Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Lisa Irwin~ Will her Mom be arrested & finally have to "Answer" soon? By Stephanie Almaguer

This is the best news I've heard all day (at the very end of the video)  IMO-After the cadaver dog hit on human remains in her bedroom & then DB still refused to go to the PD & answer further questions, she should have been arrested then and there!   The balls been in her court - A grand jury would have (and still will) find her liable to face trial....IMO

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  1. Boy.....I bet Deb and/or anyone else who may be involved in Debs sick cover up are on the edge of their seats about now~since Dane-the-Great is sleeping in a 8x8 cell.....facing poss attempted murder charges......Wonder how much more he cares about his freedom VS Deborahs freedom........ Justice prevails, somehow, someway....just not always when or how we always want.


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