Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My house ISN'T going to pay itself! By: Stephanie Almaguer

Bills are stacking up, and the job market is fierce~  So, using my "CrEaTiViTy" to try and earn some good ole' honest $$$$$     If you have anyone who is graduating, please- forward this to them.... Ordering Graduation Invitations through the schools normal "seller/organization" is VERY expensive.  I can't do "as fancy" as they are capable of - But I can make  very nice- "portrait" type- 5x7 - customized invitations much cheaper & of great quality.  Below are 2 examples shown for 2 different schools in my town - My sister is the one who asked me if I could do it because of how expensive they were going to be if she ordered through the school.

The one above is just a "draft" for my sister's son~ She wants to change one of the pictures & the baby picture is my son! LOL - Her son goes to the Private School in our town...Below is an example for our public High School  (I used my nieces Grad.Pic from 2008 and my daughter's baby picture! :) FYI- Thank you cards available also.....

I was asked to make a baby shower invitation....I think this is sooo much better than going to Wal-mart and buying generic, non personal invitations! :)  Mine are customized, but at a lesser cost than anyone else!
I have two "fronts" - One is for if we have to "mail" the Invitation and the other is for when we can just hand them out - (These are front and back cards...kind of like post cards)
The first one is the (front side)  of one we can just give out and not mail.....

This is the front side of one that would be mailed out......

And this is the "back side" of both kinds!  Cute, huh...and  no envelopes, etc....

I have some one who asked me about doing a Wedding Invitation!  How cool......I'm working on that now!


  1. OK-Like,I'm not joking or being a smart "a"...Is there anything you're not good at, like for real?! You build stuff (watched your vids) You can connect with your higher self and receive insightful like info., and now your makin all these professional looking invites for peeps... and on twit saw you and one of your kids made a vid game. omg... you should be like a millionaire or something! good 4u

  2. Thank you very much. Everything I do, if you notice, has to do with "creativity". I love making, creating, building, etc...and even the psychic stuff...I'm very sensitive and visual. Ya know, they say, happiness truly comes from doing what you love to do and making a living at it. So, either I really suck at all this stuff, or I am not marketing it well, because I make almost $0 - As a matter of fact, may have to really, really slack on the blog and all my creative activities.... Sheriff's Dept. in my town finally contacted me about a job and I test the 2nd week of Feb. - (LE is my 2nd passion) But thanks for the kind words. :)

  3. I think you have amazing talent and creativity I could never do what you do nor could I handle the negativity you sometimes get!!!! You do not deserve it what so ever!!! Love ya and keep up the good work. Brandie

    1. Hey- That's my sister, Brandie! Thank you - I'm finished with your Baby shower invitations (sono gone!) and Chases Graduation Invites and Thank you cards for both. They're ready to go and just need to be printed - :)


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