Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years! By Stephanie Almaguer

To everyone, everywhere - To those who love, to those who hate....To all races, religions, & beliefs - all around the world & beyond.....Happy New Years - 2012   Peace to you and yours through-out the entire year -


  1. Happy New Years Steph!
    Great Family, I didn't know you were a grandma too?!!
    all the best to all of you,

  2. Thank you...Well, kind of....My first husband (Trevor's father, who passed away) had 2 sons, ages 2 & 3, when he and I married - therefore, I inherited 2 sons....And they're Trevor's brothers.....So, "My grand-daughter"
    Charleigh, is from my step- But I consider her to be 100%! Just found out last night that there is another baby on the way! Wahoo! Anyway, She is Trevor's true-blood niece. Have a great year!


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