come to see great success from your readings. You have no idea the comfort and happiness you have brought me.
    I really hope you get the chance to connect with Victoria. Not just to give me a piece of mind, but to feel and see the energy of one of the most amazing little peanuts you've ever connected with. She was the light of my life :)
    Much love to you and yours and thank you once again!
    Tara McDonald

  16. One question? Is there any meaning behind the fact that all of my cards were reversed? Like maybe I'm moving backwards instead of forwards or is it just by chance?

  17. Hey Steph,
    Hadn't messaged you for awhile, I hope you have gotten the ones I have sent. I hope you had a beautiful birthday and got to spend it just the way you wanted to and with those who love you the most!
    I hope one day we get to speak to one another. We have a lot in common and could share some funny stories.
    Keep your head held high! Your beautiful inside and out and I believe my daughter brought me to you!
    Stay strong Steph <3
    Tara McDonald
    Ontario Canada!

  18. Tara, I've finally (for the most part) finished the reading you requested about your daughter, Elizabeth - I need to get it "all together" and I will post it as soon as I have. Thanks for your patience... Steph :)

  19. OK- I'm not sure why I just called her Elizabeth, and not Victoria... does that mean anything? I noticed it, right after I published the comment above....??? Sorry -

  20. Thank you so much Steph, I can't wait to read it!!!! I could really use a quicker pick me upper!!! I just sent you a message on Facebook to see if you had her reading finished, I hadn't been on here for a week or so. I'm so very excited Stephanie and I can't tell you how much it means to me, the trial is coming up in March for the second person charged in her death and I'm having huge anxiety and losing major sleep over what we're going to have to hear and learn about what happened to my angel.
    I'll keep checking on here and my email to see when you send the reading and I'll make sure I analyze it and put my response back up on here. I just finished reading your reading on Diamond Underwood, and also saw her youtube video and you were so bang on with her looking like Courtney Love. I just can't get over how talented you are so freaking amazing!!!!!

  21. Oh, and I chose Elizabeth for her middle name as when I was pregnant with her, my aunt and Godmother, who I was so close to, she was like my own mother, her name was Margaret Elizabeth. That's where the importance of that name comes from :)

  22. Awwww, Steph, you have no idea what this means to me! You definitely connected with my baby girl. I want to take the time to go over this and properly fill you in on just how accurate you are. I will reply to you tomorrow, I just wanted to take the time to thank you and tell you how amazing you are. You will never know how happy this has made me, just to know that she is at peace. I'll make sure I go over everything, there are some details I'm not clear on yet as we're just in the beginning stages of jury selection, it just started yesterday. Now that your done, check out by baby on Youtube, I made sure it made international news when we were looking for her, I did a press conference on my front lawn every day at 1pm to keep er face out there. There are beautiful videos people created with photos of my angel and I would love for you to see what she looked like and get an idea of who she was.
    Once again, I thank are gifted and make people so happy with what you do. Please don't let anyone ever discourage you from what you do!
    Talk to you soon!

    1. Just as you were on pins and needles waiting for your reading...Now I'll be doing the same waiting on a reply re: the reading & what was accurate,had or didn't have any signification, or didn't make sense.... Thanks Tara and good luck- Always

  23. Hi,
    I live in Ontario. This story has gripped my heart from it's very first day of Hell until now.
    Tori was a beautiful, sweet girl and unforgettable soul. I remember Tara on the news for months just not giving up hope that her daughter was still alive.
    Now a few years later I find Tara on this website trying to desperately connect with her beloved daughter one last time to know she was ok.
    That is when I learned my own despair doesn't even pale in comparison to Tara's.
    Tara I'm deeply sorry for your loss.
    I wish I could turn back the clock for you.
    Now you are reliving the hell of that day as you are dragged out to court again. I cant imagine the despair, but you still have your son to live for.

    Maybe as part of your healing process there is something that can be done in Ontario school Boards to prevent this from ever happening again? feel free to email me if you ever need a friend, I live in North Toronto.

    1. Marina - There's a special place for you & everyone with your same kindred spirit when you pass. I hope I'm with you when the time comes. Never change, my friend~ <3

  24. Steph,
    OK, I'm gonna read over the reading and comment on it as it's been written so I don't forget anything.
    Woman's involvement~Victoria was waiting for her older brother to walk home with as he had the responsibility of walking home two children with asburger's (sp?) syndrome. She went back into the school to get my butterfly earrings that she had borrowed that day.
    She went missing on a Wednesday and on the Monday and Tuesday, a woman named Terri Lynne McClintic had walked past the school with her shitsu. My kids were taught not to talk to strangers, but they had also been taught if they see someone walking their dog, not to just run up and pet the dog, but to ask politely to pet it, in case the animal didn't like kids.
    The day she went missing, Terri Lynne had told Tori that her dog was missing and that's why she walked willingly with her, to a vehicle where Michael Rafferty was waiting for her.
    They were boyfriend and girlfriend from November to April and were both heavily into oxycontin. She was 18 years old, and adopted by a crack head stripper, lived in poverty and turmoil. He was 28, said to be a ladies man. I don't know much about him as we're just at the very beginning of his trial, as he's pleading not guilty.
    She has said they discussed it in detail, even to the point of having a script in her journal of what to say to the police should they question her.
    She has said on the day Tori went missing that he had told her he didn't believe that she was going to do it.
    I also know she was incarcerated at 15 years old for stabbing a person in a parking lot over $10. Not too sure where the mental institution comes in, I'll look into it more for you, could just be that the 2 of them are mental.
    They took Victoria to a field out in the middle of nowhere in amish country.
    That'ss where her body was located. Almost makes me sick to even think about it.
    We always said she sounded like she was from Little House on the Prairie because of how she called me Mama. You were bang on about her description except her hair was bright light blonde, with the bluest eyes you could ever imagine. She had little freckles across her nose that I called sunkisses, I told both my kids that for every freckle that they had on their bodies was a million years that I would love them. She had a button nose and I smooshed it all the time, I called it squishy. Noses touching were are eskimo and butterfly kisses, and her saying rabbit was that every time she ate carrots, she'd say "What's up doc?"
    Her nick names were Princess Peanut Butter, peanut, I always told her she was cute as a button, and her button nose. She loved butterflies and one day when she was missing, an organization called The Brandee Elliott project, covered the lawns of over 3,500 lawns with butterfly stickers on sticks that had Tori's name on them, t was spectacular!
    She was very reckless and played to the beat of her own drum. Had a very strong mind of her own.
    Her dad and I were divorced when she was 2 and both of our kids always wanted us back together.
    I was addicted to pills as well, and have since gotten clean, and am going back to take my doula certification and opening my own business of labour assistance when the trial is over.
    I'll be able to give you more insight as the trial goes on. Terri Lynne is expected to take the stand on Tuesday.
    I'm completely sure that you connected with Victoria, and it totally helped. One time we went to a butterfly conservatory and a beautiful blue butterfly landed on my head. She had the sweetest little voice and said "Mama, there is a butterfly on your HEAD!!!!" I can hear it all like it was yesterday....
    Thanks so much Stephanie. If you have any more questions that I can help to clarify, just let me know.
    I can't tell you how amazing you truely are!!!!
    Lottsa love to you and your family <3

    1. Thank you for the feedback Tara and I'm very sorry you're having to relive everything again; hence the trial. Think of it this way- You're one of the ones who have closure and justice....some never get either. I know that sounds harsh? maybe, but's the only "good" thing I can think of to say from something so horrific. You're strong & will succeed. I know. I'm glad I was able to connect w/Victoria so well...sometimes they don't come through as strong, but she's a determined spirit as she was in life too! :) Good luck. Keep me up to date. xxoo Steph


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