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Jahessye Shockley, Ayla Reynolds, Aaliyah Lunsford & Sky Metalwala ~ By: Stephanie Almaguer

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 3:02 PM
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From: Stephanie Almaguer
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I promise I will respond....But I have not attempted to "read" on any of these poor children...So, if I'm going to give you my true "psychic" opinion, It will take me time...

Stephanie Almaguer
"It isn't what you have, who you are, where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy, it is what you think about.”
First, I must say – I have decided to no longer post or use my ability in conjunction with trying to help locate missing person’s any longer.  It has proven to be of no use~ Primarily because it’s not taken seriously therefore what I reveal doesn’t ever lead to LE investigating…..The time and stress I’ve ensued in trying to help in such matters is very consuming & have lead me to nothing but criticism and heartache…..  That being said, I’m a bit embarrassed now to admit, that I don’t know anything at all about any of these missing children and it saddens me so much.  I am very hesitant to give a reading of any kind on any of them, but will since I am being asked.  I know that it will come under a great deal of scrutiny & I will be accused again of being fraudulent and a liar ~ something I am not looking forward to…. That being said – Once again, I am putting myself out there… I don’t know if what I am fixing to reveal is accurate or not – But it is what it is – and all I can reveal is what I see, feel, or “pick-up” on regarding these missing children….. I will let you know, I refuse to look them up online – I don’t want to get any further involved in their cases other than what I will reveal here, to you…. At this current time, I do not know if anyone’s been arrested on any of these cases…if there are any suspects…..if any of these children have already been found, where they’re from or even what these children look like or their ages …. other than my own vision?  I’m sorry – I just can’t get too involved anymore.  So, If my vision(s) are wrong, I apologize in advance……

Without further ado, the questions emailed & asked of me are in black, and my writings in red.  Thank you for your confidence in me – and I hope that somehow these answers give some help or reason behind what’s happened to these children…  I will email each case as I complete it…..Again, I hope it helps? Stephanie

 The very first thing I “saw” when “asking” WHO was involved with this child’s disappearance was an “image” of a male……I see this child and Mom being black (not sure about the man, sorry)…..This man shows the probability of great disruption and contempt for the weak, he’s one who abuses his power and authority over others.  A calculating, obstinate man, capable of utmost evil or whatever it may take to achieve his aims and desires…….I DO NOT feel this to be Jahessye’s father.  (THIS LEADS ME TO BELIEVE THAT THE CHILDS DISAPPEARANCE IS THE DIRECT RESULT OF THIS PERSON – BUT NOT NECESSARILY THE ONE WHO TOOK HER)  I then “asked” the question WHAT does all this involved and I saw MY own mother, but she was PREGNANT! (Weird!)….so, I’m just going to interpret this as in, how I perceive my own mom…..Someone I trust with my well-being and security.  Just “seeing” her gives me thoughts of being creative…love, parenthood, maternal care, domestic stability, abundance, security, achievement of goals and growth…..The “pregnant” part makes me think of marriage…?…..I tried to “see” WHY/HOW she (Jahessye) “became” disappeared in the first place… I’m getting that there may have been conflict of some type re: Jahessye….as in, she presented conflict, but I don’t think it was with the mom, but with the man……MAYBE?? Jahessye was an outspoken child…. Maybe “someone” didn’t like that….I’m feeling as though this Mom was submissive to a man who had issue’s with this child & it seemed as though if she were gone, it would lead to an amicable and favorable resolution of conflicts.  A “triumph” over bigotry and prejudice.  This Mom actually feels as though she was protecting her daughter in her actions…(I kept think this was a little boy, but I just saw this child as a little girl, guessing to be about 4? No older than 6 though)..It was something that dictated a solution to this “union” of sorts….or was a necessary action of the intended union.  This was a clear, straightforward choice due to the Judgment of another… The overwhelming feeling I kept getting was there was a “choice” to be made…..but a choice of great importance which could end in great error – and I kept being led back to the same thoughts of marriage / partners…… The Mom, I think was struggling with several choices……..This Mom had many problems with control – She had no control over her own life, and used what control she did have over her children’s lives…..I saw children, because I see other kids in the household – leading me to the assumption that there are other children in the home…….Did the Mom have a boyfriend, a husband, a partner, etc…of some kind?   A feel an abusive man’s hand behind all that has happened…. When trying to get “WHEN” or a timing of sorts, I see a “scale”, one like you’d see for a Lawyer… me, I interpret the scale as the timing of all of this representing some kind of balance and harmony, through achievements made possible by the use of imagination by a woman who connects this timing to being affectionate and actually~ a romantic gesture in outlook, creating another worldly atmosphere around herself.  A woman who lacks common sense, and very “out there” & other people and events can easily influence her. I kept asking ‘WHERE” and I’m not sure if what I was picking up on where this all took place or where Jahessye is….I kept feeling “gradual change”……..I guess, something that was happening gradually???  There’s movement or travel away from difficulty or imminent danger.  This place represents the solution of current problems. There’s  Long journeys and passage’s away from pain indicated.  Obstacles that are overcome. And this isn’t something done on the “spur of the moment” but something developed into a plan of sorts….Choices to make… made, and then carried out – A permanent solution to problems –
OK- I’m going to give you my “break-down” of what I feel, how I interpret what I “got”…..
Jahessye was an abused child, but on the demands of a cruel, self-centered, abusive man….or perhaps even as the “results” of an abusive man….as in, the Mom being abused – having no control, and her abuse, being taken out on Jahessye……I don’t know about the other children in the home, but for some reason – this child received the brunt of anger in the home…. I don’t “get” anyone’s name….but feel “J’s” involved….I think the mom may be called Janice, but honestly, I just don’t know.  I don’t know if the Mom is pregnant, or if she can even get pregnant – but seeing my own Mom pregnant in vision, leads me to believe that maybe Jahessye’s Mom might be pregnant?  But again, this is just my interpretation.  The Mom is responsible for the child’s actual disappearance – And in fact, in her own mind, believed that what ever she did was actually in the best interest of Jahessye – Believe it or not.  I believe that a man (boyfriend?) wanted this little girl to be gone…… I’m not sure what all went on in the home or if the Mom had a boyfriend….But this is what I see.  Something about this particular child brought about ill feelings.  It’s a twisted relationship and the Mom herself has mental issues & a past full of abuse taken and given.  This was a gradual event and eventually led to Jahessye being taken out of the home by her Mother.  (IN MY OPINION)  I feel something “hidden away”…. I don’t know if this means before or after Jahessye was actually taken out of the home….I’m confused over my feelings & not sure yet how to define them.  In the beginning of my reading, I felt as though someone took the little girl away from the home to help her, but as I saw and felt more and more, I now believe that the child was hurt in the home – and not killed, but died slowly….This makes me very sad & perhaps this is my “hidden away”? feeling….and once the mom knew she’d passed, she took her away. This women should not have or be responsible for any of the children in her home and someone needs to step up and take these children before it’s too late…. At least one child in the home knows some of what has happened, if not all….and they’re afraid.  Someone needs to save them. 

I don’t know where Jahessye is.  In vision I see a place of desertion….kind of out of the way -  no more than 8 miles from the home…..a deserted type park – My husband JUST announced from the other room while channel surfing that there was a small black little girl missing and there was mention of something about her being search in a landfill near the home?  I told him Shhh! And he changed the channel – and said no more……UGGG!  I hate it when he does that!  Anyway, not sure about this?  Seems to me that if in a landfill, she wouldn’t have been taken there directly & if it’s being searched, then she’d have more than likely have been placed within a dumpster that may have led to her being transported to this landfill by the transporting Co. who disposes of the dumpster….which leads my now JADED thoughts (thanks to my husband!) to wonder if LE had a canine that perhaps “hit” on a dumpster…..I’m not sure what landfill…. husband didn’t pay that much attention, but I don’t know?  I just feel a park – a deserted park area….East? of the home….6-8 miles away?  I don’t know….I just don’t know.  I feel/ see a bag (luggage?) a tote of some kind which holds this child.  Something you could easily get out of a vehicle with, and carry around without looking suspicious…..She isn’t very big – maybe small for her age, or just not as old as I am seeing…? I simply don’t know and don’t want to speculate?  I THINK this tote was purchased elsewhere as to not be led back to being one that has ever been seen in the home or in association to the Mom…..Plastic wraps Jahessye also to avoid decomp smell/trace/transfer….Could be a simple trash bag, but kind of looks more clear to me? Not sure though.  This is so sad to say, see, and write.  I hate this – and I’m sure all that I’m revealing will lead no where and regardless of what I’ve gotten correct, wrong, etc… on this case, it will be torn apart and some will say I’ve done nothing more than google facts and present what may or may not have been released…. All I can do is tell you this is not the case, and go forward knowing the truth…..IF she is in a landfill, I do not believe it will be the one that her own trash would go to…..Even this Mom would know better than that…..It would be a different. I still get an Easterly direction….This landfill may not even be too far from the actual isolated park I see……lots of sand, desert type area’s around…..don’t know if this is the desert’s of California or Arizona?? Or even Texas (but prob not Texas, I then would have probably seen this at one point or time on TV…?
This is all I have to lend on this poor little girl.  I pray she’s found very soon – and I pray that the other children are soon safe and taken care of. 

I’m sorry it’s taking so long, but I don’t want to rush to my visions and try to piece together wrong things….. Again, I started with trying to get a sense of  “WHO” is involved……TWO comes to mind first….I then get strong feelings re: money/material preoccupations – I see some kind of change, movement, journey’s, whoever this was, their consciousness was tossed with conflicting interest….yet, still, planned and executed this – it has to do with vast changes & fluctuations…..Ok, so I’m not sure of the living situation of Ayla’s  parent’s….But feel a separation – will get onto that later…..I’m feeling as though this baby girl was just visiting “dad” though…..also anything purchased in re: to this was bought with cash – (could have been a slip up and used credit before the thought hit them – “duh”)  This is a business deal – of sorts, not sure yet it’s extent in as – how or what???? I will get there…..But do know yet what kind of deal it was – SO- the question I guess is….WHAT does this plan involve other than TWO people????  It involves clearing debts & something used to benefit another….it’s a “repayment of a favor(s)….Charity?? Sympathy?? Kind heart?? Still, I’m not clear – and then it kind-a hit me….wondering: Did the family (father) take a loan from a “shady” person….not repay the loan, and not must repay it to get his daughter back….? I’m not sure how long this baby’s been missing – However, if this was a someone shady, distant father who had not much to do with his daughter, could have been an accident or even worse….he knew he’d soon be “stuck” with paying child support….perhaps the deal was for someone to “help the dad”, to repay the Dad a debt of some kind they owed to him???  I don’t know…..Eitherway, THIS IS JUST A THOUGHTS……BASED ON MY FEELINGS And VISIONS…To give some type of reasoning behind such insanity! AND VISIONS…..To give some type of reasoning behind such insanity!
So- I continued with WHY/HOW…….I’m seeing first –A bottle of “Prozac”….this signifies to me someone who’s depressed, for isn’t that medication a depression med?  I also see some pain meds with the words Hydro ….something?   HydroCodene, perhaps…..I see things all scattered bout, showing me the loss of control over ones life – financially……& just not a tidy person. Clutter…..I see a typewriter, writing pad, and lot’s of scribbled notes…..A writer?  Imaginative person…..I then see really large “Hollywood”….this leads me to interpret something along the lines of the entertainment industry……or these crazy images of obtaining such notoriety…. I then am shown many images really fast, and as if they’re blurred in vision – telling me that many things are not clear…..or that there’s deception involved….I see a “bubble” above a faceless head….it shows me someone who escapes into daydreaming – probably to avoid dealing with reality/life issues……I kept feeling much insincerity , secrecy, and lies….Again, much despair & the need for help – I believe that there’s financial issues in the reasoning of How/why this all came about……I feel like…..there was a struggle that came about AFTER an initial satisfaction.    In addition, not sure of the marital status of Ayla’s parents???? But, as I mentioned earlier…..was There was a separation / divorce / cheating / etc…in a personal  relationship that plays a role here also….much misunderstandings, arguments, and love not returned?…..Because I even feel a sense of vengeance here……SO HOW – How was Ayla taken away…… With much skill, courage, nerve  and HUGE determination in order to succeed in the face of hardship- Whatever this is – I feel the presence of strong and powerful competition…..A win at all cost
This baby was taken away during a time of deceitfulness….lies.  An opportunity of chance and taken.  A “TWO” faced person (this could be my “two”??) who’s very deceptive and manipulating…..vindictive at best.  They’re able to find and use the hidden weakness in their “enemies” by being two faced and understanding other’s – which is later used to gain to their advantage – “The devil inside” – so to speak.
The timing in this was totally unforeseen – and may have to do with one having ill health – or original plans “overtaken” by events that may have transpired…..And led to an opportunity that “fell into ones lap” & couldn’t be passed up

OK- So, I’m not sure what all went on here, but what I get is Mom and Dad split up….Mom let their daughter visit dad, but kind of like unexplectantly….like due to a set of circumstances and #1- Dad saw how hard this was, because I think he originally planned on keeping his daughter….but realized OMG- I can’t do this shit…..But, there was no way he was going to pay for her either to the b#%!ch who left him, cheated, whatever……I feel he made a deal with someone who owed him – for the dad himself was very cowardly – End of story – I feel helper wasn’t very intelligent – possibly even had a disability and didn’t fully understand the true consequences of what they were doing.  Easily manipulated….and fooled…..I’m a little concerned with his well being – I know I sound like a loon – I hope I am……I see the “country”    land     outdoors and fishing places……little house on the prairie – but not isolated…other homes are around… Not sure if I’m seeing the dad, but he looks older than the Mom, and wears nerdy-like glasses…..Odd looking couple to me.  Baby looks really cute though, really light colored hair – I think she’s broken a bone before (not sure how or where?) just see a cast near her wrist area….?  & then I have another thought….along the lines of a deal/debt of another kind….did the Dad owe someone money?  Is this the vindictive revenge?  Doesn’t seem as likely, but anythings possible, I guess.
So, where is she?- Here’s what I’m getting on this Baby, girl…..The only thing I’m getting is a very large Cemetery – water nearby….I’m not sure if this is close to the home, but don’t believe it to be far….Still feel the hand of someone who’s not “all there” mentally – This case is unusual….and hard for me to understand

When trying to “receive” info on WHO & WHAT - I got that whoever was involved, did so un-expectantly….something spontaneous – an obstacle to overcome which resulted in only a temporary solution….It was something done in order to gain in a “material” aspect….It involves great risk taking; being able to outwit…. Someone who may have been feeling overwhelmed spiritually, physically, etc…Not being able to make sense out of anything other than what they can do to better their current circumstances, if only temporarily…..
WHY / HOW did Aaliyah go missing???? Lot’s of confusion – Mental instability – The feeling of needing to “sacrifice” is present in order for future success – Feelings of this being a “Devotion to a worthwhile cause” which resulted in a needed temp. suspension of progress.  I literally feel a “ Sacrifice in the present to reap benefit in the future.” And then there’s  A waiting period. A Rebirth???. Sacrificing one thing to obtain another.  Transformation.  Circumstances literally turned on their head.

WHERE or WHAT brought this about? I feel a Spiritual and mental confusion surrounding loss, discord, treachery and sorrow.  I feel being at War, a breaking of a truce, quarrels and enmity. There’s a Physical or mental disorder.  It’s almost like having a “tragedy” would bring something or someone back?  I don’t get it or understand this reasoning and am sick of this.

This came about in the blink of an eye….at the peak of WHEN someone was in feelings of Paranoia, indecision, malice, spite or someone acting as such in affairs.  This is a case of someone doing something in spite of another……I’m so tired of these type of readings.  I’m so tired of the feelings of such selfishness and the ability for someone to sacrifice a child for their own greater benefit or for vengeance.  When will this end?  I’m not going to read on this child further….I’m sure she’s not too far from the home.  As soon as these people are held responsible and quit getting away with it simply because they’ve been able to hide their child away from the police, it will stop.  If you’re the last one to see your child, then you are responsible – IF no other evidence points to someone else ACTUALLY entering the home and taking your child.  And if the mom isn’t responsible, then it’s someone in close relations to her that did it for the reason’s listed.   I see this childs disappearance as nothing more than the result of issues between two people, using the child as a catalyst to end a War of sorts….a temp. break in fighting – perhaps to bring about something better for one or the other by this tragedy.

WHO did this?  A person who seeks attention, good or bad…Enjoys Sorrow for the sake of sorrow Again, we have someone in the act of wrongdoing as a reply to adverse circumstances.  This is a women…A deceitful, sly, intolerant and narrow minded woman, expert in the use of half truths and quiet slander.  A formidable enemy due to her subtlety and sharp intellect.

It involves one who has decided there’s a need to re-order and re-evaluate priorities.  Union and espousal. A  dishonor that cannot be overcome, which resulted in loss & defeat.  They were in a position to curb futile belligerence and accept the inevitable, but self-centered preoccupation wouldn’t allow such…They were consumed with worry and regret, broken engagements and emotional letdowns. As most involved here, money also was an issue.

The reason WHY / HOW it was decided that Sky would/should be gone?  As most,  Confusion, hesitation, inability to make decisive choices.  Lack of proper thought, again.  Lack of inspiration or energy.  Giving up easily, poor self image, poor co-ordination and learning difficulties all played a part.  – But all in all, this is the result of True evil.  Abuse of authority.  Material success is the focus to the exclusion of all other things.  Uncontrolled ambition.  Greed.  Bondage to a person or situation or thing.  Emotional blackmail. Just a sadistic, self desiring person - True evil.

There’s indication here of a man in the picture, I believe….We’re talking about A person who commands respect, but not love.  A man of business or law.  He is kind but ambitious and a skilled negotiator.  He is a born manipulator, someone who has arrived in a position of power by the use of brain as opposed to brawn.  He avoids taking people into his confidence and often works in secret or behind the scenes.  He is a seeker of power, with hidden motives, often distrusted or feared by those around him.

Sky’s disappearance was all about bringing about changes and improvements to ensue a satisfactory outcome to a specific matter or period of life. There was or is an actual feeling of Joy in accomplishment.  Like an awakening and the renewal of life….Born again.  Almost like a fresh start here…something done for renewed hope in a better future….career, health, vitality, and clarity…..Like to change the pattern of ones life for the better.  Again, it seems to me as if another child was discarded someone due to ones own selfish, unleashed desires and I don’t know how to make this stop…..Other than arrest the most likely suspect, and take the chance on a conviction….. I’d rather try to end this insanity with a circumstantial case, than allow this evil continue another day.  This child is closer to the home area – not where the car was abandoned with the (not) child.  No child was left in this car…..and if they were, then it was planned and help was given to see this child gone.  So, if this is the case, then who was this Mom involved with and who had to gain from this as well?


 Honestly, I just don’t know anymore – I will think on this and try to provide a more intelligent, thought out answer also…..
The truth is, I don’t know how to make this stop…..Other than arrest the most likely suspect, and take the chance on a conviction….. I’d rather try to end this insanity with a circumstantial case, than allow this evil continue another day.  As soon as these people are held responsible and quit getting away with it simply because they’ve been able to hide their child away from the police, it will stop.  If you’re the last one to see your child, then you are responsible – IF no other evidence points to someone else ACTUALLY entering the home and taking your child….. The Police know this and feel their hands tied because these new criminals of opportunity have figured out how to perfect this and keep law enforcement at bay – No body, No crime.  Prove it- is the new theme here…. Prove shit- Start holding people accountable for their children and their safety.  I do believe that many children are abducted by complete strangers and when this is the case, the facts point directly to it – almost immediately…..But when it’s obvious to everyone- that no one other than the parents know what happened, then arrest them!  Take your chances- I’d rather fail then just simply give them a free pass to kill.  If the truth comes out and they ARE innocent, Justice will be served accordingly- IMO

 IMO, from a personal, not psychic point of view – there’s a couple of factor’s here…..
1)   Because of our (parents) limited “resources” when it comes to disciplining out children (if we wear our kids bottoms out, we’re accused of “child abuse”) and in a sense, our hands are tied – Society says, if we spank (hit) our kids, we’re teaching them to hit….. Well, when I was a kid a good ass whooping did the trick!  Obviously there’s a difference between that and “abuse”…… But what?  Therefore, our kids are allowed to get away with more and more…..we as parents become less and less in control…..and some just “snap”…….
2)   Then we have the economy and it’s stresses on parents…….
3)   And I also believe the more you see something, the more it’s done…..especially when you see someone else getting , or rather, so many other’s getting away with it.
SO- You’ve got stressed out, possibly unemployed parents, dealing with out of control kids, watching other’s on the news “get away with” “doing away with” their children – And you then have a parent already on the edge, snap –and accidently harm their child which resulted in their death which must now be covered up, OR it becomes a solution to at least one “problem” ~ as in “doing away with” for monetary purposes, either by death or selling, 75% by the hands of the child’s own parents, and the other 25% by an actual predator….?   This is the only reason I can think of… Other than just down right, lack of empathy, self-righteous, cruel behavior – and true psychopathic / sociopathic persons.

 Well, so far…this is the very best I have….It’s 4 children, trying to read on them in a short period of time…. I really don’t have much more on their situation and I pray that very soon they are each found safely – I don’t enjoy giving readings like this.  I would love to tell the world they’re fine and will be home soon….

 Sincerely,  Stephanie Almaguer ~


  1. Anonymous said...

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    Nicole has left a new comment on your post "Jahessye Shockley, Ayla Reynolds, Aaliyah Lunsford...":

    Hi, Steph. Hope you had good holidays.

    I don't know about the last two cases - which sound very bizarre to say the least - but you hit Jahessye right on. I've followed her story a little bit and, going by what I've read, your vision of her home life is accurate - right down to the pregnant mom. And she has had the children taken from her care at least once for abuse from what I understand.

    Yes, I realize you could have googled this or read past news stories. But I believe you. People will always try to debunk you no matter. I know that you are sincere and not malicious.

    I realize you put yourself out there and under fire so much. I hope that people find better things to do than to bother you! I can't help but feel a bit responsible for some of this. I wanted to find Lisa so badly...but we all did...still do. :( Yes, the weather was terrible and I was sick for at least a week after that excursion. I trusted KCPD to pick up where we left off but clearly my trust was misplaced. Silly me.

    It is sad about these children. I hope they are all found. I don't understand how anyone can just "dispose" of a human being let alone their own child.

  2. Thanks Nicole....The Mom IS preg. or was preg. ? Interesting.....Hope they will or have taken new child away too.

  3. Do you think Ayla is alive?

  4. Hi Steph!

    You are quite accurate with Ayla too! I live in Maine and have been following the case as sad! I am also an intuitive and have a good friend who is a medium and also following the case. Aylas mom and dad never married, are in their early 20's and DHS sent Ayla to live with dad, following a short stint in rehab. Ayla broke her arm at her dads, he claimed he "fell" on her by accident. My medium friend also mentioned drugs or medication and two people involved...she said one man has bushy or frizzy hair and rotten teeth...good visions! Ayla is a beautiful blue eyed blonde baby girl.. Any other thoughts?

  5. Steph,

    You are also right on with Ayla's case. I am an intuitive following the case right here in Maine. My good friend who happens to be a medium is also helping. Ayla was staying with her dad, mom went to rehab. While staying with dad, she broke her arm, he claims he "fell" on her accidentally. Ayla is a blone blue eyed baby girl, also my friend mentioned a man and a woman both involved. Man she says has bushy or frizzy hair and rotten teeth.. Drugs? She hears crackling and whooshing of water like a river or stream. I saw a warehouse and logs in one vision... Northern Maine? Also we all saw the money transaction and pills..

  6. IMO- No, I think "she's gone"...sorry....seems like that's always my answer, huh?

  7. It seems like I read that she was pregnant but I couldn't say for certain. I just read more on Jahessye and what the older siblings had to say about her treatment is disgusting. Evil. They are indeed searching for her in a landfill.

  8. Hi Steph and Nicole,

    I am so deeply disturbed, anguished and sad at the fact that this is happening to children, so much so that there are tv programs and websites that have to be created to try and solve these crimes.
    How did we get here? It's inhumane that children are suffering and can't be heard until it's too late. It's gotten to the point that I can't turn on my tv or turn on my computer without hearing another child that disappeared, was abused, tortured, murdered.
    It's made me so sick, I actually get anxiety just from hearing a story, even just the name of a missing, murdered child and go to bed sad/worried if I allow myself to read or watch another story.
    What can we do to help some of these kids before its too late?
    I'm from Canada, so I'm not sure how we could possibly work together to help some these
    kids before we have to try and piece together how they lived their final days?
    Maybe we can come up with an idea, something, anything, to at least help save even one child BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.
    What can we do Nicole and Steph?


  9. Hi Steph,

    I am going to join the search for Aliayah Lunsford...PLEASE do another reading on her to see if you can pick up anything on her location. I know you are very busy and I hate to ask you, but I trust your opinion.

    Thank You!


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