Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ten minutes of My New Years Eve....Exactly where I want to be; w/my Family...

What may be the most boring new year to some - Is the best to me....Me, my husband, and my children are all at home, together, and safe - I wouldn't want to start 2012 any other way!

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  1. I was watching the video, & found something quiet interesting....Because of my "psychic" doings, I've been called quiet the devil worshiper, to say the least - Yet, if you look at the video, sitting right in the center, on top of my TV, you can see a white Cross - and no, It's not upside down! Lol Doesn't really prove anything, other than God is in my life, my home, and including in every reading I take on! Happy New Years Everyone - :) (PS) Yes, and my husband was less than enthused....New Years (and ALL Holiday's) are hard for him since not one, but BOTH of his brother's became missing back in 2006 - It's a hard thing to cope with. ;(


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