Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WHERE IS KAREN SWIFT? Dyersburg, Tennessee Stephanie Almaguer

Karen Swift is missing -   Reports say she's a mother of 4 children and was home sleeping with her daughter in the bed with her....but gone early in the AM when daughter woke up.....That's about all I know so far....Not going to post this until I get more info....I will say - My first vision is of a car (maybe a mini-van, hard to tell?) being found abandoned.....I see a flat tire....... Wooded area near/at location......may be some items of Karen in this area......?  Police need to search there.

Tire was flattened at place it was found abandoned......or rigged to flatten....  murdered - unfortunately - Let me work on this and post more later.......  There may be a journal, diary, online journal, etc... that could give some clues as to what may have been going on in the house.  Her car will hold the key to some clues also. I'm not going to accuse or speculate at this point on "who".....I see her 3 miles out - field/tall grass/ivy/vines surrounding - hiding her- beaten - possible head injury and strangulation? but not sure...(sorry)I need to do work / get more insight first......I will post more if I get more - ASAP -  Stephanie Almaguer

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  1. For real lady....this is the 1st 2 if looked up and you've pretty much described these two peeps location as if you were there? either you aint a lieing....or your some scary ass future telling, knowing seer 4 real &&&&& maybe peeps should should quit bein such douche bags and really pay attention to what you do see right stead of the shit you dont answer exact! hell, if they hadnt of been found, youd never know the truth. im a little freakin and believin now...


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