Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hey - Sorry it took so long...I got a whole day behind yesterday because my computer monitor went out and I couldn't post the 2 readings that were scheduled then...So, I'm getting those posted today (Trevino & yours)  THEN, I said I'd have Marshall and Block done today - So, I need to try and get their too....If they make any mentions at work tomorrow that theirs didn't get done, let them know what happened...and that I am currently working on it - and they'll see it Monday, if I don't publish it Sunday - Thanks
ANYWAY, Here's what I got for you..............
Since I actually connected with your father....(Is it Loriencia(o)??? I can't say it very clearly/well....damn spanish names! Lol....Anyway, I decided if I could just get some facts from him again, to present to you.......
First, I picked up his name, again.....It's either Lorencio or possibly even Florencio..... He was joined at death with a lot of female loved ones....His Mom, Grandmother, Great-grandmother, etc.... before any males, which leads m e to believe, he may have been a mama's boy......or just a stronger connection with her than his father, for whatever reason.  I feel his death was in conjunction to cancer - particular from the chest down....(stomach, colon, or prostate come to mind) something he battled, but came upon him quickly, without an extensive amount of suffering time.    He showed me feelings of restless and wanting to do everything at once, even though his body was telling him to rest and relax; His mind was pushing him forward, trying to accomplish a long list of tasks. This in itself contributed to getting quite sick and/or stressed......He hated to think about his illness - because to think about it, led him to contemplate it's possible outcome.  He also had some issues that needed resolution (a conflict with someone, maybe) that he avoided for the same reason....This situation remained unresolved, something he regrets.   He was usually a very busy man in his day to day life, but not very good at managing himself, time, money, etc....He seems to like his work/job (I see it dealing with vehicles???) But, he spent more time at work than at home or with family.....another regret. He wasn't able to multitask or juggle multiple responsibilities.... It's like a love/hate relationship with his job....
He wishes that he'd been a better planner, with the ability to manage himself and make time for himself and others - to enjoy life more with less stress and anxiety - He's like, "and for what"..... "life can be cut short in the blink of an eye - Please hija, spend time with your family, enjoy all they give and be happy for what you have."
He says he always stuck to what was comfortable to him or what he knew - and never ventured outside of that box.....he wishes he would have taken more chances - I feel as though he wanted to open his own business, yet lacked the driving force to accomplish such a task.....lacked vision to see it through....Never being able to make that final decision forward - and remaining with what he knew and was comfortable to him....not only in a business relationship, but he handled all aspects of his life this way - avoiding conflict or dealing....
He may have even started the business goal, but never saw it through to it's end...A big regret.....But even bigger, I get again something left unresolved...... Whatever that is, he wants to make it clear - it's not an issue's over - and shouldn't haunt anyone else in life anymore.  He's in peace and wants that for everyone else.....  He also shows me something to do with something you and a sister did in his honor.... like an event or something.???  Does this make any sense?   Either way, the main message and why he's coming through is because to make sure that any disappointments over unresolved issues, are let go of - and forgotten.... To not hold on to any regret and to make the most of your time while your able....something he took for granted....  ;)


  1. Hi there Steph,
    I had booked a medium reading for Teresa my beloved mother on October 31st to be completed on November 15th. I had been checking since October 31st and than again daily since Nov 15th and I cant find it anywhere On here.
    My family and I are anxiously still waiting.............wondering...........
    Also what happened to the general readings you had posted on here from October, trying to find those as well!
    Thank you,

  2. I'm so sorry I have not got it finished...with the Baby Lisa drama etc...I just got swamped and overwhelmed....It's slowing down now and I should be able to get yours finished soon...I moved a lot of the readings in the "Request a Reading" section

  3. Ok thanks for update .
    I hope u feel better soon, the new year should offer lots of fresh starts and opportunities for you , sounds like you had a rough couple of months! I know what that's like: stressful, depressing and can make you feel you are always fighting a lost cause.
    I'll keep checking on medium reading.
    Will Try to look for other general readings too as I have a few friends interested in getting one so they can start list for New Years Resolutions.
    Merry Xmas Steph,


  4. Looking forward to it Steph.
    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    I hope Christmas reminds us of what really is important, our family, health, good friends and inner peace and happiness.
    Hopefully in the New Year you get closer to getting paid employment, either on your blog or out of the home at an Employer to help provide for your family. I Know exactly how you feel, other than the psychic part!
    take care.


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